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Yes it is great to make fascists to not feel welcome!

Not that I reject them as humans, but I reject their ideology and whenever they try to inject their ideology it needs to be counterd. ❤👊

It is great that :mastodon: is not a welcoming place for fascism! 👍

If it would it would just mean be welcoming for racism, homophobia, sexism, bigotry....😡

To say making it welcomming for that is a great strategy to counter , is just missing under which condition fascism grows. 😒

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is the answer to which deviding us in economic categories.
It follows a different logic and comes through culture with shifting minds.

- it's sharing instead of traiding
- it's caring instead of profit
- it's what can I do, instead of what can I get
- it's what do we need, instead of what do I want

'we can't solve problems with the same pattern we've created them'

- it's and instead of twitter


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this world is very much devided by who's better in something and who isn't.
Not only that this is an issue by itself, we masterd it through creating a society asking who's better at being a soziopath exploiding others, rewarding it and even obeying to them

Wonder how it would be if the game would be about who's being better in taking care of each other

I mean that is even still nonsense, but it shows how far off the track we are.

...still playing who's been better at being an ashole

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EU is about keeping and maintaining power at the top.

Juncker: “If we allow Catalonia to separate, others will do the same”

Yes, others will continue and you won't stop it.

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Hacking the Holocaust Show more

revolutionary podcast with the daughter of Murray Bookchin Show more

''On the same day as journalist freed, Mehmet and Ahmet are among 6 journalists given life sentences on alleged Gulen charges. That's what happens to those who don't have a powerful foreign government behind them.''

''Stop blaming mental illness for a deeply violent, white supremacist society.''

Enough is Enough: **#Hannover: According to the Cops Chanting “Freedom for #Öcalan!” is a Crime in #Germany**

"Hannover: According to the cops chanting "Freedom for Öcalan!" is a crime in Germany."

#anarchism #bot

Tillerson meets Erdogan Show more

has been freed

Yesterday Merkel and Yildirim had a meeting and a press conference.

Both said they want to deepen the relationship between and .


Unionists from the Ivory Coast ( where still a lot child slaves work for our choclate) are looking for help for their webpage.

Can you?

many kurdish accounts on #twitter get suspended. Twitter is by that supporting fascism in this very crucial situation

You can help with:

- giving more visability to this issue through joining a twitter storm
- presenting an alternative

This would bring a benefit to the kurdish struggle and be on the same supportive for the fediverse

If you'd be into joining a twitterstorm pls boost this post (follow for updates)

Time and # announced if enough interest is there. suggestions welcome

Any data journalists out there?

There's a big story waiting for you under
#YansınSuriyeYıkılsınAfrin at birdside.

It's # 2 in the worldwide trend and it's about calling for a genocide.

#turkey #Rojava

#Turkey - 'Children’s drama banned for being anti-war'

'A district authority ruled that as Turkey is going through a "sensitive period", the country has no place for anti-war or anti-violence plays in schools.'

revolutionary podcast with the daughter of Murray Bookchin Show more

I will list in this thread a couple of documantries relates to the curtent conflict affecting #rojava.

The outcome of this crisis is unwriten, but pls note that many of us have since long indirectly supported this long lasting humanitarian crisis that leaded to where we are now.

Those documantaries will help to provide backround informations to increase our possibilities to take action in being part of solving this crisis.

consider watching them with others and discuss after.

Stateless #democracy, a lecture about

'How the kurdish women movement liberated democracy from the state
by Dilar Dirik

she's an activist of the Kurdish women's movement and regularly writes on their freedom struggles. some of her work:

Also by her
A call for solidarity: defend Afrin — defend humanity!

- Resistance or #fascism

just in case you didn't noticed that my 'new' account is over there
-> @paulfree14

tooting about stuff like
- current events
- free software
- direct action
- anarchy
- ...
- shitposts