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I'm not putting all communists into that box, but still Show more

I'm not putting all communists into that box, but still Show more

@saper @maloki @noelle
did that apology thing already.

I used this extreme example in order to make it clearer what I wanted to say.

My point have been the dynamics it creates. In this extreme example these dynamics are more obviosly cause they are stronger.
I don't believe that one should compare it.

I'm not putting all communists into that box, but still Show more

I'm not putting all communists into that box, but still Show more

@maloki just showed up in streamline while me checking new users.
...and I just though I haven't complained yet on this :-p
(still believe one can't bitch enough about proprietary)

I'm not putting all communists into that box, but still Show more

ask the community! ' we're planning to do this team. what would you like to use for communication? also someone willing to help us setting it up? '

Sayn I can't do it has nothing to do with why you do it. It's about values and priorities.

@Mastodon @maloki
...also sry for sounding so harsh. also wanting to say I'm thankfull for all your effort you're putting in place, I really do! :)

@saper @maloki
with this aproach you cut off of ppl stayn with .
Sayn ppl can after decide what they want to use, while status quo is already designed.
There will be voices which just don't join this aproach. the team which will then be builded won't have heard them.

like: all ppl think white are better please join the group. after we can discuss what we believe.
...Lol, just predefined group dynamics.

@maloki @Mastodon
lol, looking for leaders and promoting closed software if this is going to continue is going to fail building a commited and engaged horizontal community.

be aware of how you shape mastodons culture with that docracy aproach.

just an idea for better welcomming newcommers Show more

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I can't wait for a handful of big tech companies to own the whole world, bring on the cyberpunk dystopia

@chosafine I stick since a while to only use .
Never needed to use a software which wasn't as good as propertairy once. ...indeed often better.
...all it takes me is some more energy in researching cause is a strenge of capitalism.
If you're interested I might can point you some alternatives. (once I'm on the computer I can send some)

also as I said you are in a community with a lot of folks.
It's still ignorant to believe there would be no one hosting

blablabla advice talk Show more

as I said you're ignoring the alternatives.
If you feel offended by my calling you ignoring you should think about it.
You're in a community with ppl working their asses of for making .

Asuming there is no alternative and maybe even not taking the time, 'hey anyone can advice me a '' newsletter tool? '' that is ignorant.

...sry if it sounds harsh, but that's what it is to me.

blablabla advice talk Show more

@Jbastardov that's why you can count me in for:
- abolish the state

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@paulfree14 how many countries have used the threats of "terrorism", made fabricated events or pushed for specific conditions in order to use the whole force againts an opposition?

Governments will claim whatever they need to support their theory.

The important part of the message is thag one that states that: what they could not achieve with votes, they will do with guns. That's talking about "pacification" at the very least, just as the use of "non-lethal" weapons.