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Yes it is great to make fascists to not feel welcome!

Not that I reject them as humans, but I reject their ideology and whenever they try to inject their ideology it needs to be counterd. ❤👊

It is great that :mastodon: is not a welcoming place for fascism! 👍

If it would it would just mean be welcoming for racism, homophobia, sexism, bigotry....😡

To say making it welcomming for that is a great strategy to counter , is just missing under which condition fascism grows. 😒

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is the answer to which deviding us in economic categories.
It follows a different logic and comes through culture with shifting minds.

- it's sharing instead of traiding
- it's caring instead of profit
- it's what can I do, instead of what can I get
- it's what do we need, instead of what do I want

'we can't solve problems with the same pattern we've created them'

- it's and instead of twitter


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this world is very much devided by who's better in something and who isn't.
Not only that this is an issue by itself, we masterd it through creating a society asking who's better at being a soziopath exploiding others, rewarding it and even obeying to them

Wonder how it would be if the game would be about who's being better in taking care of each other

I mean that is even still nonsense, but it shows how far off the track we are.

...still playing who's been better at being an ashole

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EU is about keeping and maintaining power at the top.

Juncker: “If we allow Catalonia to separate, others will do the same”

Yes, others will continue and you won't stop it.

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Hacking the Holocaust 

marketing chief of purism is giving support to ICE, fascism 

What about hacking the people hacking you because they think you're hacking them?!

Hell, I know DFIR, I could probably build a case any major company is hacking you!

Put a note on your website that says "Stinky Google Stay Out" and the bot is probably violating the CFAA

♲ A bipartisan bill being reintroduced this morning would allow hacked companies to turn the tables and hack back into their attackers’ computer networks. The Active Cyber Defense Certainty Act, ... via @InfoSecHotSpot…

racism, ableism, anti-muslim...on social.librem 

Obviously I would never tell someone else what to think or what to say. Ever.

Just the same I would consider it a personal favor if, when responding to my posts... if folks could keep the language both "safe for work" and "appropriate for kids."

I like to keep my feed safe to read and see by everyone -- all walks of life, all ages, etc.

Thanks everyone!

having #BryanLunduke to be part of your company is actually harmfull for your brand, except when you try to apeal to the right wing.

If you have a choise to decide wether you are antifacism or not, you're in a privilidged position many don't have.

To them, antifascism means survival.

If you choose to be against that, you choose to be an enemey, from a position that holds you so comfortable, that you have the power to choose differently.

You can have made wrong decisions in the past, but you can learn to not to the same in future. It is your responsibility.

Start with listening to whom antifascism means survival.


marketing chief of purism is giving support to ICE, fascism 

marketing chief of purism is giving support to ICE, fascism 

marketing chief of purism is giving support to ICE, fascism 

marketing chief of purism is giving support to ICE 

marketing chief of purism is giving support to ICE, fascism 

I'm just comming by here to test the single column theme. I definatly prefer the multi column, but it's nice to have this option for those that prefer to just have one.

What do you prefer?

aaah, or is that just you moving to a new instance and just auto follow all the ones you followed befor?

hmm, specially asking those that somewhat newly follow this acc:

It's my old, mostly unactive acc. So I'm curious, how you found it and decided to follow it, instead of my main acc. here: @paulfree14 ?

Does it apear in a search you do?

my most favorite and missing feature:
(not any existing plattform I'm aware of has this, but I'm really missing it)

What it intents to solve/improofe:

- better discoverability
- countering inequality through fame
- busting cultural silos
- making federated timelines a joy to read

a not so well writen text about:

I'm even more wanting this then the group feature.

I've wrote a blogpost sharing an idea about:

''curating content challenging antipatterns effecting comunication and culture within the fediverse'

How can we make it inclusive as possible?
How can power dynamics that acure from:
- louder voice, higher reach, more chatty..
- some having more informations what topic is discussed where, while others don't and by that can't participate

And how can suggestions to those answers be implemented within the fediverse?

Hacking the Holocaust 

#fediverse sharing/gifting economy hastags

using hashtags to organize a bit of sharing economy.
You know those gifting places that people use in #facebook? At least in germany they are very popular

So how about we get something like this for the fediverse. It also helps to reduce economic pressure that is on all of us through sharing more of our resources solidarity

Idea is simple:
You have something free to share:
use #offer and #location

You need/want something:
use #request and #location

still wondering why this acc. still get's new followers.
It's my old acc. I'm actually using since a while this one:
(👆this one)

tooting mostly about current events with an anarchist perspective, tryn to focus on a few, sharing research and offering ideas and possibilities of taking direct Action changing situations to the better.
...and of course also about free software. It's the fediverse. We all write about free software. :-p

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