@kensanata I found out that the Gemini browser I use, Lagrange, has an auto-reload feature, which is really convenient for this purpose: just set the timer to 1 minute and the conversation is updated regularly.

Planet Money missed the most interesting aspect of supply chain attacks. What incentive do companies have to fix this, when they're free riders — never held accountable for vulnerabilities or breaches?

"I think that what has happened as we've seen these hacks grow more and more sophisticated, I think there's a realization that the way we used to do things, we can't do them that way anymore and that we have to have defense much more in mind than we did in the past." npr.org/transcripts/1001402799

1998: IRC? lol anon, why don’t you use ICQ instead, it’s much better.

2002: IRC? lol anon, just install MSN, stop being such a nerd. 2006: IRC? lol anon, with Skype you can make phone calls for free. 2010: IRC? lol anon, Chat is all you need, everybody is there already. 2014: IRC? lol anon, you should try WhatsApp, you can even send voice messages. 2018: IRC? lol anon, that's prehistoric! you should checkout Discord and Slack, so much better.

At the current rate of Libera's growth and Freenode's decline in user numbers, Libera will be the bigger network in ~17 days.

I guess it'll take slightly longer than that, as Libera is unlikely to sustain its current growth rate, or... Freenode will collapse even faster in a mass exodus of users.

Either way, Freenode is probably doomed at this point.

It still hurts, as it has been my home for almost two decades, but I'm a happy camper on Libera now.

Chat me up, I'm "muesli" over there 😉

Aontuur is another gorgeous ship carrying tea, spices and rhum, and other things. I think it's just about to complete its first delivery.


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It appears Freenode performed a hostile takeover of our officially-registered IRC channel.

We have moved to @liberachat. If you use IRC, please join us there.

#freenode is now going full hostile, automating channel takeovers when you're moving your community elsewhere.

⚠️ Move now, link to a blogpost on your site, obfuscate keywords like 'moving' and the network you're going to in the topic, that's how fucked this is now

Relaxing on the couch with "33 & 1/3", DJ @buttstuf, and the rest of the Tildezens on #TildeRadio IRC! 🎶👨🏻‍💻🎶

Going deep house tonight! 🎶🕺🏻💃🏽🎶

Mildly NSFW 

As much as all rockets look phallic, the Blue Origin rocket really exudes that cheap plastic dildo vibe.

I'd love to see an RSS renaissance, but killing Google Reader only to belatedly move that traffic into Chrome feels like rubbing salt in the wound.

Stuff like this would be cool coming from anyone else. Mozilla could make Firefox a top-notch ActivityPub client, for example.


Can we award XP based on player priorities without breaking by-the-book character advancement? devilghost.com/blog/2019061618

Ugh. IBM just bought Red Hat. That's not great.


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