This trend is infuriating. I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for women scientists who experience this.


Who gets credit for science? Often, it’s not women by


After a long, valiant period of resisting (through 2 and a half infections in my home), I tested positive this morning. So, I have some time on my hands in isolation. I came across this handy piece on the site:

I just connected to a SSH server using to work on a project for a course I'm doing. I've been frustrated because I couldn't work out how to make local copies of the working files so I could work on my scripts locally.

VS Code makes this so easy. I had no idea!

I found a great way to discover new music: Just ask Google Assistant to play one of your playlists, and wait to see how it understands your request.

and I decided to try figure out what I could be missing. It turns out I was.

One of the options that has is to only keep cookies for your browser session. I had that checked! So, yes, Vivaldi's privacy settings actually work well!

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this browser is half-baked/not ready for use/etc. I just closed the browser, and left in a huff. I mean, clearly this is a bug in this browser, right?!

I even checked and reset my browser settings, and still no joy. So, I was sitting watching an episode of Python Bytes ...

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I found that I could not remain signed into sites and profiles despite enabling cookies (well, so I thought), and not using a Private/Incognito browser window.

Each time I reopened the browser, I had to sign in AGAIN! So frustrating. Clearly ...

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I started experimenting with I noticed using it on and and I like how it looks.

It's a fast browser, although I encountered what I thought was a frustrating "bug" after a recent update to version 53 ...

There has to be a better, more convenient way to support publishers. It seems like the options are to deal with a bazillion ads and squint at the content you're looking for; block ads entirely; or pay per publisher (which rapidly becomes too expensive).

I decided to upgrade to Pro for the ability to subscribe to social feeds. I just added a couple feeds for my Twitter lists to my Inoreader app, and I think I am in love with this app. I was hoping for access to so I could use Nuzzel. No need now!



This is the closest Russian operatives have gotten to Zelensky since the invasion started.


This sign is amazing. We need one like this for our door, even if we need to make it ourselves. 🐕


The bad news: your tweet won’t change the world.
The worse news: some other idiot’s might.


It helps to wait a little to read a more complete context for seemingly shocking stories about Israeli "brutality". 🤔 Generally good advice for any news about Israel, actually.


Police claim officers intervened in funeral after ‘rioters’ seized reporter’s coffin


"Dad," she called, "there's a monster under my bed!"
Her father came in and sat on her bed. "What did you hear?"
"It said I'm a failure, and-"
"Oh. That used to live under my bed."
"When did it leave?"
He smiled. "When you said you loved me."
With a hiss, the monster was gone.

This is awesome, love this video.


You gave us life. Thank you for that, Shoutout to the moms, too.


Succulents are basically the only plants we manage not to kill. Definitely keepers! 😂

Another #introduction tip for new Mastodon users ( like me ):

Unlike Twitter, which shows strangers' posts in your feed once they get popular or once your friends like them, Mastodon appears to only show you posts by people you're following and posts they've boosted ( which is Mastodon-ese for RT )

So if you appreciate someone else's post and you also want your followers to see it too, you need to click those boost arrows. Just clicking the fave star won't make it visible to your followers.

Everyone saying that it was better when the Ever Given was still in the canal is just jealous that she’s the only one that was able to get out of the rut she was stuck in this year 🙄

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