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And those blundering white boys, with the resources of the world at their disposal, brought back Nazis and measles.

So shut the fuck up, Brad. Move over. And let someone else drive.

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To be clear, the problem isn’t tech. It’s the people being excluded from developing tech. We’ve created a monoculture of not-very-bright white boys, showered them with money, and told them they were geniuses.

The system is racist and sexist by design.

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Sunny and Joy cackling at Meghan’s stupidity and remaining completely unbothered while she huffs and puffs is sending me 💀

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I'm not sure what YouTube auto-play hole just opened up in my browser but it just surfaced these amazing early Jim Henson commercials for coffee where the muppets murder each other. youtube.com/watch?v=LmhIizQQol

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@AngryBlackLady@twitter.com The best class I took in college was Religion and the Decline of Magic. The main take-away was that up until Middle Ages, women did all of the healing, men saw it as blocking them from true power, female healers were deemed to be witches so dudes could take over medicine.

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A bunch of dude doctors decided that abortion was immoral in the mid-19th century because women were performing them and the men saw it as competition. Seriously. | The Criminalization of Abortion Began as a Business Tactic history.com/news/the-criminali

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Anita Bryant was a juggernaut against gay rights until she got hit with a pie, and then became a laughingstock.

The pie and the boycott of her orange juice sponsors crippled her financially and ended her career and activism. twitter.com/piersmorgan/status

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If you're left craving an epic, episodic fantasy experience and you like satisfying storytelling and character arcs, can I recommend Avatar: The Last Airbender for those who haven't seen it yet?

It has many points in its favour, but mostly it's just really, really good.

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Jon Snow really is the dumbest character in the entire history of television.

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When I went to end my ability to reproduce, there were no protesters. No 1 tried to talk me out of it, talked about God or murder, or made me get my wife's approval. The surgery took 10 minutes & was covered by insurance. It should be that easy for women. cnn.com/interactive/2019/05/op

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It's a sad era when even the escapism is a letdown.

I’m making up my own ending. It’s called the Night King kills everybody. Because fuck you.

I’m going to pretend episode 3 was the end of the series. Should have been, really.

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Marc Brown the creator said this about what they introduced to Arthur and y'all need to listen

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Christian Pastor Dave Barnhart on Roe v Wade.

This is really excellent.


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she’s right and she should say it

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The “Save Chick-fil-A” Bill in Texas Is So Much Worse Than People Think dlvr.it/R4ygCX

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