The techies have a serotonin addiction. Pass it on.

Everyone still using GitHub/LinkedIn/Microsoft, Facebook/instagram, and twitter, while hoping systemic social change will happen due to stern editorials.

No-one has learned anything.

The COVID-19 break of Mastodon is sort of welcome. But the most prolific poster I follow is CPing from twitter so guess some work is needed

@tildeclub Not seeing your posts in my timeline. Are your prefs set to allow people not on your server see your posts?

@indie did you send a newsletter out in the last year about privacy, only to discover tracking by the service at the last minute? Apologies if it wasn’t you. I read this & can’t find who it was.

Me, reading new documentation on deploying code from one server to another:

us politics (non-Trump but still election-related) 

Hell to the goddamn no do I want any part of this

Did you ever notice how artists begin to look like their work? Welp.

Meet Fred, aka our mascot. He's been around since June 2018 but many people don't know about him.

designed by @hellcp

The only open source 2FA/two-factor authentication app for iOS is Tofu (

No issues with it, that I’m aware of, but are there others?

Writing A Perpetual Status As An Update To Break The Curse Of A Perpetual Status Of:
always misremembering the name @darius’s project as “”

On the train, a fresh-faced marine in his dress uniform w/his civ friend. He’s still wearing braces.


Forget your demonstrations
Kids today sit on their ass
Just a six-pack and you’re happy
We’re prepared for, when ya get drafted

And why not once more for good measure?

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Drooling fingers, panic buttons
Playing with missiles like they’re toys
There’s easy money, easy jobs
Especially when you build the bombs
That blow big cities off the map
Just guess who profits when we build ‘em back up

Yeah, what big Business wants Big Business gets
It wants a war, when ya get drafted
Trilateral Commission goonies laugh
and scheme for more
Call the Army! Call the Navy!
Stocked with kids from slums
If you can’t afford a slick attorney
We might make you a spy


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1980 calling:

Are you believing the morning papers?
War is coming back in style
There’s generals here, advisers there
And Russians nibbling everywhere
The chessboard’s filling up with red
We make more profits when we blow off their heads

Economy is looking bad
Let’s start another war
Fan the fires of racist hatred
We want a total war


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