Now that the inauguration is over, we can get back to not buying music equipment from places we suspect to be racist

(alternately, you can run everything with a python3 commend. The point is that the level of steps to install one tool to do one thing, quickly, is too great. It should be fast and easy to do for all users)

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How to subset fonts, 2021:
- install glyphhanger, which needs fonttools
- install fonttools, which needs pip
- install pip…but Python is out of date
- Update Python
- install fonttools. Python = still out of date
- install pyenv—no, install homebrew to install pyenv to manage Pyth-

Has anybody made a clone of the Korg Miku Stomp pedal yet?

*presses button too long*

UI: "Close All 297 Tabs"

Me: Stop being so bossy, phone

But at least they finally, finally suspended tr_mp’s account for a while

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Twitter: too informational to not use, too gross to feel good about using

Etsy and Kickstarter blocking traffic from VPNs? Feels counterproductive.

Last take-out meal tonight from a favorite local restaurant going into hibernation until spring. Hope they truly can re-open after struggling through COVID-19 lockdowns and distancing since March.

Practice bubble fidelity. 😷

So I don’t use Chrome but I have Ungoogled Chromium ( as certain things only work under Chrom(ium) and I only just realised Google requires a Google account to install extensions.


Hint: You can bypass this restriction using this the Ungoogled Extension Installer:

The lengths we have to go to in order to protect our privacy from basic everyday things is ridiculous. We need fundamental change. Surveillance capitalism needs to die.

Maybe giving in and just watching the dog show isn’t a totally bad idea this year

"Deutsche Bank calls for a 5 percent 'privilege' tax on people choosing to work from home"

> A new economic report issued by Deutsche Bank asserts that workers who work remotely are enjoying better economic gains than their commuting counterparts.

It's the same Deutche Bank that gladly helped launder billions of dirty money:

And the search engine spam on top of that, mixed with the out-of-date solutions…what a mess.

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WordPress: so many features, so few helpful examples of how to use them :toot:

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