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It is great to see so many people . However @GitHub is (and will very probably stay) a really good tool too. If you are looking for less "centralisation" you might need to

It was a great @dotConferences @dotScale edition last week. Got you covered with a summary/transcript if you couldn't be there:
Thanks to the organisers and all the speakers 💛

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Most importantly, stop putting institutional events on Facebook, stop using it at universities, stop making participation in Facebook mandatory through your institutional, organization, and activist roles. You can be online, and social, and connected without supporting Facebook.

Some tech details about container security + a whole lot of collaboration love 💚💚💚 Merci @jessfraz !!
"Open your minds and hearts to the ideas of other people and you might just create something you never thought was possible in the first place."

OpenGPG is much more than an email encrypting protocol. Read on this wise EFail postmortem:

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2 weeks ago we had the great @pgDayParis conference about in Paris. If you missed it / want to remember it / curious about it then I got you covered you can read through my transcript of the event here:

🐘 ❤

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Had an amazing time at last week. Thanks a lot to all the organizers, speakers and Ruby friends ❤.
If you missed my ⚡ lightning talk ⚡ you can always see the slides online:
👋 see you next time

Very nice theatre for I am really excited to see a room packed with lovely rubyist! ♥️💚💛🧡💜💙

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Raisons possibles pour aller au #pgDayParis :
- t'es DBA et tu gères des PostgreSQL (où à tout le moins, tu louches dessus)
- t'es adminSys et tu gères des PostgreSQL (où à tout le moins, tu louches dessus)
- t'es dév et tu utilises des PostgreSQL (où à tout le moins, tu louches dessus)

Conférences intéressantes pour tout le monde, quelque soit son niveau de connaissance de #PostgreSQL, ambiance super sympa, plein de goodies sympa…
Aucune raison de pas y aller. Vraiment.

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(GitHub → GitLab, Slack → Mattermost, Twitter → Mastodon)

Des petites envies de faire du Haskell ? Ou simplement curieux⋅se de découvrir ce beau language fonctionnel ?

Foncez voir les vidéos pour débutants de @ptit_fred. Hate de voir la 'homepage' 🚀

Version 3.0 of myself was published yesterday \o/. This is the most amazing hand made birthday gift I ever received! Thank you so much @ for this beauty full of details and meaning ❤❤❤ (the pictures don't even transcribe the full atmosphere of the real object!)

🚀👩‍🏫 🎤 👨‍🏫📖 Conf tech parisienne à ne pas rater en mars sur  : @pgDayParis ! Tickets Early Bird Super ambiance et bon panel d'intervenants ! Vs pouvez lire mes notes de l'année dernière pour vous donner une idée :

🚀👩‍🏫 🎤 👨‍🏫📖 Envie de participer à l'excellente conférence parisienne @dotScale à propos de scalabilité, systèmes distribués, serveurs, base de données et systèmes en général le 1er Juin ? Je vous propose - 20 % sur les tickets Early Bird par ici :

My first contribution to @ansible has been integrated 🎉 🎉! Happy to be part of this great tool!
It will help @scaleway users to interact with their Scaleway inventory 🚀 🚀!