Well, according to some: wifi is bad for you, vaccines are dangerous, and EV advocacy is greenwashing.

Who'da thunk it?

Don't feed the trolls people!

"The B.C government announced $30 million in funding today to help two neighbouring First Nations in the province’s north move toward implementing rights and title in their territories."

"The Wet’suwet’en Nation, which negotiated a memorandum of understanding with the provincial and federal governments in February 2020 aimed at moving toward recognition of rights and title, will receive $7.2 million over three years."


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The European Commission has funded an open source project to create a Gateway between the ActivityPub and XMPP PubSub Protocols, and E2EE on PubSub

From goffi: "it's my pleasure to announce that an ActivityPub XMPP gateway doubled with Pubsub end-to-end encryption project has been selected for a grant by NLNet/NGI0 Discovery Fund (with financial support from European Commission's Next Generation Internet programme)".
The XMPP ActivityPub gateway will join two major open and decentralised protocols. In practice it will be a XMPP server component (usable with any server), and implement the ActivityPub server to server protocol (or "Federation Protocol"). On XMPP side, it will be mostly a Pubsub service (with some extra, like private messages converted to XMPP message stanza).
XMPP blogging (XEP-0277: Microblogging over XMPP) will be used, and thus any client supporting it will have access to ActivityPub publications (Libervia and Movim for instance). squeet.me/objects/962c3e10d49f

EV battery technology is improving, meaning more output from less resources.

Battery energy density is the amount of energy that can be stored in the same amount of weight.

“Battery energy densities keep getting better,” Colin McKerracher, Head of Advanced Transport at BloombergNEF, said. “They’ve almost tripled at the cell level since 2010.”


The grid is getting greener.

"One no-brainer is to rapidly add wind and solar power to wring out CO2 emissions from Washington’s power sector. The projections end coal-fired power by 2025, as required by law, but also show that, with grid upgrades, gas-fired power plants that produce greenhouse gas emissions can stay turned off most of the time. That delivers about 16.2 million of the 44.8 million metric tons of CO2 emissions cut required by 2030 under state law."


"building an emissions model for the full lifecycle of vehicles..."

"For a grid that was 90 per cent renewably generated, an electrified passenger fleet would reduce transport emissions by 70-80 per cent."

"even with Australia’s 2018 energy mix of around 80 per cent fuel (mostly coal) and 20 per cent renewables, transport emissions would fall by between 16 and 40 per cent if the fleet was fully electric."


The average fuel economy of an ICE car is less than 25 miles on a gallon of gas.

In Canada, only if an ICE (gas) vehicle had 169 mpg would it have less lifetime emissions than an EV. Canada has lots of hydro generation.

World-wide, the ICE vehicle would have to have over 50 mpg, because many countries have dirtier grids.


I don't think that pushing green technologies is a justification to grow the economy. We should all consume less. But for people that can't or won't give up their vehicle, EV's are an effective solution.

"In B.C., zero-emission vehicles accounted for 8.4 per cent of the province’s total new vehicle registrations, making B.C. the leading province in Canada for adoption on a percentage basis."

Not as good as Germany (about 20%) or Norway (over 50%?), but these numbers will continue to rise over the next few years. Finally!


"Ballard Power Systems and Canadian automotive supplier Linamar Corporation have agreed to a strategic alliance to develop and sell fuel cell powertrains and components for light-duty vehicles. Their chosen markets will be in North America and Europe."

"Although both companies come from Canada, Ballard already has plenty of experience with European requirements."


I don't want to do any advertising for those 'legacy' auto manufacturers who have been sitting on their hands for so long, but more EV's on the road is a good thing.

Ford is taking registrations in North America for the E-Transit, a commercial van. Early models are planned to be tested as early as this summer, supposedly.

Starting at around USD$45k for the low-roof cargo van.


National Observer spring sale:
$70/year. Sale ends midnight May 7.


Was able to purchase Linux Format (digital) magazine for USD$12.50 per quarter instead of the regular USD$22.72. Works out to about $4 per issue.


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“In the case of Teal Jones, government has authorized the ongoing clear cutting of the ancient rainforests within Tree Farm Licence #46, despite the irreparable harm to the public interest,” the Rainforest Flying Group said in a statement.


Since the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic in early 2020, Canada has committed:

-At least USD 19.85 billion for unconditional fossil fuels through 88 policies (54 quantified and 34 unquantified)

-At least USD 10.88 billion for conditional fossil fuels through 21 policies (20 quantified and 1 unquantified)


"Bill C-12 is a good start on a 'made-in-Canada' version of the U.K.’s Climate Change Act, which helped that nation achieve its inspiring results. But C-12 must be strengthened with carbon budget targets every five years, starting in 2025, and overseen by an independent body of scientific experts reporting to Parliament, who are charged with auditing alignment of policy with our climate commitments."


Another quote from the open letter:

3. Eliminate fossil fuel subsidies.
Imagine if we had spent an additional $551.81 per capita over the past year helping fossil fuel workers transition to a caring and low-carbon economy instead of increasing deadly fossil fuel-related pollution? Given what we now know about the health risks of air pollution, subsidizing fossil fuels is as unacceptable as subsidizing tobacco.

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Quotes from an open letter to Justin Trudeau from The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment:

"Health Canada reported 15,300 people in Canada died of air pollution in 2016, and a Harvard study concluded that 20% of global premature deaths are due to fossil fuel-related air pollution."

"Canada doubled-down on subsidizing fossil fuel energy, with $20.74 billion dollars, or $551.87 per capita allocated since the beginning of the pandemic."


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