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@thor there are always at least two sides to a story. Your experiences and world view do not match mine.

Playing the victim is obviously a limiting strategy, but this is in no way limited to women.

There is peer pressure for both men and women. The difference is society judges women harder for succumbing to it. Enforcing the fact that when looking at an equally successful women and man, the woman has likely had to work harder.

In 🇳🇴 the gap is smaller, but not erased.

Microsoft now mostly on Git. Should I tell my bosses that even Microsoft doesnt want to use TFS? ☺

Hi all . There's a wonderful thread going on twitter now if you are a junior developer and want to expose your work (projects, blogposts etc) to many people.

Follow this tweet and the quoted original source and share your work.

This is a photo of a crashed kiosk advertising the menu and offers at a popular Norwegian pizza restaurant chain. It shows that the kiosk was running facial recognition and basic sentiment analysis on the people looking at it.

Based on the number of people who sent me this on Twitter, it’s clear that people care and are unhappy with corporate surveillance.

The worst bit? Compared to what Google and Facebook do daily and at scale, this is a toy.

hey masto folks, friends n people

do you know of a cool indie game with LGBTQ or female or non-white characters in it? tell me about them!

(also pls boost this toot, i'd be super grateful! ✨ )

Great start to the day to today! Colleague moved the "employee of the month" parking sign to our building so I had a short walk from the car.

There's nothing like the hour or so before the family wakes up to gather thoughts and get important things done.

@schmonz sounds really cool. Will definitely be attending that session :)

@schmonz oh, so cool! Hopefully someone I'll bump in to soon, then.

If you came to "The Best Team Anywhere", your experience went into these slides -- thank you! #aab17

There's a massive Google Docs Phishing campaign going on according to InfoSec-Twitter

If you see a link like this DON'T CLICK on it

Picture taken from

🚨🚨🚨 Really major Gmail phishing attack going around right now. Do NOT click on an unexpected "Open in Docs" link.

Whether or not you have, now is a great time to review the apps you've authed to your account:

@Moke thanks! Scary as hell, but definitely a growth opportunity 😁

@loke not really, no. I guess it was more a reflection that the most no has been busy. :)

I can't believe I'm going to New York to hold a talk. So unreal. I'm pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.

No illusions though, I have a shitload of work ahead of me.

@ataylory yea, new habits, new sites, new connections. Takes time before everything starts to change :)