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Pavneet Singh Saund🤘🏽 @pavsaund

@davidpgil @eurasierboy Norwegian translations should be in a mailbox near you 🇳🇴

@Berthavlix matches my wife and my approach completely.

Tbh they mostly want the superficial answer without us acting like embarrassed teenagers.

They are content with simple answers and ask more when they want. it takes time for them to process things.

Now they're bringing a lot home from school and asking sometimes. Sometimes we ask them things, and if they know what it means.

But it's early days. they're only 7 & 8. a little early for the 1 yr old to join the fun yet ;)

@Moke but every time we think we're free of the "Project demon" a new monster rises up and demands estimates, deadlines and planning.

Things seem to fall apart then. So, baby steps. #NoEstimates #Noprojects #LeanEstimates

@Moke oh, that's unfortunate. We have similar issues, but each team decides how to structure their work. Some scrum, our team is doing Kanban. There are still some high level estimating, but slowly moving away from big projects. Most projects are now 2-6 weeks. And more and more work is just "on demand" without projects.

Still have a few monster projects though.

But overall fewer meetings for the teams.

@Moke considered moving away from the scrum rituals and more into the kanban "pull" mode?

Is planning even needed?

@Moke I'm curious as to how much value you are getting from the planning meeting?

You say that you have approx 2 weeks of development work, but that there isn't time for developing?

I'm confused if that 1 hour planning meeting is what's holding yo back form 2 weeks of work? Perhaps also other meetings that you need to attend during those 2 weeks?

@rayalez congrats! Well done and thanks for sharing :)

Fuck yeah!! 😀
Just completed and deployed the MVP of my new beautiful Node/React blog:

I'm so happy and proud! =) That's one of the coolest projects I have created so far.

#webdev #projects #blog

@Moke I'm interested to hear what you don't like about the hour of planning and counting. Care to share your thoughts?

@eurasierboy @davidpgil that's so cool :) - I also saw I got a call for translation per mail. something to sink my teeth into this evening :)

I like that I'm defaulting to #mastodon to share thoughts and links. Then I sometimes break down / share some of those thoughts on twitter.

Get more interactions on twitter (likes retweets), but often better responses (conversations) on mastodon.

All exceptions are not errors. When an endpoint throws an error that may be some inconvenience from the standpoint of your application / service. But a major/fatal error on their side.

So, don't default to ERROR and leave the user with a sub-par experience. #microservices #boundedcontext #ddd #exceptions

@davidpgil waiting for multi-instance support which should be right around the corner (if it hasn't come already)

@outcast @Vidyut nooo #mastodon typo! (I've done that SO many times)

Yea! got a little help from Luggage, and we're off to a flying start.

Also no dragons, yet.

Abstract re-submitted for feedback / approval :)

@thor one of the themes that I hear coming up again and again. Is that the value may not be in the hard work itself, but the habit of showing up.

No guarantees that you'll get that chance meeting, but you're increasing the odds greatly.

I think Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) wrote it in his book. "How to fail at almost everything and still in big"