Not wanting to be a conspiracy theorist, but I do hope Bernnie's got some good security guards.

This can't be true. The Cloud (TM) is secure, the salespeople said so!

Time for the PHBs to understand that letting the lowest bidder, in undisclosed locations, keep all your secrets isn't the smartest move.

"Capital One breach also hit other major companies, say researchers"

NZ Police post on FB, classic!

"Want to know how to get out of paying your speeding tickets? Click here".

The English are really getting into this "transparency in politics" thing. Maybe NZ's National should follow suit?

Well, that's a relief:

"Honeywell is aware of only one case where all six display units in a 737 cockpit went blank, Krauss said. The cause was a software problem that has been fixed and is currently being flight-tested, she said."

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