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Paul Cull

Although it might be fake, sadly

Meanwhile, in Acre, Brazil:

Only in Rio:

"State congressmen in Rio are more absent (from the House) than their colleagues who are in prison".

Yes, it is true that three current congressman in prison on corruption charges yet somehow are still supposedly "representing the people".

And, yes, it's true that that some of the other noble congressman have turned up for work less often than those who are in prison.

And even if you could get an approved bottle (which you can't) you are only allowed to walk home with petrol in it. If you put it in your car it's dangerous-goods offense. If you keep a bottle of gasoline at home it's an environmental crime.

With the trucker's strike in Brazil people have been lining up to fill up bottles with petrol for their cars and motorbikes where they can. Except that a law was passed in 2008 saying just what sort of bottles are allowed to have petrol put in them.

The ABNT (Brazilian standards association) says the bottle must have the date or lifespan, and be certified by Inmetro (the certification agency). Inmetro says they don't certify this sort of bottle.

Welcome to Brazil.

The company running Rio de Janeiro's BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system that was put in before the 2014 World Cup have admitted that they have lost control of 24 bus stops and stations to the drug gangs and militias.

Oops. Wars start that way, you know...

"San Diego Zoo opens Walkabout Australia with Māori dancers, angering two nations"

I see they have Koalas as well. Now there is no way that those two would ever get along in the real world:

Great, Kiwi Co is now shipping to New Zealand.

Wait, just a minute... So we have Fake Names now as well...

Upside down Donald Duck looks like Donald Trump

Meanwhile in Argentina:

"Argentinian officers fired after claiming mice ate half a ton of missing marijuana"

Hungry mice I guess.

Nope, no dangerous cult-like followers to see here. Move along everybody!

"If you can not see with your own eyes the truth...seeing the heart Of Obama and Hillary and how they have sold America out and committed treasonous acts against America and even the United Alliances you should pull your head out of the sand and search the truth for yourself.
Regardless Trump being Antichrist or not what’s that to you?""

I honestly can't believe read this in a FB comment:

" I voted for Trump and I support most things I’ve seen and heard him doing. My choice is not because I support one party over the other it is because I listen to the Father and His heart.
I am here to tell you even if it turns out that Trump is the Antichrist... what is it to us... we are Citizens of another world! We have a King that we have give allegiance to a Heavenly King! Why do we continue to argue over Trump."

"Evangelical Christians are abandoning their core moral beliefs to follow, as Reza suggests, someone who exhibits every trademark of a cult leader. And that should terrify anyone on either side of the political spectrum."

A great video to watch...