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Fortunately, there are still plenty of experts available to take his place as over half of the serving senators and congressman are the targets of criminal proceedings in the supreme court.

Sad news from Brazil: the PSD political party has decided to remove one of its congressmen from the committee that is analyzing the new Brazilian Penal Code (criminal law).

João Rodrigues has been in prison since February where he is serving a 9 year sentence for corruption, and yet somehow was still placed on the committee.

Who better to create a new criminal law than a condemned criminal?

Brazilian news headlines:

"22 minutes of terror: a loud noise, shrapnel, passengers tell of panic in flight in the USA. 'There is a hole and someone fell out', pilot said after explosion in flight".

"South Zone: Shootout during mass robbery in bus leaves three dead in SP."

(Actually it was three dead, including a cop and one of the assailants, and four injured including the driver and a passenger).

I guess it is always the unusual that freaks people out more than the day-to-day carnage

"The 2nd Commandment outweighs the 2nd Amendment, thousands of NC churches say"

"More than 60 Brazilian members of congress from the opposition Worker's Party have formally changed their names.
They have added the name 'Lula', after (former president) Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was jailed last weekend."

"Party colleagues followed their lead in droves, but so did some legislators from right-wing parties. They are adding Judge Sergio Moro - who convicted Lula - to their names."

You'd think the Brazilians should try electing grown-ups next time.

"If you think Robert Mueller has crossed the line and should be fired, please like and shared".

155K likes and 157K shares from the Donald Trump For President page on Facebook - and these people are scared that the Democrats somehow want to bring in a totalitarian regime?

Or maybe for a "get out of prison free card"?

I have a number of American evangelicals among my Facebook friends but I have never seen the religious right go so ballistic (pun intended) as they have over these kids protesting the school shootings.

The strange and no-doubt heavily misinterpreted memes don't stop...

Whatever you may think of CNN, this has to be one of the best headlines of all time (the short version on the main page, at least):

"Putin unleashes Satan in a blaze of glory"

Bungling Brazilian officials apologise after giving schoolchildren thousands of kilos of rotting CARROTS rather than eagerly-expected chocolate Easter eggs

I thought that this was a post from the Babylon Bee Christian satire site but it was actually from a Christian news site:

“Make America Great Again” is Now a CCLI Licensed Christian Worship Song

What do you know... New Zealand's "12-days-in-the-country-and-a-whole-lot-of-money-is-all-you-need-for-citizenship" adopted son is linked to the Cambridge Analytica affair:

Today shots were fired at two buses in Lula's campaign caravan, although he wasn't on either of them at the time.

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Me reading The Hunger Games in 2008: wow what a crazy, unrealistic story

2018: children are going to the capital to fight for their right to not be murdered by each other and a creepy looking TV star is there pretending like nothing is wrong

"Come to Itu Lula, look what is waiting for you"

"Lula we are waiting for you here in Mato Grosso do Sul"