Amazon vs the Amazon... everything that is wrong with the internet in one recent news story:

If you or a non-profit that you know and love use a .org internet domain name, be advised that the ICANN registry want to remove the price cap limit that only allows the annual registration for such domain names to go up 10% each year.

This will mean that individuals and non-profits may soon be priced off the internet. If you don't want that to happen please visit this link and let ICANN know why this is a bad idea.

How to remove dangerous firearms from NZ society:

1. Make them illegal
2. People hand them in to the cops.
3. Oops..

A really good explanation of killer software.

Somehow the software development industry lost the backups of 40 years of knowledge about serious software development - my
guess is that Silicon Valley wiped them!

It get worse:

"A worker at nearby Ward Demolition said he understood the fire had started in a room of the Argus Fire Protection site that monitors fire alarms.

He said a worker had heard the alarm go off in the building and when she returned with a fire extinguisher, the roof had caved in."

Guess which fire alarm company is going to become famous on the fail blogs:

@natecull I thought this was a photo of my COBOL class back in ''82 but, of course, we were still using punched card back then.

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