Continuing the Christmas theme: a guaranteed way to get included on the naughty list:

Great to see Mary on keyboard and Joseph on vocals for a change...

I wouldn't go so far as to say that my lawn is getting away from me, but the Norwegian government has just offered me $70 million if I promise NOT to cut it...

Say what you like about Brazil's president-elect Jair Bolsonaro, but this photo of John Bolton, US National Security Adviser, drinking coffee out of what is presumably Bolsanaro's daughter Laura's Frozen mug is a classic.

Meanwhile, it rained so hard in Rio de Janeiro overnight that this crocodile was found in main street of the up-market Barra de Tijuca neighbourhood. After nearly being run over by cars, the poor thing was finally rescued by the fire department.

"Oh, you better watch out
You'd better hit "buy"
You'd better get Prime, I'm telling you why
Amazon is coooomin' to toooown

You're making a list
And checking once more
You can save big at the online store
Amazon is coooomin' to toooown"

- Kathryn Manning Sheriff

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