And Win 10 1809 has just randomly munted my start menu again.

Fifth time since updating.

On the 4th day of 1809 Microsoft rolled out to me...

4 munted start screens
3 hex error codes
2 blue screens of death
1 system restore
and still no Microsoft Store for me

I just don't understand the local - and international - phobia about Bolsonaro. He's uncouth, he's no statesman - I'm sure he never expected to be anything more than a petty congressional back-bencher supported by the military, which is why he said the stupid things that he did. But another Hitler? Suspension of democracy? Really?

The sad reality is that things got so rotten in the Congress that for the majority of Brazilians he is now the best of the bunch.

And what about the PTs plan of government, which was launched in August, which includes rewriting the constitution and restricting the freedom of the press? Do their supporters even read what they publish?

Meanwhile, Haddad has declared that he will ignore the decision of three courts and free Lula - how is that the democratic option?

Meanwhile, the PT is supporting dictatorships in Venzeuele, Cuba - to say nothing about the USD 15 million from the starving people of Equatorial Guinea that was brought in by the son of the dictator and personal friend of Lula, guess whose campaign that was going to help finance?

Here goes Lula's good mate, Maduro, again...

I have given up trying to understand the hysteria around the Brazilian elections. Why do the international media think that Brazil should be run from a prison cell? How is that democracy at work? And what about the hits (like Celso Daniel and the seven witnesses of his death) and the unexplained air crashes (Supreme Court Judge Zavascki , Presidential Candidate Eduardo Campos) that seem to be closely tied to Lula?

That's enough of the cute cat photos... let's go for "terrified cat" - it's much more satisfying considering the way they treat us humans. And, besides, bears are kind of cool too...

While most of the media is still talking about Hurricane Florence, here are crazy videos of Typhoon Manghkut in Hong Kong and Shenzhen (China).

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