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Yay! My library for creating serverblocks reached 100 stars on Github! 🌟

As my cat walks away from me in shame...

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Meditating on Our Man Flint, for tomorrow night's Film Frown episode with @deadsuperhero and @peakwinter
Listen live at
6p PDT, 7p MTN, 8 CDT, 9p EDT.

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Wrote a thing on some of the things I've learned thus far about speaking at conferences ⚡️💬

Giving a talk at 2018 on how to as a new developer, Fri Jan 12th at 10am:

YOU: so how did you do on the whole “eating less” thing this holiday season

Good morning and happy new year from 🇨🇦

‘Make It So’: ‘Star Trek’ and Its Debt to Revolutionary Socialism

Everything wrong with Apple’s ‘Planet of the Apps’

Getting ready for a nice night of 🍷 and 🎮 ()

If you want a place where everyone is forced to deal with your shitty opinions, try Twitter