And sometimes they blaze so brightly that the only light they can see is their own.

I really admire those who did turn fierce. Who blaze with their whole selves so hot that they're hard to look at. That confidence, that passion, that sureness of themselves... it fuels their art and aesthetic in ways I envy.

But they do tend to burn a lot of people.

What a thing, to be so afraid of what you are

How ingratiating it can make you
as you try to huddle and squeeze
into a world designed for
what you'd hoped to be

How unrelenting how fierce
you may grow
tearing others
as you shred a new hole for
your monster self

Depicted: The song sparrow outside our bedroom window at EXACTLY 5am every goddamn morning

(image by Bill Watterson)

Imagine that Hagrid shows up at your door and goes "You're a QUEER, Harry!" but instead of getting to go to a magic school where you get super powers you just have to keep living with the Dursleys.

The typical start for a YA novel is the protagonist having the life they had hoped for and planned on taken from them unexpectedly, and then, broken, they have to rebuild something different.

I always related to those so hard, and you see that story reflected in all my stuff

1992 was a real different time to realize you were gay. You saw no positive portrayals of it anywhere. It was basically equivalent with "sex offender" with everyone I knew. AIDS was a disease God had sent to punish gays. You'd never have a normal life.

It was so fucking scary.

Remember being age 14, sobbing in the shower, praying to God, “Please don’t make me gay. Please don’t make me gay.”

Didn’t help.
for the queer folks out there: out of curiousity, at what age did you realize you weren't straight?

Bonehead sounds like an insult made up by a squid

With 9 days to go, the Kickstarter is currently at 60%. That sounds daunting, but compared to Verm's quest to kill a human it's pretty trivial.

We are watching season 2 of The Flash and it has the dumbest thing I have ever seen in any tv show ever.

Captain Cold is breaking into a vault so uses his freeze ray on the laser beams guarding it. They freeze into cylinders of ice and fall to the floor and break apart.

Stupid blank page. Write yourself, new book!

"Everyone is planning to vote for Joe Biden because he's the most electable."

You see? You see now?? THIS is why we weren't supposed to ruin the phrase "begging the question."

Trans women are not "traps".
We are not "men in dresses".
We are not here to satisfy your fetishes.
We are not "mentally ill" because we are trans.
We do not owe you answers to your questions.
We are not sexual deviants.
We are not sinning.

And then your regretrospect doesn't remember that you didn't SAY the things; just that you thought them, and you still feel ashamed and embarrassed and mixed up about them anyway.

It's hard to remember no one else can hear the voices in your head.
This makes me feel attacked about feeling attacked by myself

"Stop Using Our Site (The Way We Don't Want You To)"

Mastodon.Social and the Warnings
We're Nearly Dead
©2019, Wankery Records

Every story about is less confusing if you simply add "(a very stupid man)" after his first mention. For example: "President Donald Trump (a very stupid man) is demanding a nuclear agreement with Iran after unilaterally scuttling our previous nuclear agreement with Iran."

I get it, Mastodon. You're frettin because your service isn't growing and people are still clustered around on that nasty website, Twitter.

But I guaran-fucking-tee you this: the solution is not sending stroppy emails scolding the people who are actually using your site, because we will fuck right off.

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