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Puckles was such an amazing bun. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be. It was a singular joy watching his personality shine through as he felt safer with us. I'm going to miss him so much.


My heart has joined the thousand, for my friend stopped running today


I'm so fucking wretched at being human

Who was responsible for this assignment

People don't like seeing my thoughts here without content warnings, so I am turning off my crossposter from Twitter. So long, folks.

Trying to teach this dog to be more zen

“Where’s your center?! Where is it?? Can you find it???”

He is not getting more calm

People worried about him starting up TrumpTV and I'm like ah-ha. Sure. Running a successful television network doesn't require intelligence or experience, just GUT INSTINCTS

He probably knows more about running a successful network than anybody you've ever seen


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I think everyone who wants Trump to go to prison next is forgetting we have a real opportunity here:

what else could we put him in charge of that we would enjoy seeing utterly destroyed?

Maybe we could let him run FOX News? It'd be fun to see that go up in flames

I don't know if it's just Americans, but I see support for Trump as part of our collective inability to recognize reality

We've got televangelists and tabloids and aliens on the history channel, faith healing and crystals and astrology

We're drawn toward bullshit like flies

If we as a nation don't take immediate action to secure and reinforce the democratic process AND dismantle the structures of propaganda and disinformation like Sinclair News, FOX News, and Facebook, the next time, a vote won't cut it.

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The worst thing didn't happen.

It's a long time to Jan 20, especially with a madman at the wheel, but barring any surprises, it's frankly amazing that we still live in a place where a tyrant can be defeated by a vote.

But we shouldn't count on that.

Me: Why can't I write arrrrrrgh

Also me: Maybe if you opened up the document you numpty

Maybe the true enemy was the friends we made along the way

Little squirrel JUST outside the window was digging in our flower pot so I rapped on the window and startled him so bad he fell off and pulled the flower pot down on top of him

I have been focusing on stress and anxiety management over writing the last two days but I'm ready to get back to it. This book is fun.

Got to be the first time I've seen someone try to call dibs for a Presidential election

*grabs the mic* "It's mine, I claimed it, you all heard me do it, that makes it official, no backsies"

It'd be neat to be able to hope again that a good thing will happen instead of just that the worst thing might not

It turns out that in the years since 2016 I learned a LOT of stress and anxiety management techniques, and I used them ALL last night.

I even woke up at 2:30 in the morning with fear-brain and was able to calm it down, use meditative practices, and fall back asleep

I'm stronger

So far Far Harbor is way better than all of the rest of Fallout 4. I think this is the first time I've enjoyed a DLC more than the main game since the Shivering Isles.

Also Bethesda, hmmmmm

It wasn't just me, though. My whole family was weird. I was encouraged to read, sing and write poetry & be part of nature and climb trees and make tea with dandelions and acorns and learn the local birds and

oh god I was an elf wasn't I

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Gender roles were very... established in late 80s early 90s Arkansas

I think being a lonely and isolated kid made it WAY easier for me to look at how people expected me to look and behave as a male--the role I was to fill--and immediately think, "Well, I'm not doing THAT."

I'm not RESPONSIBLE like REAL husbands

I don't fix things
I'm not stylish and professional and manful
I don't want kids

I just want to read to my man and go on hikes and trips and watch stuff with him

And joke a lot

Pretty sure that's still all just boyfriend material

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