Sorry about that folks. Y'all don't need that from me. I'mma be strong.

I mean that's it. 45 will nominate someone super-corrupt who will hand him the election no matter and the Senate will party-line him in. 4 years of seizing additional power, permanent autocracy coming.

That's the goddamn ballgame.

Amazed that no one in The Flash's team thought that maybe the worst possible place to have a wedding rehearsal dinner would be a place called "Jitters."

You took a Latin hymn to a saint and started singing it about deer and tea and stuff, maybe a convent is not the place for you

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Starting to see why all those nuns thought you should leave the abbey for inappropriate singing.

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Fixed it for you, Maria Von Trapp

DO! Some random guy's last name
RE! Our voices are so loose
MI! A word that means wonder
FA! St John the Baptist's deeds
SOL! Please wash away our guilt
LA! Our lips are very stained
TI! St John the Baptist's name
Which brings us back to ranDO!

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The full thing (the solfège) comes from a Latin hymn to John the Baptist with each classic syllable ascending the scale:

UT queant laxis
REsonare fibris
MIra gestorum
FAmuli tuorum
SOLve polluti
LAbii reatum
Sancte Iohannes

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Do re mi fa sol la ti do USED to be
Ut re mi fa sol la si

The si changed to ti in Anglophone countries so that each syllable starts with a different letter but

UT was changed by a scholar who claimed that was too hard to sing so instead everyone should use HIS LAST NAME, Doni

Ah ha, bedtime. The perfect time to break my Twitter hiatus

Wow, eight goldfinches on the thistleseed sock at one time -- that has to be a record for us

Family sending me photos of the FIVE (!) new nieces and nephews I have

I don't want to sound ageist, but all babies look the same to me

You could just send me one photo and say "it looks similar to this"

Making pop culture references is tracing, but for jokes

So after a little digging, it turns out that it is in fact physically impossible to ignite the atmosphere of Earth

But on the plus side, my weekend just opened up

Weird to be able to say you were there in 2020. Plague and fire swept the land, democracy toppled, the spelling of whoa changed to woah...

"Like most humans, I seem to have an instinctive revulsion to reptiles."

Became uncle of triplets today, so that's a thing. 3 years ago, no nieces and nephews.

End of this year, eight nieces and nephews.

Remember when we invented that song mocking him like "Too late to be known as Trump the First, he's sure to be known as Trump the Worst" and then his own advisors accidentally sang it a couple dozen times and he fired them in a fit of rage

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Are there problems in furry publishing? Heck yes, but nowhere among those problems are greedy capitalists shoving their pockets full of YOUR MONEY that YOU EARNED by the SWEAT OF YOUR AUTHORLY BROW

Also--furry publishers pay WAY HIGHER than pro rates fur royalties.

Basically nobody pays royalties for short stories because that's a logistical nightmare, but industry royalty rates for paperbacks is 5-7% after printing charges. 10-15% for hardbacks.

Furry? Usually 25-50%.

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