Downtown at 10am. This is seriously eerie. Is Cleveland ok?

Why is it so fucking hard for people not to go to a party in brownface

I never had this accidentally happen. I was never like whew that was a close one I almost went to that party made up super racist, glad I decided against it

I read my siblings The Princess Bride and then we watched the movie and compared to the book it was SO disappointing. There’s a lot of amazing material left out.

Not the two bigoted slurs in the book though, btw. Those suck.

What’s the word for when schadenfreude goes out the other side and you almost pity them

Do they not recognize how far his grody little star has fallen? Like, he was once this media fascination going on talk tours and with book deals and now he’s reduced to creeping furry cons for attention. It’s almost heartbreakingly pathetic that 2 and Zaush are envious of him.

It’s hilarious and sad watching all the has-been alt-right furries being gloomily envious of Milo, another alt-right has-been who has also been reduced to desperate pleas for attention from the fringe.

I’m looking at a screen which I’m holding in front of a second screen which is connecting to a remote screen while charging another screen


What is the point of shortening Ohio to OH it is only two letters quit being lazy Post Office

It's ridiculous to want to revive the past if you're unhappy with the present. The past is what led us TO this present.

There are no golden days to return to, only golden memories of flawed times that brought us to where we are now.

The only way out is through.

Looking at the casting announcements for The Watch, and they are making some eyebrow-raising changes from the books...

Cute drawing did of my snow leopard side

Why, hello there!

I have had enough.

Please make stop calling me a bear just because I'm large and muscular and hairy and I love salmon and blueberries and cold weather and sleep through a lot of the winter and love scratching my back by rubbing against trees while growling in pleasure.

How do you people do it, and WHY?

I literally cannot conceive.

I suppose it's because it's all but impossible for me, but the idea of procreation--one of our two basic biological imperatives--is so alien and weird to me.

The idea of making a version of you that is part you and part someone else and then that continues on into the world. WTF

The United States became a better country today because just became a part of it!

Congrats man, and a little bad news for you: now you have to help clean up this mess!

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