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I did it, I did the thing.
Join me in this adventure titled "Apparently I'm not capable of drawing a single straight line"

(En español for now)


#mastoart #creativetoots #comic #hourlycomic #hourlycomicsday #hourlycomicsday2020

Deciding when to switch between dot social and MyAss using an astrolabe.

It's past 4 PM. I just noticed I'm wearing a backwards t-shirt.

Ask me about being a super-scientific genius.

The great thing about not being able to visit the Fedi as often (Thanks, job...) is encountering the fallout from the latest drama and trying to put back the pieces like the World's crappiest detective.

I like that the new Smash character is yet another prince. All Fire Emblem characters are princes.

That hat peep from the new Pokémon DLC looks like someone who would enjoy destroying me using Facts and Logic.

Spent an hour and a half trying to get the moon in this place.

Lost like 2k coins and my sanity.

It's still there, taunting me...

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MH - but extremely dumb 

Last night I was sunk into a horrible pit of emptiness and despair.
The culprit?

Super Mario Odyssey. :U

I haven't been able to post as often as I'd like, you know how post-holiday life can be (being swamped with work doesn't help with that either)

In the meantime, have a weird metal door knocker:

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