After some exhaustive research (read: clickin' around on Wikipedia), I can say that this bird's an Inca Dove.

They're cute~

Oh, I forgot to mention, a bird built a nest on my old busted water heater 🐦

Hey, at least someone found it useful! (Sorry about the potato quality, my phone camera doesn't know how to deal with artificial lights)

Yesterday I went to see Us and Inspector Pokeyman.
Thankfully in that order.

I guess it is spring alright. The purslane is starting to flower and the basil sprout now has a baby brother. 🌻🌱

Sure, it's an affront against everything good in this world, but it's also the first thing I'm able to draw in weeks. I'm going to count that as a victory. :toucan:

Shot through the heart
And you're to blame
Mastodon instance name.

Looking forward to the giant lizard movie.

Wish they added Hedorah to the roster, tho.

Huh, apparently the 😥 emoji is supposed to be "disappointed_relieved". I always thought it looked more like "aw_hell_damn".

Is this... another call for a cartooning contest!?

I believe it is!


Since when is
more beautiful than
   💾 ?

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