Someone on Twitter mentioned that in some regions of Germany, a common idiom for whenever there's mist in the forest is "The foxes are making coffee", and thought the image was evocative enough for an illustration.

Well, I took the bait! 🦊☕

@sociamast Exactly! It's a funny enough image, who cares if it's an actual saying! :blobcatcoffee:

"The hares are cooking" (da kochen die Hasen) ist what we say

@holger @sociamast If the hares are cooking and the foxes are catering the beverages we could have a pretty nice breakfast!

@pentaro @holger @sociamast Never heard any of these. :D Still a nice image though! :-)

@pentaro that's awesome, both the original idiom and your drawing

@robotcarsley Hee, you flatter me! I'm just putting lines around. :unarist:

@pentaro This is awesome! I hope a follow is okay.

@Leucrotta Follows are always ok, friend! The more the merrier!

@mrszee Thank you for your comment! I'm sure the foxes would love to share some of their coffee with you. 😃

Where I live they don't make coffee, they bake cookies :)

@KopfKrieg Coffee and cookies, those foxes are definitely into something!

Dann I always knew that my home country is awkward as hell.

@arkedos Oh no no no, not at all! Any country with coffee brewing fauna is alright in my book!


Foxes have an incredible sense of smell, I bet they could find the best most fragrant and full of flavor Coffee Beans to use.

@gemlog If the foxes aren't brewing the beverages you can count me out.

we have foxes in berlin, everywhere, also in the center. at night they walk slowly down the streets. they come out between 3-5 at night, when nobody is out, but sometimes me ;)
it's a very nice situation if you meet one. if someone of you guys will be in berlin, you should ask the foxes for a coffee, maybe they will invite you ;)

@moagee @gemlog Oooh, that would be delightful. Gotta brush up on my fox table manners, don't want to make a fool out of myself!

@pentaro This is wonderful! This image is so cute. I hope you make more like it.

@wildcat Thanks! I try to keep drawing but y'know, life.

@pentaro My father used to say that when it was raining while the sun was out, it meant that "the Devil is beating his wife".

@flugennock That's... a less wholesome image, haha! 😅 (But also makes me wonder, who exactly is the Devil's wife?)

@pentaro I'm not absolutely sure, but I think it might be this chick on the left, here:

@pentaro This made my whole entire night. And I was already having a great night. Thank you for sharing!

@SuzanEraslan Glad to hear that, and thank you for the kind words! 👍

@pentaro Do you sell prints, by any chance? My best friend’s birthday is coming up and she:

• is obsessed with funny German phrases, to the point that her newsletter (she’s a writer) is called Grief Bacon, after the phrase kummerspeck
• is rather (in)famous for her coffee consumption
• is a red head and kind of a fox, tbh

and I would LOVE to give her one for her birthday.

@SuzanEraslan I've always thought about selling stuff, but before today I didn't believe there would be someone who would actually like my scribbles 😅 So I don't have a "shop" per se, but maybe we can work something out!

@pentaro Cool! I could Venmo or cashapp you and print it myself— I just want to make sure that artists are getting paid. 🖤

@SuzanEraslan Well... the thing is, I live literally in the Third World and pretty much the only available service I have in my neck of the woods is Paypal. I hope that's not an issue... :/

@pentaro Not at all! I just know sometimes PayPal takes a %, but it’s no problem.

@pentaro It's WONDERFUL! 💕
Amazing... So lovely and delicate drawing 😊.

@pentaro I liked it so much! 💕 They are simply SO lovely that I desire to walk into picture and have a coffee with them 😊. You are really tallented man.

@pentaro Let alone my jealousy, because my line drawing is on primary school level 😂

@amberB Heh, I'm flattered, but my doodlery could be waaaaay better. Gotta keep practicing!

@pentaro Excuse me, I don't know what "doodlery" is? And thanks for advice, but... I'm of the other sort: my gift is - a craftsman 😊. I can make with these hands whatever I see... From brick wall to jewelry. Gift or curse, still don't know 😊.

@pentaro Oh, sorry - you were speaking about yourself (YOU have to keep practicing)? Here is before dawn, forgive me 😊.

@amberB Oooh, that's definitely a gift! Being able to create something tangible is so amazing. I'm confined to the second dimension!

@pentaro Thank you 😊. I like wood the most. Once my daughter sent me a photo of a fat cat 😆, asking if I can make similar... So I made it - and a little box made of Siberian pine...

But, I always admire people that have talents that I can only dream of. And your gift is something really exceptional, imho.

I have to remember that idiom, I love it !! (like the mist ;)

@pentaro Never heard of that idiom, but it‘s nice - as is your illustration. Thanks!

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