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me: man we ran out of toilet paper AGAIN ugh
bf, joking: well if SOMEBODY didn't use it every time he went to the bathroom..
me: ???????????? i have to??????????

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Refuted: that it's impossible to show off your face and ass in the same pose

i wanted to go to the brooklyn bridge park and my bf thought it would be a good idea to walk the whole bridge in midday heat to get there

george orwell: communism bad
me reading 1984 and putting the communist manifesto on my reading list: hmmmm

kill my comfort character well that's just fine

things my cat heard #376982: me quietly singing despacito to the tune of hallelujah in the shower

she was born rich & stole other people's ideas and sold them. next question

just spent $400 on textbooks then $400 more on broadway tickets....... why am i like this

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like!!!! lapis!!!! the cluster!!!! bismuth!!!! they fought the fucking diamonds and now they're not enemies what the fuck!!!!!!


just watched the first ep of q*eer eye and it was pretty cute tbh. i need those guys to fix my life. in terms of style, my bf and i are like two straight guys who happen to love each other