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stevonnie @percitaz

what was really funny is that someone on local tl saw that post and the word "kinkshaming" and was like "you toxic SJWs"

when you look back at screenshots of mastodon when it was poppin

@doopliss i'll have to check him out! thank u!!!!

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do y'all know of some let's players who like aren't problematic

dominos: thank u for calling dominos what can we get you?
me: yeah can i get uhhh
dominos: uhh what?
me: 🅿️E🅿️🅿️ER🅾️Nℹ️ 🅿️ℹ️ZZ🅰️

so how 'bout that whole bean?

hi everyone here's my sapioplatonic pride flag meaning im only friends with smart people feel free to use 💖😊💖

@Ghast i thought for a moment the dog was on some sapioplatonic pride flag or something

anyway back to your regular bean posting Show more

needless to say i don't see my family often otherwise i think they would be like "um. what happened to ur everything"

y'all im like 4 months on t and still haven't come out to my family. i would not recommend it, but also you don't need to rush!