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I have a Pixelfed account on which I feature my photos that I use for articles on The New Leaf Journal. Venturing that few New Leaf Journal readers have Pixelfed accounts, I embedded my profile in an article about my account. It formats very well on WordPress and looks natural after being properly scaled. The follow button in the embed is a nice touch.

Finally likes and boosts are working at Mastodon.

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I am the editor of an online writing magazine called The New Leaf Journal. We post articles on a variety of topics that interest us. To learn more about our project and find a sample of the 300+ articles that we have posted since launching in April 2020, please see our "About" page below.

WTF happened to Mastodon likes and boosts? I've tried several different browsers and unable to like or boost any post. When I try to do so, a new popup window appears requiring another click to confirm.. the problem is that nothing happens after that.

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Back in December, I took the view that the current fact-checking industry, at least here Stateside, is less than instructive. In listed what I believe are problems with the fact-checking industry and proposed eight principles for sound fact-checking.

🌟 Enjoyed this interview over at ThemeIsle, gets into WordPress, web dev, security and more 🔥

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I just wrote a review of Wutsearch, a very interesting search engine launchpad created by @perishable . In addition to being a useful tool in and of itself, Wutsearch is a terrific way to try new search engines - it currently includes 16, with many niche and privacy-friendly options among them (Peekier is particularly fun). A valuable project today as Google controls 90% of the worldwide search engine marketplace.

🙏 Thanks to Nicholas Ferrell at The New Leaf Journal for the great review of Wutsearch (search-engine launchpad) 🍃

Wutsearch now features 16 search engines! (Click "Options" to view all)

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