Reviving this account. Is any of my followers still active here on :mastodon: ?

Lumo 1.4 is out with lots of fixes and improvements

Now that Node.js is pretty ubiquitous, I started switching my shell scripts from bash to ClojureScript, and it's just so much more maintainable.

A new day, a new alternative Android keyboard. Reason: nothing infuriates me like autocorrect

It takes a lot of flack, but every once in a while Hacker News is simply delightful:

It looks like Japanese has replaced French as the mastodon language du jour.

This feature just shipped in ClojureScript 1.9.518: require node.js modules straight from a cljs namespace declaration.

Really awesome how much the third party package support is improving.

Neuste Podcastentdeckung: Durch die Gegent von viertausendherz: Endlich gute deutschsprachige Podcasts, und auch noch aus Berlin!

Listening to S-Town... Two episodes in, I'm hooked like I haven't been in a long time.

Rails Girls Summer of Code funds teams of women/non-binary to work on free software for three months. For this year's edition they managed to fund ten teams already, they'd like to find the money to fund two more. So if you can please pitch in, or even better ask your boss to pitch in!


Writing node code for the first time in a while. Callback hell is real: 140 columns and counting

Is there a tool that starts a daemon, optionally waits for it to listen on a port, then starts another process? When the second process exits, the tool should automatically kill the daemon.

First ever Oslo Meetup happening at Teknologihuset 18.00 today. Of course there will be Pizza, but mostly there will be Clojure for the curious. Hope to see you there !

It took a while but Mastodon's four-column layout with its unusual multi-purpose "context" column on the right side is starting to grow on me.

Warum ist meine lokale Timeline in Französisch? Pourquoi est-ce que ma timeline local ici à Berlin est en français?

Cycling on Danziger, I passed by a Gelateria. This gave me an idea of how to solve Thimbleweed Park's Ice Cake puzzle. Now let's see if my idea actually works... CC @plexus

@pesterhazy you should've done the "star for yes, boost for no trick" for instant fame ;) its gonna rain.

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