Heres how the cycle of abuse toward me goes.

Someone builds a thing to give themselves power.

I point out the nascent hierarchic structure being formed and its bad purposes

The people running it attack me for shit i havent done.

The people under them join in.

Time passes.

Eventually everything i said about the leaders comes to pass.

Rinse repeat. Everyone forgets but me.

The marketization of Attention which @petercoffin often talks about is a good example of Late Stage Capitalism attempting to innovate a new way to solve the contradictions in capitalism. Workers can't afford to buy the product of their own labor; so create ways to profit without workers spending any money at all! Turn the customers into the products. Another example is the profit model of make something, give it away for free, get huge "potential for profit", then get bought by a big company (see: tumblr)

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Marvel: ‘Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover in history’
RT Rev up your preferred podcast device! More VGATWTOE has been created! This episode we talk about the ingredients that make up Gamer stew with Sky Admiral Peter Coffin (@petercoffin). Also, we check in with Elon Musk and Grandfather Kermit Jpet!


for anyone interested, I did a video on how issues are framed and watching it gives you a doctorate in postmodernism:

I'll say this: the centrists could really benefit from being on a social network with no algorithms.

I'll also say this: I have tried and failed to explain a federated social network to a few I talk to. It's really a foreign concept to them and I'm not sure they will actually stay here.

I turned down the resolution on my phone and the battery is night and day.

Why is there a resolution option on my phone? I cannot tell the difference except now my battery is decent.

@MnemonicLight @petercoffin I think people trying to pitch it as a 1:1 Twitter replacement are wrong, but only because they're equivocating without realizing it. What they mean is that Mastodon is like Old Twitter, the place where you talk to your friends and see what's up with their day.

It's radically different from New Twitter, the "news" app where you consume viral Content(tm) and current events and discourse until you're depressed.

Mastodon is more like an evolution of email.

@petercoffin with fantastic videos about the Purple Scare and the Stonewall Riots. I love what I've seen from Step Back and need to watch more of his videos

It's really wild when I find people have responded to my videos with their own. I realize I don't exist in a vacuum but I legit don't believe people will care most of the time.

g a m e r s 

@dragon @petercoffin what i think this analysis hilights is:
a) while gamers are still responsible for their own behavior there *is* an outside system that encourages them to behave this way. investigating this system could yield some insights into how to disrupt it.
b) perpetuating this system does benefit big game developing companys, so they arent the best people to turn to for solutions. i still advice pressing them for solutions, but i think other strategies are necessary too

g a m e r s 

@dragon i really like @petercoffin analysis on this; in his words, 'gamer' is a cultivated identity that creates a competition of consuming video games (and video game related things). people who don't play video games or play less video games consequently rank lower in this competition, and are therefore are labeled 'inferior', so that the 'real' gamers can feel 'superior' for buying more video games

I had an interesting conversation with Tristan of Step Back History yesterday. He had some questions about how I make some of the choices in making my videos and it made me vocalize some stuff that was previously just abstract thought. I always like when that happens. He's also a nice person.

Now that I've vented my grumpiness I'll just do whatever. 👍

@petercoffin I agree that it's pretty off-putting but at the same time I get why they're doing it. Considering how much time we've collectively spent on centralized corporate social media, having an alternative that doesn't outright suck is an exciting prospect. I feel like folks are shedding a bit of their cynicism and in a way that's a good thing.

I do appreciate the genuine conversation here, can't stress that enough

@petercoffin for what it's worth, this isn't the norm. the alex jones unbanning + twitter api exodus brought a large number of people onto m.s. the regulars here normally CW birdsite mentions because they are tired of seeing it, but it's tough when that's the topic of the week.

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