What am I doing wrong? I can follow my blog, but it does not show the posts... can someone help? here is my outbox: pfefferle.org/wp-json/activity

mastodon on the front page of wired. daaaang thats gonna bring in some folks.

What is currently happening on mastodon? So many new followers 😳

I just added @pfefferle's new mf2 feed @wordpress plug-in and got the correct microformats (metadata) to play with other tools.

We will continue testing but this may mean if you wanted to but your theme didn't work......it may now...

Stay Tuned


I tried doing something similar, but at least Mastodon expects to be able to do content negotiation on both author profile URLs as well as post permalinks, so that kind of prevents it from being able to effectively work with static sites.

I got to the point of being able to deliver posts to my followers without actually writing any JSON files at all, but then things kind of looked half broken to people in Mastodon.

There's an open issue on GitHub about a potential solution that would make this work better for static sites, feel free to chime in! https://github.com/w3c/activitypub/issues/310
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