Agile Artificial Intelligence is a book that covers classical algorithms commonly assimilated as artificial intelligence techniques:

RT Releaser can now be used for releasing nested projects residing in multiple repositories. The first reproducible version of can now be found at:

Spawning Posix compatible system process and Dispatching tasks to multiple VMs:

RT Awesome in - a list of projects, libraries, books, booklets, and papers

RT Read the paper SOUL and
Interesting for me as a guy. Is there an implementation for already ?

RT I just completed "Chronal Charge" - Day 11 - Advent of Code 2018 with

RT Finding the most useful view is an iterative process. That is why the Inspector updates gracefully when changing the code of a view.

RT For an enhanced live programming experience, we want the Inspector to offer a thorough mechanism to investigate and modify code of the current object. To this end, the Meta view now also shows all super classes and let’s you filter the methods.

RT We believe that controlling the shape of software is essential and that the developers should mold their environment to match the current context. That is why the Inspector can be extended from within itself at inspection time.

3D graphics/geometry library with OpenGL rendering and chemoinformatics utilities:

RT Long working day. Still, I completed "Chronal Coordinates" - Day 6 - Advent of Code 2018 with

RT Tuturial de Pharo Smalltalk em Português (de Portugual)

RT gave a public demo showcasing a robot controlled by Pharo. This demo has been developed as part of a partnership between the CAR team of and the team of

RT Transcript, the console of a Smalltalk system, was always been this somewhat dull interface. We think no corner in the development environment should be ever be dull.

RT When working with Iceberg in I often need to see the files in a git commit. Adding the extension below to a commit object shows that directly in the inspector:

gtFileSystemFor: aView
^ (self fileSystem gtItemsFor: aView) title: 'File system'

RT I've completed "Alchemical Reduction" - Day 5 - Advent of Code 2018 with

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