RT @feenkcom@twitter.com How many work-days would it take to read 900000 lines of code, assuming one reads 1 line in two seconds? t.co/H08HbCloE3

RT @umejava@twitter.com SIXXを3年ぶりに更新。Pharo 6.1とSqueak 5.2に正式対応しました。

RT @oleks_lviv@twitter.com Translating subtitles of into . Here is a script for replacing the EN substring with UK in the names of all *.srt files at once:

RT @NorbertHartl@twitter.com A program you need to restart in order to repair it is not something I consider valuable. Imagine going to a doctor would be like that.

RT @AliakseiSyrel@twitter.com @manish_algomuse@twitter.com @poojaruhal@twitter.com Rendered on Moz2D canvas from in Playground by @feenkcom@twitter.com 😛

@pharoproject@twitter.com t.co/M1mUD8zT0p

RT @esugsmalltalk@twitter.com Talk from : “PharoJS: Pharo-Based TDD for Javascript Applications” t.co/SS0xEUjBTI

ZTimestamp, a Magnitude, a point in time, an alternative to DateAndTime and TimeStamp: t.co/KRPeFDSJBX

RT @esugsmalltalk@twitter.com Talk from : “Teaching ICT Trends with Pharo” t.co/Fa0VREz9xE

RT @feenkcom@twitter.com We think queries should be pervasive. That is why any Playground can be transformed into a query box. Combining the query result with custom Inspector views, we get an interactive browser. Here his an example of using this mechanism for a code query. t.co/8NaSeCdhtX

RT @esugsmalltalk@twitter.com Talk from : “Moose Meta-Modeling Infrastructure” t.co/TSQ88QNDvj

Stamp is an implementation of STOMP (Simple (or Streaming) Text Oriented Message Protocol) for Pharo, a protocol to interact with message-oriented middleware (MOM). t.co/p0Ej2Kfo26

Pharo Success Story: Mercap Abbaco, a bond calculator for expert investors. t.co/NkttVDmoca

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