RT @chicagocodecamp@twitter.com Chi Huynh @ChiExplores@twitter.com is presenting "Pharo (Smalltalk) Programming Language" at Chicago Code Camp 2019. Get your tickets now! t.co/nyC3zvZKcr t.co/AecNkdyLn6

RT @tomooda@twitter.com Just implemented "FizzBuzz" variable using Slot in Pharo.

RT @jecisc1@twitter.com We just integrated a Spec update in Pharo 8 (@pharoproject).@twitter.com For more information on the changes: t.co/w5l90oifaA

ImageWorker: A Seamless / OSProcess based tool to run code in separate images. t.co/ndCJEsOfOb

RT @rafael_luque@twitter.com This is why I love the direct feedback in @pharoproject@twitter.com, where the medium becomes a partner in your creative process.

RT @tesonep@twitter.com Pharo is not magic, just working hard. sprint. @estebanlm@twitter.com

RT @@twitter.comLucFabresse@@twitter.comtwitter.com We just won the Best paper award in the "Industrial Robot" category @@twitter.com ICARSC 2019 (t.co/wpYEoQpD3s) with our paper titled "PolySLAM: A 2D Polygon-based SLAM Algorithm" implemented in Pharo @@twitter.compharoproject @@twitter.comjohannDichtl @@twitter.comlxsang @@twitter.comglozenguez @@twitter.comnourybouraqadi @@twitter.comIMTLilleDouai

RT @MadridSUG@twitter.com Nueva reunión del meetup de Madrid Smalltalk el lunes 29/4: "Taller sobre Moldable Development en Pharo": t.co/oMSsowp0FW @pharoproject@twitter.com

An implementation of a MQTT Client and a Broker in pure Smalltalk for Pharo: t.co/aj74iBf9Vq

RT @ChiExplores@twitter.com OMG! I will be speaking about Smalltalk (Pharo) at @chicagocodecamp@twitter.com May 11th! Come support. Beginner level. :) @pharoproject@twitter.com

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