RT @GuillePolito@twitter.com This was far from trivial, Nahuel had to make fixes for ffi variadic functions on the @pharoproject@twitter.com VM, plus lots of debugging and fixes in @unicorn_engine@twitter.com by himself, @tesonep@twitter.com and @quentin_ducasse.@twitter.com

RT @tatut@twitter.com My XTDB client for Pharo Smalltalk is progressing. You can do queries and even map entities to your own classes (attributes to instance vars) and query using regular predicate blocks. t.co/8FnqJlAsCB

This week (19/2022) on the Pharo Issue Tracker. We merged 14 Pull Requesta and fixed 17 Issues: t.co/LGaIDFjZgZ

This week (18/2022) on the Pharo Issue Tracker. We merged 8 PRs and fixed 9 Issue tracker entries. t.co/GzuGlYkcrn

RT @tomooda@twitter.com ViennaTalk "Graz" has been released.
Major updates are
* migration to Pharo 10
* FRAM collaboration support
Import operations from FRAM functions
Export operations to FRAM functions and aspects
* IM supports by default

This week (16 and 17/2022) on the Pharo Issue Tracker. We merged 8 Pull requests and closed 11 issues: t.co/DeTfVLbxTo

RT @tatut@twitter.com I've been working on EDN library for Pharo smalltalk t.co/sNjJr7xwco

Laying some groundwork for using some EDN based APIs from Pharo.

RT @maxitabacman@twitter.com Willow-Bootstrap, integration between Willow & Bootstrap 3/4, reached it's v13.2.0 version

- Minor protocol corrections
- Blank paces in classifications trimmed
- Radio Buttons for B3/B4 added
- Pharo 10 support

RT @maxitabacman@twitter.com Willow-Mixpanel, integration between Willow and Mixpanel, reached it's v5.1.0 version

- New handy commands for user identification, track start and end of session
- Pharo 10 support

Special thanks to new contributor @jvanecek@twitter.com

RT @maxitabacman@twitter.com Willow, the Web Interaction Library that eases the burden of creating AJAX-based web applications, reached it's v14.3.0 version.

- Portability improvements
- LoadingNotificationCommand behavior improvement
- Pharo 10 support
- jQuery updated to 3.6.0

This week (15/2022) on the Pharo Issue Tracker. Pharo11 development phase starting. t.co/KWHzNCqTog

RT @bslobodin@twitter.com Transcript show: 'image based persistence is containerization but better'. t.co/7IMaUDUHv2

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