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reminder that I don't post here any more. Go find me at @phessler instead!

/me puts Admin Hat on.

Hi everybody!

The instance has a new Code Of Conduct, viewable at or via the "Terms and Conditions" link that is sprinkled around a few places.

The TL;DR is "be cool unto others". However, since society at large has demonstrated they can't be cool, we had to write out a bunch of things.

Your local Admins are @phessler and @aag. We're also blessed to have @pamela as a Moderator.

#mastoadmin #CodeOfConduct


I'm bringing down the bsd.instance now to do some upgrades and shuffle disks around. See you on the other side!

Good morning party people.

The server that the instance is on, will be moving datacenters today. Expect some downtime this evening (European time), or morning/early afternoon (California).



We've mostly recovered from the outage.

Looks like the last few actions before the server stopped responding were lost :flan_nooo:, but nothing else was.

The firehose is currently loading the Fediverse that happened. Toots and actions may arrive out of order.

Your normal Tooting schedule will resume at the toot.


#bsd #openbsd #freebsd #netbsd instance database recovery is done, seems to work. We're regenerating the home timelines, *then* will open the floodgates.

This may take several hours.

the host the instance runs on ran out of diskspace, and has a corrupt postgresql database. We are doing recoveries right now, but there may be an extended outage.


#Emergency action: instance has ran out of disk space, and needs to juggle some disk space.

I'm going to do an upgrade of the host the instance is on. Estimating 30-60 min of downtime.

I just committed this to #OpenBSD -current:

Back in the history of time, IPv4 had classes of addresses. This was widely acknowledged as a failure. At the same time IPv4 classes were declared a
failure, #IPv6 decided to add
them back because using a mac address for IP address configuration was easy.

Now that we have RFC7217 support we can remove this artificial limitation: allow non-/64 prefixes to be configured by SLAAC.

#networking #ietf

reminder that I don't post here any more. Go find me at @phessler instead!

Taking down in ~10 minutes, to try to fix things. Hope the downtime isn't too bothersome.


OK, I'm moving off to make room for more folks.

Follow me to @mwlucas!

In my Home timeline I see that I can set "Hide boosts from XYZ" for users of remote instances, but not for those on my own instance. Is that only for remote accounts? My instance is running v2.1.3.

#mastoadmin @Gargron @Support

If you are interested in the MELTDOWN/SPECTRE stuff the talk at Real World Crypto is being streamed live at 11:45 CET (GMT+1).

Hey BSD folk. Looks like our good friend Peter Hansteen (@pitrh) is in the market. Now's a great time to hire a great guy, pf expert, mail guru and real Unix systems admin.

Welp, just saw the headline "10 Video Games That Mock You For Playing On Easy Mode".

Shouldn't that be worded "10 Devs That Don't Deserve a Penny Of Your Money"?

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