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I'll be kicking the tires of the instance in about 15 minutes, so we will have some downtime.

hopefully, this will address some delays in delivering of messages to other instances.

#mastoAdmin is going down now, we'll see you from the new datacenter.

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the server that is on will be moved to another datacenter tonight between 10pm-2am Pacific time (5am-9am UTC, 7am-11am CEST).

I'll be powering off the system about 15 minutes before the maintenance window starts, and will bring us back up when the server is reachable again.


Olrite, the #instance is back up.

We were offline for about 12 hours, so there is a *long* series of queues to fill our series of tubes.

I upgraded the host, and all #vmm guests to #OpenBSD 6.5-current-as-of-today, and also upgraded our #Mastodon software to the #glitchsoc fork, and 2.8.0.

Database migrations were totally broken, and was a nightmare to deal with. As was the usual "node uses C++ in horrific ways".

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We're going down, see you on the other side.

As the great documentary said "hold on to your butts"

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In around 1 hour, we will be bringing down the instance for upgrades and maintenance.

If things go well, we're offline for 2 hours. If things go less well, 8 hours.

/me puts Admin Hat on.

Hi everybody!

The instance has a new Code Of Conduct, viewable at or via the "Terms and Conditions" link that is sprinkled around a few places.

The TL;DR is "be cool unto others". However, since society at large has demonstrated they can't be cool, we had to write out a bunch of things.

Your local Admins are @phessler and @aag. We're also blessed to have @pamela as a Moderator.

#mastoadmin #CodeOfConduct


I'm bringing down the bsd.instance now to do some upgrades and shuffle disks around. See you on the other side!

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Good morning party people.

The server that the instance is on, will be moving datacenters today. Expect some downtime this evening (European time), or morning/early afternoon (California).



We've mostly recovered from the outage.

Looks like the last few actions before the server stopped responding were lost :flan_nooo:, but nothing else was.

The firehose is currently loading the Fediverse that happened. Toots and actions may arrive out of order.

Your normal Tooting schedule will resume at the toot.


#bsd #openbsd #freebsd #netbsd instance database recovery is done, seems to work. We're regenerating the home timelines, *then* will open the floodgates.

This may take several hours.

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the host the instance runs on ran out of diskspace, and has a corrupt postgresql database. We are doing recoveries right now, but there may be an extended outage.


#Emergency action: instance has ran out of disk space, and needs to juggle some disk space.

I'm going to do an upgrade of the host the instance is on. Estimating 30-60 min of downtime.

I just committed this to #OpenBSD -current:

Back in the history of time, IPv4 had classes of addresses. This was widely acknowledged as a failure. At the same time IPv4 classes were declared a
failure, #IPv6 decided to add
them back because using a mac address for IP address configuration was easy.

Now that we have RFC7217 support we can remove this artificial limitation: allow non-/64 prefixes to be configured by SLAAC.

#networking #ietf

Taking down in ~10 minutes, to try to fix things. Hope the downtime isn't too bothersome.


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OK, I'm moving off to make room for more folks.

Follow me to!

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