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peter hessler @phessler

@dstolfa if bgpd requires extensions to the VM system, then I'm doing it so wrong it should be part of Linux.

@dstolfa userland code, so it can't panic ;)

(I've mailed out the diff for review, so this isn't slacking 🤣 )

sometimes it takes way too much effort to do a round of hacking.

like many things, it's getting started that's the main problem.

only took one (well, two) yak shaves to make progress on this. at least those two yaks were useful (bios update, then committing a port that helps with the bios update)

yay, getting back to adding to .

still can't send, still can't add to the FIB, but this is good enough to send out.

I am always amused whenever GRSecurity / PaX throws a tantrum, and tries to drag OpenBSD into it.

Look, I get that you are jealous that people actually use our software. But, we don't particularly care.

@Nezchan from the same people that brought you systemd.

I'm amazed they let him touch init, when he destroyed sound.

@sofficinalis I've been in love with shirley, and wanted to be every one of them for 20+ years.

I still want to learn drums because of Butch.

@sofficinalis Yea, I've been a fan of them since their first album came out. Love the song! I still don't get how I missed that video.

I'm a big fan of the band Garbage, so how the hell do I not remember seeing the music video for Queer?

It's been pointed out to me that Women Speaker's site may have problems, so I've deleted it until it can be verified as safe.

Sorry about that.

@bortzmeyer heh, I didn't even go to the "add a speaker" page.

yea, that needs to be a *lot* bigger.

@maliciarogue I found it on birdsite, via @infosecwomen. I know nothing else about the place.

of the day

Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town (live)

Genre: Hard Rock, 70s

@sysadmin1138 thankfully, this set wasn't too bad. we did them in batches with 2 hour windows per system, did failovers for everything that had that option, etc, etc.

I was only doing updates for the Asset DB, and switch configs for network equipment.

and yea, everyone was basically told "it'll be unavailable and every question you ask adds 10 minutes until service restore, STFU" :D

@stsp yea, so I can sleep in as long as possible tomorrow :D