I’m not entirely clear why I need this much internet while sat by the Thames but maybe I’m just jealous that I’m grateful when our speed at home reaches double figures.

The Early Bird Show with Maria Somerville on NTS, 7-9am UK time, some weekdays, is a great, gentle start to the day nts.live/artists/75949-maria-s

My very favourite Music.app "feature" remains... how the icons for shuffle do not change at all, no matter whether Shuffle is on or off. Useless! These two icons actually represent different states. Can you tell the difference?

My favourite newish macOS Music.app "feature" is the one where if I drag some files from the Finder into a playlist they momentarily appear there and then disappear completely! I have to go into the big Songs view to find them and drag them back to the playlist. Good work everyone!

Oh, I think maybe it’s not a bug - it’s just that it reckons this photographer, located in Login, is the only photographer it knows about near Herefordshire (it’s not that near).

I imagine living in Login must cause some “amusing” technical mishaps occasionally.

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I won't name the website because we've all got bugs, but I just searched for photographers in Herefordshire on this site and the map ends up centring on the hamlet of Login, Wales.

What a fun bug.

Writing clever code is all well and good, but just churning through relatively basic stuff for making it easy to create and update web pages is still very satisfying.

Spent a day bashing out Django models, admin, views, and templates to replace a client’s hand-coded HTML pages. Bish bash bosh, as they say.

I’ve so got out of the habit of posting much on Twitter that, now I’ve been making a point to check in here more frequently, I also can’t think of much to say here.

But still, you know, hello 👋🏻 I’m just finishing a cup of tea and a chocolate digestive. Hashtag content.

The first time in weeks Toot has managed to load my timeline. 👋🏻

What day is it any more? Will time ever start again?

Packing. One of those very rare times when I wonder if “digital nomads”, living out of a backpack, have got the right idea.

Oh no. There were very few designers/illustrators/artists I admired like Vaughan Oliver for his 4AD work. 4ad.com/news/29/12/2019/vaugha

I read something somewhere yesterday about the BBC fearing it’s massively lost trust since the election. This morning I heard five seconds of ‘Today’ and they were interviewing a man about why climate change isn’t real. Amazing.

I'm writing PHP. I feel so young and carefree!

I went to the gym in the afternoon, instead of after breakfast, and now I’m temporally confused and ready to start the day! Morning!

I don’t want to put other professions down but... who else would have developed this?

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