I watched two successive women carefully pick through all of the 20 or so loose tomatoes, one by one, to find the few they wanted. I go to get mine and the remainder are all fine... ripe, not soft, barely a blemish. What were they looking for?!

I’ll sit out in the sun, that’ll be nice... Ugh! Cherry! Vapers can fuck off too.

I thought having to overhear people’s work phone conversations in cafes was the worst, but interminable arguing with an insurance company is even worse. Why subject people to this? Jesus. Ugh. I’ll have to leave.

I must get much, much less email than anyone with a proper job or big projects and yet it still feels like youtube.com/watch?v=zpN00-UTrY

Oh NOW you’re sunny, now I’ve stood in the drizzle all weekend. Stupid nature.

I guess podcasts and audio books weaken this point, so while I’m not saying that podcasts and audio books are evil capitalist weapons contributing to pollution, congestion, social atomisation, and the collapse of civilisation... (Quote from Owen Hatherley’s review of Ken Livingstone’s new book… theguardian.com/books/2019/jul )

The Climate Solidarity Reforms will also require the installation of underwater reservoirs and pumps so that when homes and businesses anywhere in the UK are flooded due to extreme weather then Downing Street, Portcullis House and all MPs’ homes are automatically flooded to the same extent.

When public transport is delayed due to extreme weather all motorways will have artificial “solidarity” speed restrictions imposed to match public transport’s delays.

Somehow I hurt my elbow by running. How does that work?

I turned on Dandelion Radio and Rocker was playing the Blake’s Seven theme tune and I got goosebumps hello I’m old

It's not special for today – every day is rainbow day! – but please enjoy my glorious bash prompt:

Quite sad that 24hoursofhappy.com appears to have stopped working some months ago. That was a great work and I was kind of surprised it survived this long, given how ephemeral everything is online.

Oh! Page 2:

* Great Britain Flag 5ft x 3ft
* 240 Pack plastic cups
* 10 Pack Long Range Walkie Talkies
* 200m bunting
* 109 Pieces Tropical Party Decoration Set with 9 Feet Hawaiian Table Skirt, Palm Leaves…
* 100m bunting

Do come to my Hawaiian / British Colonial party! Bring your own Mai Tai / G&T.

My "selected" Amazon recommendations (I have no idea why):

* 12 Pack of 6" Gold Award Trophies [fake Oscars]
* 2 different 36 Packs of Hawaiian "Luau Flower Lei Party Favors"
* American DJ 5L Heavy Fog Juice
* British Army Foreign Service Tropical Pith Helmet
* Aluminium Flight Case

So if anyone wants a party, I'm one click away from being ready.

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