The first time in weeks Toot has managed to load my timeline. 👋🏻

What day is it any more? Will time ever start again?

Packing. One of those very rare times when I wonder if “digital nomads”, living out of a backpack, have got the right idea.

Oh no. There were very few designers/illustrators/artists I admired like Vaughan Oliver for his 4AD work.

I read something somewhere yesterday about the BBC fearing it’s massively lost trust since the election. This morning I heard five seconds of ‘Today’ and they were interviewing a man about why climate change isn’t real. Amazing.

I'm writing PHP. I feel so young and carefree!

I went to the gym in the afternoon, instead of after breakfast, and now I’m temporally confused and ready to start the day! Morning!

I don’t want to put other professions down but... who else would have developed this?

Following the example of some recent spam, I may start giving all of my emails the subject line "From The Desk Of Phil Gyford" and sign off with "Your candid, Phil Gyford".

"Ooh," I thought, "Wikipedia has redesigned! It looks much nicer, more simple." No, I'd just followed a link to the non-Desktop site :(

Are people who describe their regular Mixcloud show as a "podcast" being annoying, or is there actually a way to subscribe to Mixcloud things in a podcast app that I've missed because I'm an idiot?

Hmm, although Namecheap's cheapest SSL certificates are £7/year so not the end of the world.

God, websites are a pain aren't they. Who'd ever want to run a website.

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I was just about to move a site to Namecheap domain and shared web hosting... only to find, after paying, they don't support free Let's Encrypt certificates (unless you want to manually renew them every 90 days). Ugh.

Recommendations for inexpensive places that do shared web hosting and domains, for a php/mysql site appreciated. Might go back to Been a while...

Third day back and feeling a little worn down by the sound of men digging up the road.

And now I'm wondering whether, if it was women who did roadworks, whether they'd have found a less noisy, macho way of managing changes to underground infrastructure.

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Back in London after hols, for better or worse.

I wrote a stupidly in-depth review of the Guardian's updated version of their Daily Edition app for iOS and Android devices.

I opened around 15 YouTube tabs and made the mistake of keyboard-shortcutting my way through them all to get to the last one forgetting that YouTube starts playing automatically and that's how I came up with my new work 'Indie Pop Cacophony'.

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