Just got a radar closed by Apple. If you want to support Dark Mode « the right way » (by using Asset Catalogs) you have to build on a machine with 10.14. So forget about using an older machine with 10.13 as your CI system (which is a common practice, because these OSes are stable).

Reason is « compiling asset catalogs requires system frameworks ». Then what’s the point of running Xcode? Can’t you put the Asset Catalog compiler in Xcode? Sigh.

Took me a couple of hours to figure that one out...

My SO downloaded « Flash » from a dodgy website and now she’s got crappy apps in multiple places. These people even install daemons to restart and re-download! FU, « Mac Cleaner Pro ».

I think I got them all but I will just restore everything from backup. A compromised system is a compromised system.

Sad to see that the GM version of Mojave shipped with a broken /usr/bin/codesign which can’t handle diacriticals in file names (« La Bécasse »). It works in High Sierra (and before) and if I rename my app, but then the name on disk also changes which I don’t want to do…

Yesterday: did my chores in the morning, played beach volleyball in the afternoon (in September!) and made sous-vide burgers for dinner. It’s the little things that add up to those perfect days...

Pros: biked home safely, on the forested bike path, from another great Cocoaheads meetup on a wonderful evening.

Cons: now covered in cobwebs 🕸

Now my spouse and I both have a kayak! So far she really likes hers better than mine (it’s a different model, I have the original Oru Bay and she has the newer Oru Beach) mastodon.social/media/Xj4GZqUS mastodon.social/media/Kfg-psge

Aha! Turns out I can vote for a candidate in my riding by going into the returning officer's office in _any_ riding during the advance poll period. Problem solved!

I was worried that I wouldn't be able to vote for the first time ever, turns out everything's gonna be all right.

Thanks to the fine people at electionsquebec.qc.ca for answering my emails.

I just realized that I'll be on vacation during the advance voting period of the Québec general election, and that I'll be at a weeklong work offsite on the day of the election itself. So far, none of the voter assistance applies to me: I'm able-bodied, I'm not out of Quebec so I can't vote by mail. I just feel I'm falling through the cracks!

I vote at every election so it'll be weird if I don't this time due to a series of decisions made months ago...

My daughter's been trying to get a student credit card (low limit) from her bank for _months_ now. She sent tax info, pay stubs, hours on the phone, nothing.

Monday, on a lark, I went on my bank's website and applied for a student credit card with her info (nothing linking to me, I want it to be _her_ credit history). Answered a few questions, BOOM! Approved. Card's in the mail!

This will really help now that she's starting University in a city two hours away...

Astronomy update: we went up to an observation spot and set up her telescope to see Mars, and later the Milky Way. Fantastic! Also there was the perseids meteor shower, which this year isn’t as impressive as I remember.

One sadder note: she tripped and the telescope fell over on hard rock, breaking part of the mount (oh no!) so today, I used part of my day off to go to Focus Scientific with her and get it assessed. Not too much damage, all fixable. Then, Shawarma for lunch. Spirits lifted!

Going to try and see the Perseids and Mars tonight with my daughter. Good bonding time, she’s leaving for University in two weeks!


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