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Phil (@philnash) and Dominik (@dkundel) are back with Remote Participants Live now at twitch.tv/twilio so come hang out! @twilio

Hey @typescript and @fbjest fans. I have a problem with my tests and code that is run using child_process.fork. Can anyone help?


Just published a new article about the Twilio Serverless Toolkit. You can use the toolkit for developing and deploying to @twilio's serverless runtime and a whole lot more.

Features include @typescript support and automatically creating ngrok tunnels.


I’m learning about Node.js child processes on my @Twitch stream today and trying to use them in a project. Come hang out! twitch.tv/phil_nash

Small swell of pride to notice that a gem I wrote made it into the HEY dependencies.

And it's good to see that no-one will be using pwned passwords to sign in to their account.
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Here's our Gemfile for HEY: gist.github.com/dhh/782fb925b5

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Thrilled to have @twilio's @philnash join us at the Live 2020 series, July-Dec.

Speaker: wurreka.com/ict/virtual-confer

Events: wurreka.com/upcoming-events

Tickets start $99: wurreka.eventbrite.com.au

πŸ’₯ 30% OFF on the first 25 tickets using speaker code GIDS-PHINAS

My VS @code extension for ngrok has a new feature today after a PR from github.com/zackradisic over the weekend. You can now open up a QR code of your URL so it's easily copyable on a mobile device.


Check it out:

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I would like to once again thank @philnash for his fantastic technical editing on this book, & @MiriSuzanne for being the first person to read it (and for writing the forward!). So many people were involved in making this happen. Acknowledgements - google.com/books/edition/Archi twitter.com/Apress/status/1272

This is my laptop while I'm streaming on @Twitch. Especially when I try to run a test suite.

Which is why I'll be skipping my stream today to switch to a new one and hopefully improve my overall setup.
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does your macbook sound like this too? πŸ˜…πŸ”Š

Do you want to learn how to implement one-time passwords can reduce fraud and build trust in your app? Then you're in luck as @kelleyrobinson will be joining me live tomorrow to show you. Sign up now! bit.ly/2BPWBRb

I wrote a blog post a few weeks back about adding overlays to videos with CSS. Now you can watch it as a video, presented by the fantastic @brentschooley


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More @ThePracticalDev’s @GrantForTheWeb hackathon goodness! @philnash brings us (the start of) a collection of Web Components for Web Monetization that progressively enhance web pages with common behaviors.


It occurred to me that this might be a plugin πŸ˜…

So I checked and it was! Get the Markdown All in One plugin and get this and many more shortcuts:


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100% test coverage.

Sure, it looks beautiful and works now. You can never change anything though.
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Do you always forget the syntax for links in markdown?

If you're using VS Code you never need to remember, just paste the link over the text and it just works.

Thanks @code!

Did you know WhatsApp bots can communicate with more than just text? Join me live tomorrow as I show how to build a location-aware WhatsApp bot in just a few lines of code. bit.ly/2TF25nH

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