Tickets for this year's are 50% off for this week. This is the best deal to learn about the future of communications. Join us in August in San Francisco. I hope to see you there!

I want to thank all the people I was lucky enough to meet, the speakers, the volunteers and most of all the wonderful organisers and for the hard work they put into building such an inspiring and inclusive event.

Sitting with a beer before I board my flight back to Melbourne and reflecting about the last few days. This was my first visit to and it proves again how fantastic the global JS community is.

Deprecating node-gyp and replacing it with WebAssembly is a beautiful future for Node.js.

Ok, it’s not JS, but this work on turning drawings into videos is amazing!

“Who’s got a beard? I’m sorry, I’ve tested it, you can’t be 100% happy.” on machine learning and emotion detection in JavaScript.

Nice talking to of at today. By following simple instructions, I was able to connect to twilio's API & set up service in less than 15 minutes!! Going to explore this more after the conf. Lots of scenarios this service could help with.

There ain’t no JavaScript party like a party!

“There isn’t a single good vs bad spectrum for [JavaScript] frameworks.”

👏👏👏 thank you!

It’s code in the dark (in the dark) at I’d be terrified of this!

The day is just starting and it’s already 🎉

Aaaah! Kicking off with It’s going to be the best 3 days of JS, people and fun!

TypeError: '[object Object]' returned for property 'Symbol(Symbol.toPrimitive)' of object '[object Object]' is not a function

I think this application just told me to go **** myself...

Want to stay warm in winter as a developer? Just fire up a f̶l̶a̶s̶h̶ ̶s̶i̶t̶e̶ React app in dev mode.

Just another day of 😈
So, I got a call fro@twilio@twitter.comNumber and when I took it it was just a rick-roll... 2 minutes later @philnash writes an email “Think I just rick-rolled you. Very sorry” 😂

Just heard about at It's an open source incident paging system built by with adapters for paging people by email, SMS (through, and a plugin system for more. Pretty amazing.

On my way to Singapore for both and Looking forward to a week of learning and meeting fantastic people. Hit me up if you’re going to be at either!

The number of times I’ve cleaned my monitor is equal to the number of times I posted in this thread.

How often do you clean your monitor(s)? ✨

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