I am very much looking forward to reading this!
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It's here 🎉🎉🎉🎉

I've written a book on TypeScript. 50 short lessons that take you from novice to expert -- with a deep dive into TypeScript's type system, focussing on the long-lasting aspects of the programming language

Check it out:

👉 smashingmagazine.com/printed-b twitter.com/smashingmag/status

Looking forward to talking webhooks at Hong Kong on Thursday. There's a fascinating track of developer experience talks, tickets are still available and free! See you there? bit.ly/api-days-hk

Going live on twitch.tv/phil_nash now to explore building interactive emails with AMP for email. Join me!

And, to go along with Twilio Video or any WebRTC app (doesn't have to be Twilio) we also released an RTC Diagnostics kit so you can test that your users meet the requirements to have a good video call.

Check it out on GitHub: github.com/twilio/rtc-diagnost

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I got caught up with everything going on at @twilio last week to actually mention any of the cool things we launched. 😅

The one I'm most excited about: Twilio Video WebRTC Go is a free service for building quality 1:1 video applications: twilio.com/blog/announcing-twi

Come join us on twitch.tv/twilio for more day 2 . We're going to play TwilioQuest, hang out with some robots and learn about some more new @twilio features. See you there!

isn't just talking about APIs and communications. We're currently being treated to a live coding music and visual stream. clips.twitch.tv/BoredPlacidWhe

We're on day 2 of @twilio and you should join us for fun, special guests and live code on SIGNAL TV right here on Twitch: twitch.tv/twilio

In my feed today: the ups and downs of @hacktoberfest.

It’s such a shame that an event can both bring new people to the world of open source and cause so much hassle for maintainers simultaneously.

Apparently, after spending all day streaming for two conferences, Ruby missed me. She won’t stop staring at me!

Thanks to @developersummit for having me talk about moving from JavaScript to TypeScript! My slides and all the resources can be found here: speakerdeck.com/philnash/four-.

Superclass session complete and I'll be on SIGNAL TV soon. Join us at twitch.tv/twilio for all things @twilio, SIGNAL, TwilioQuest, and anything else that comes to mind!
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Getting ready to start streaming at @twilio !

All developer conferences need their own CLI 👨‍💻

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Explore the schedule, download and setup demos, find our hidden cheat mode and more with SIGNAL Developer Mode!

Learn more at twil.io/signal-developer-mode

Music: “Coderitis” by GERNiE B. | Timirah James (@TimirahJ)

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Tomorrow we're bringing to you virtually. Join over 40,000 others for this immersive online experience as we explore how to build in the age of digital acceleration. There's still time to join us! Register now at signal.twilio.com.

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Last week, I finally managed to use @philnash's awesome time-formatter Web Component on an @FabFitFun's internal engineering site. I have to say it's super easy to use and works like a charm!

Thanks, Phil 🙏


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At Live on Thu, 1st Oct, @philnash will take an existing project &d move it to , noting the new benefits we get at each step of the transition. By the end you'll have a effective blueprint for use in your projects: wurreka.com/ict/virtual-confer

I am getting emotional over these daily numbers. This is the first time we've had a single digit number of new cases in months and we are beating this damn virus down. Come on!
: Yesterday there were 5 new cases & the loss of 3 lives reported. The 14 day rolling average is down in Metro Melb, stable in regional Vic, and the no. of cases with unknown source stable as we move to COVID Normal. More info: h…

I love seeing how a few lines of Ruby can be used to make life a little easier and, in this case, get a child his vitamin D supplements every day.
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Blogged: An SMS Reminder With Ruby & A Raspberry Pi emmanuelhayford.com/building-a

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