What client does everyone use for Mastodon?

This tarot app has been pretty accurate so far. Today's card is clearly me looking at all my earthly possessions and wondering "well, now what?"

I just bought this tarot card app to help deal with some cosmic shit and this was legit the very first RANDOM card it gave me! The Fool! The very first card in the deck! Pretty spot on though tbh haha

The button on my work pants just fell off :\

So interesting going back to an old code base and seeing all the things you would do differently if you were coding them today

Back on Twitter but going to try to update here too about different stuff. Well done to Ash for fixing the bone.social lol bne.social (damn autocorrect) server. What a wonderful day in Brisbane it is!

Root cause analysis:
1. I (don't remember, but assume that I) started an upgrade, but got distracted
2. the newly built containers sat there not bothering anyone
3. I was messing around with Docker and caused 'em to replace the existing ones without realising
4. the database wasn't migrated so the new containers didn't work
5. everything was broken and I didn't know how to fix it, had analysis paralysis and eventually gave up

Sooooo not great.

Can't stop listening to the Braveheart soundtrack lol

No-platforming works and is almost always the logical conclusion when you think about it this way aeon.co/ideas/why-no-platformi

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