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Sean M Puckett

I guess if I can't safely handle the metal spoon that's been sitting in my soup, the soup is also too hot to put in my mouth.

pupcoin: every coin "minted" has a unique picture of a dog, algorithmically created from the hash of the coin. COLLECT THEM ALL.

Trans Europe Express.

Clear, un-processed synthesizers. Simple micing in a modest studio. Simply mixed. No "loudness war" compression.

One really doesn't hear music made like this much lately.

It's pure and simple, like water from a spring at the head of a mountain trail.

I never bothered with the DLC on DkS2 or DkS3, either. And I haven't officially finished Bloodborne either, though I've played it a lot and have helped others beat Gherman.

Dark Souls remaster for PS4. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

I played the shit out of it on PS3 (and still have the system and the disc, so I could play it again if I wanted).

Would I get anything out of uprezzed textures and 60FPS? They'll allow 6 phantoms instead of just 3, but is that going to make the game any better? I was never really into PVP, and though co-op was fun I did a LOT of co-op.


Finished Horizon Zero Dawn & Frozen Wilds DLC on ultra hard difficulty. That was ... exciting.

The arpeggio turns out to be DFGA not that knowing helps.

There's an annoying arpeggio repeating incessantly in my head. I believe my brain to be deriving it from the white noise of the air filter. Also a little bit of filtered sawtooth bass and a slowly noodling synth pan.


Number 131 (black, white, red) and 132 (blue, black, white) both 12x16 acrylic on panel.

So, 131. The story is that I'd created the background and liked it, and thought, "hey that looks like a sort of a grotto or something, and maybe I should put something in it." I'm not sure why a phallic red cylinder growing out of the ground was that thing, but there it is.

I like 132 a lot. Very "reflection of the far shores on a lake" kind of thing. With some nice vignetting too.


But, Mother, how can _I_ destroy Capitalism? The machine is so big, and I am so small. My siblings stand with me but we are just wheat before the combine. We may die with honour, standing tall; but we will die nonetheless.

Dear sweet child, do not stand in front of the machine, it will just grind you up. Run up behind, quick as a mouse, and climb inside. Nibble the wires. Sand the grease. Slow it that your siblings may join, plucking the cogs, rusting the steel. Until it grinds to a halt.

@photopuck it's a thing of wonderful and terrible beauty.

We are privileged and cursed to see it exist.

I have to say, the Spectre exploit is a beautiful concept, utterly astonishing in its universal applicability across decades of technology. It is the software equivalent of using a stethoscope to crack a safe. There's no way to fix it but buy a new safe.

Finished! Aaah! I wasn't counting hours but I think around 15? Faber-Castell TG1-S technical pens, a range of pencils for shading, on 120gsm A4 paper. :)

If you'd like a signed print of this, $30 USD which includes worldwide shipping - yell at me! Payment via PayPal :D

Pet store cashier complimented my rainbow toque.

They said "I really like rainbows" in that way that means rather more than just the simple words imply.

And that's why I have that hat and wear it.

Back after Holiday Hiatus!

Number 129 (purple, white smears) and 130 (orange cloud), both 12x16 acrylic on hardboard.

I still have 129, which is kind of surprising as it's really pretty. 130 was snapped up quite quickly by a friend who likes orange.

#art #abstract