Bad enough is dropping your phone on your face in bed.

Much worse is wanting to share a meme with your bed partner and somehow chucking the phone at their face.

So, so sorry.

New battery for mi 2012 RMBP showed up. This will hopefully be uneventful but nevertheless I'll be doing the surgery on the balcony as the old battery is pretty dang puffy. Discharging it as much as possible first, of course.

Another finished cured piece. Silver, gold and midnight metallic on a mirror frame.

perhaps the real free speech were the instance suspends we made along the way

lifting to failure and then wondering why you're hungry later is ...

Workers at an Amazon warehouse in Minnesota will be striking during Prime Day, July 15!

In solidarity, don't order from Amazon, visit the site, or use the app.

#labour #work #solidarity #strike 🐘

Rant - Gatekeeping/Elitism 

I unapologetically and unashamedly love cheap ice milk. It's not a substitute for ice cream. It's its own thing. It's just a bonus that it's cheap as hell, like $5 for a 4 litre tub. Topped with some home-made choco syrup and some sprinkles of sea salt, it's sooo gooood.

Test run of a white-on-transparent laptop lid sticker with one of my mandalas.

Would anyone like to order one? It's $15 USD including worldwide postage, and it measures 325x225mm (but I can do them to a specific size if your lappie lid is different).

Message me if you'd like to order one!

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

on poli 

Hey did you know Bob's Bulgogi at 105 Victoria right downtown makes really good bulgogi for really good prices? True fact.

Downside: they're only open for lunch during the week, and it's really tiny so you'll probably have to eat somewhere else. But $8-10 for a huge container of yummy bulgogi and rice/noodles/veggies is a great deal. I think they have chicken, beef, tofu and seafood varieties.

The perfect lunch during a whole crapload of carrying paper between banks.

Doing that "going to sign papers at the bank to borrow a lot of money" beard and hair trimming thing. Got to look respectable for the institutions of capitalist oppressors. Of course I'll still wear a skirt. Because fuck the patriarchy.

Here’s what a day of drying has done. It’s going to get wilder from here...

Lizzo's "Boys" as Hieronymus Bosch art: a thread

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