this was kind of inspired by seeing videos of that "bambu" or whatever printer with its insane acceleration/speed and i figured, well, why not give it a shot. i'm not printing tiny rpg models, i am just making chunky plastic parts. a little ringing, a little blobbing, who cares.

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prusa mini (clone) lark: i turned all the extrusion speeds up to 200 and all the accelerations up to 2500 and darn if the prints aren't still just fine for robot parts. just about every line is volumetric flow rate limited to not overtax the heater. with a 0.6 nozzle running PLA+ at 225C i am getting parts probably 3x faster than a stock 0.4 setup and still at 0.20 layers. it probably wouldn't work at all without a heated filament dryer box but gosh it is nice to get parts fast.

Here are all four of the Peer Gynt quilts, laid out on the Moonglow bed quilt that my partner made. Almost two years in the making!

If you missed the start of this project: each of the wall quilts is inspired by one of the four movements in Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite (Morning Mood, Ase's Death, Anitra's Dance, In the Hall of the Mountain King). One shape per bar. You can follow along if you listen to the music.

#quilting #PeerGynt #FibreArts #FiberArts @fiberarts

I don’t have a strong opinion on what sentience is, but if your test for machine sentience is a test that many neurodiverse people would fail, your test is bad.

I expect there to be a lot more court cases about this soon once big corporations start using ML to generate art for our consumption.

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Which isn’t to say you can’t sell it, but you can’t stop someone else also selling it.

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AI slash ML generative art cannot be copyrighted, btw. Images must be produced by a human to be copyrighted. Cf that monkey selfie image; the owner of the camera isn’t the owner of the image. And since monkeys can’t own things, the selfie is public domain. Court’s decision. It’s a big deal.

Image description: a meme-type image with the top text “Pride Celebration Kit” and the bottom text “Some Assembly Required” with photos of a pile of bricks and a police car superimposed on the progress pride stripes.

I was walking along Gerrard in Chinatown east and suddenly found myself on my knees and palms. I’d tripped on a bent over nearly flat bike post. Didn’t see it as I was shrugging into my backpack, I guess. Scraped my knees though my skirt was undamaged. Tough fabric. Anyway, good reflexes and a sturdy body from working out saved me from serious face damage. I sure do not remember planning to land safely, I just did. So watch out for that bike post on the south side of Gerrard by Yao Hua market.

IVR systems are so horrible. Fortunately most of them are keyed to give you a human if you start swearing, so a good tip is just start swearing right away, for example "fuck this shit give me an operator" worked a treat for me...

Charlie Brown: But with all this commercialism and decoration and money, can someone just tell me what Pride is really about?

Linus: *Hands Charlie Brown a brick, gestures at a cop*

*Jazzy piano music plays*

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So the eSun filament dry box with a heater and a fan really works well. Toss a couple packets of silica gel in there too. Went from essentially garbage 3D prints to nearly perfect with PLA+. So good I was able to speed up and heat up the profile and still not get strings.

Impressive how quickly the weather turned over from “3D prints come out ok” to “3D prints look like shit.” I finally ordered a filament dehumidifier, I hope to hell it works.

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VSCode considered harmful.

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Accidentally putting your finger on a plastic extruder smells like regret. And burned skin.

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