Kudos to TPL for not keeping a record of borrowing by default, and while having an option to turn it on is ... maybe nice? ... not being able to clear your history once you enable it is AAAAAAAAAAA

Still, in a world where just about everything we do online and off is logged and analysed for monetization and thoughtcrime purposes, it's such a shocking pleasure to have and be able to use and trust an organization that defaults to keeping no history.

I do trust them, don't I? Right?

continues to be unusable due to duplicate toots in threads. C'mon, people, get it together.

#Inktober I have missed a lot of days but. #Calligraphy: “Gender Traitor”. Three tine music nib, pushed to achieve the railroad effects.

@photopuck because I know too much coffee can have these effects I can look at them and smile. And consciously untense my shoulders every couple of minutes.

I had a large coffee an hour ago and that was probably really dumb. But here we are, that is, me and my excess caffeine induced anxiety and paranoia. What a team! Let’s see what we can ruin. (Haha it’s not that bad.)

I guess my tongue has a little cut on it? What did I eat that was sharp? Corn chip? Weird.

Driving across DT TO during rush hour, twice, with two pissed off cats, waiting in a 45 minute line outside with 95% rowdy dogs, not the best afternoon. Still, $55 total to get microchips and rabies shots into them at the city's "chip truck" event probably costs less than a quarter of what it would have cost us at a vet. Maybe less. So a good deal. But not fun.

However, now I'm having Kraken on the rocks, and things are improving. IA, FTAGN.

If you like dark, crunchy beats and bass drops, and would like a little more gender equity in your electronica, give REZZ a listen. I like!

Test batch of GF brownies in the oven. I expect they'll be fine but I want to be sure the recipe's right. Also, you know, having an "extra" batch of brownies around isn't a bad thing, not really.

3 late. Calligraphy: “it’s decorative gourd season, motherfuckers!”

Not sure how a basement bug got up to the 9th floor but I hope I see it again and it brings friends because the random pharaoh ant scouts really need to be eaten. We don't yet have enough spiders, apparently. Can I buy some jumping spiders somewhere or something?

#Inktober day two. Words from Rosemary Kirstein’s book The Lost Steersman: You can’t expect to do everything yourself. Sometimes you just have to shut up and let your friends help you.

Oberheim OB-X photos & an internals shot. Discrete component 4-8 voice polyphonic analogue synth.


Just listening to Queen's soundtrack for Flash Gordon. On the good speakers, the synth cues really stand out. Especially for the brassy fatness. Looked it up, Oberheim OB-X.

"Pathetic Earthlings. Hurling your bodies out into the void."

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Of course English is superior to other languages that assign gender to inanimate objects but the spelling is just such garbage. It would be so nice if we could just have simple orthographic spelling and pronunciation.

I was just practicing my calligraphy and writing the word PEOPLE and ... just look at it, what the hell is that spelling. Why is there an O in there? UGH ENGLISH GROSS

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