Tonight at choir I was not near panic at any time, which is an excellent change. Maybe it’s the meds.

I didn’t really socialize, but that may have been habit. I also talked to a bartender about seating a group, though I bailed afterward because fatigue.

Positive signs?

Tired: programmers making date format jokes on the fourteenth day of March.

Wired: buzzkillers angrily pointing at the ISO-8601 spec.

Inspired: gluten-free baked goods.

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It's a basic tenet of tribalism: tribe members only regard other
members as fully human. If you're not in the tribe, your opinion/ideas just don't matter as much. So tribe-breaking has to come from within the tribe -- or from an authority that disbands the tribe through force.

Tech-bro culture expands unless it is actively resisted.

And yet, the people most effective at resisting/countering tech-bro culture are ... people who present as tech-bros, but aren't.

So, MEN, if you don't want your workplace to turn into a tech-bro club, (or want it to be less of one), you have to stop letting the tech-bro miasma roll over you.

So you, enlightened, progressive men, yes, YOU, have to take the stand. Modulo your own health.

But THIS: bros won't listen to anyone but you.

Am I the only one who sucks all the candy off the peanuts in the PB O’Henry bar, spits them out and saves them for a later snack? Ok

Depression is sitting in a room full of tools and supplies for creating many different kinds of art, and not feeling like there's any point in using any of it.

At least today I feel a little better than a couple days ago? Like I look at the paint and think, "that's a pretty colour."

Also, Dishonoured 2 suffers from one of the most annoying game design fails ever: spend the majority of the game teaching the player a reliable, useful set of mechanics, then take those tools away. Like Lucy and the football.

Of course the new mechanic is even harder to use with no kill / no detect. Of course.

Still playing Dishonoured 2. As usual for this series, going for the No Kill / No Detect trophy on hard mode.

I've been endlessly frustrated by the wonkiness of the drop take-down which sometimes works, sometimes works but results in a detection, and sometimes just leaves me plotzing on the floor next to whoever.

Also frustrated by not being able to takedown people sitting in chairs. Usually have to stand on the chair back undetected (!!!), jump, and then do a drop takedown. Usually works.

Hey TORONTO frenz, my choir, SingingOut, is having their CABARET night tonight at the 519 community centre on Church st. Two shows, 7p and 930p.

There will be like 18 acts and I assure you it will be extremely queer, a very diverse audience, and an exceptionally good time. Tickets $15 in advance (before 5pm today) or $20 at the door, click the cabaret link at for more info/buy tix.

I'm going to the 7pm show, maybe see you there?

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Anyway, Sungrazer 006: 2 hours of trancing & uplifting for your programming happiness. Stream it here and money goes to the artists, or so I'm told:

Fediverse, I have completed the startup->acquisition->burnout->sabbatical cycle and am now job hunting for the first time this millennium.

If you or someone you know needs a technical leader with a history of happy productive teams OR seeks a distributed systems server/network architect whose Ops skills spawned a successful startup running web sites that you, personally, have used, please see:

Boosts very welcome and appreciated.

Lunar Elipse from Austin, about 5 minutes into totality. There was a light haze but I got a couple decent shots.


A variety of fineliners on A5 size 220gm smooth heavyweight paper. Took 15 - ish hours.

For Sale! $80 USD for the signed original, which includes worldwide shipping. Message if you want it.

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I tell the kitten my coffee cup is empty, and he doesn't refill it. I realize that empty coffee cups and kittens that refuse to pour cold brew are well within their design parameters HOWEVER this end-user has a couple of change requests.

These are my piles of art I've finished that didn't sell so got stashed in folders. Small (A6) and medium (A5) on the left, large (20cm squares and A4) on the right. Both piles over an inch thick.

For $5 I'll send you a small, $7.50 medium, $10 large. You'll get a random one. They're all signed originals, all intricately detailed ink drawings. Price includes worldwide postage.

Pay to and include (or DM me) size, quantity, address.

Yay, I get to have my wisdom teeth out. I mean fuck. fuck.

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