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Sean M Puckett

Number 74 (green and white smears) and 75 ( red/blue/yellow nebula), both acrylic on panel, 8x12".

Back when I used tube paint, I would run water in to dilute the last few ML. 74 used some of this diluted green and white for a pleasingly gentle texture and nice fluid mixing. (Sold.)

75 similarly used diluted red, blue and yellow dribbled into varnish and left to wander around until it dried. (Still available, $30 shipped anywhere.)


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I have misophonia and my partner is sucking the meat off chicken necks in the other room. I do have a kitten though. And he is rumbling.

Number 72 (red/yellow lumpy orb) and 73 (yellow/red/black smash), both 12x16 acrylic on hardboard panel.

I really like 72, it has an absurdly bright colour scheme and a fun-to-touch texture. This is the kind of thing I want to make at 4x3 feet or even bigger (someday).

73 is wreckage that worked out. I started off with an idea, it didn't gel, and I just started smacking the panel and adding paint. Eventually, this. I like it.


tired: coming out letter

wired: gender resignation speech

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So apparently Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrors will be showing up at the AGO next year. You'll buy a ticket months in advance, and for each room you'll stand in line for half an hour, and only be allowed inside for 20-30 seconds.


I get that it's cool. I think her stuff is neat.

But this spectacularization of art is ripe for disruption.

It's got huge intersectionality problems: affordability (the AGO is not cheap), physical accessibility (three hours of queueing to see the whole exhibit?), mental-health accessability (crowd anxiety, visual processing disorders related to speed or visibility), and probably loads of other things I haven't thought of.

I see no reason why knock-off infinity rooms couldn't be made just in arbitrary booths or empty storefronts scattered around the city. Some mirrored acrylic panels on theatre flats, LED strip lights, and your choice of vibrant colours and shapes to fill it.

They wouldn't be perfect but at least a lot more people could appreciate this kind of visual mind-fuck at their own pace.

Hey artists, if you stream and use streaming as a marketing and/or sales platform for physical media, what platform do you use?

Like, I would be willing to stream myself making paintings if this will inspire people to buy them. I guess it all depends on audience, though?

Anyway, if you're an artist who streams, who hosts your streaming? And do you have any thoughts about your choice?

Would like to hear lots about this, thanks!

Morning! Any or types out there who’d like a second set of eyes on something, to talk out an idea or just to set some goals for the upcoming week? (I won’t scoop you, promise.)

@photopuck Multiverse brain: Enjoying some tasty coffee while watching MST3K

Small brain: mean-spirited joke

Glowy brain: cw for mean-spirited joke

Expanding brain: decide world doesn't need joke

Galaxy brain: decide world doesn't need virtue signalling post disowning mysterious joke


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Number 70 (red field / blue circle, 8x12) and 71 (green variations, 12x16). Acrylic on panel.

70 compliments 69 in using the same colours, but reversed. Because the tint strength of Pthalo blue is so strong, the circle is visually larger on this one, while the blue field is visually larger on 69. I like the spiky textures.

71 looks to me like an end-of-tube diluted colour goop experiment.


TBH I only made it as far as the sixth track. I just can't get serious about this holiday stuff in mid-November.

FYI Lindsey Stirling has released a holiday album.

Sabrina Carpenter is presently singing You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch along with some fairly sassy violin playing.

I find her denouncement ... somewhat unconvincing.

I will ALLOW, briefly, dudes who are singing about destroying patriarchy or crushing capitalism. But I still prefer women singing about this.

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