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Fixing my iOS camera app Argent. External technical debt is a very annoying facet of the fast moving phone ecosystem.

I will brook no argument. If you're a technologist saying what you do doesn't matter, you're just a child being manipulated by other people. Orson Scott Card is a piece of shit, but Ender's Game is a textbook indictment of how skilled but naive people can do enormous damage when fooled or manipulated by those with political ends.

Wise up, tech-bros. Stop doing shit without considering how it can be used by someone with an axe to grind, bank to rob, race to oppress, or country to destabilize.

And even if you manage yourself to create a thing that is so purely theoretical that you believe it could never be used for evil, like, say, quantum mechanics, someone else will come along and figure out how to turn it into an atomic weapon.

Or maybe you're just a stupid wealthy fratboy whose only real skill is an ability to apologize convincingly, you might steal some code, share it with your university to get laid, and wind up making a social media tool that manipulates billions of people.

I’m sick of privileged, pretentious, pandering assholes pretending politics doesn’t or shouldn’t pervade everything we do — especially in the realm of technology.

If you feel you have the need and desire to say such a thing, you are either dangerously naive, or deliberately distracting others from your own disgusting politics.

There is no vacuum. Everything is related.

oh my god masto_light theme I can actually read this frigging site now.

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Logged in to see @switter has surpassed 10K users -- and keeps growing! Congrats @lolahunt and everyone at @AssemblyFour. #SwitterLove

that thing where you reach out to your friends for help and receive all the deafening silence you could ever desire a.k.a. Facebook.

I guess if I can't safely handle the metal spoon that's been sitting in my soup, the soup is also too hot to put in my mouth.

pupcoin: every coin "minted" has a unique picture of a dog, algorithmically created from the hash of the coin. COLLECT THEM ALL.

Trans Europe Express.

Clear, un-processed synthesizers. Simple micing in a modest studio. Simply mixed. No "loudness war" compression.

One really doesn't hear music made like this much lately.

It's pure and simple, like water from a spring at the head of a mountain trail.

I never bothered with the DLC on DkS2 or DkS3, either. And I haven't officially finished Bloodborne either, though I've played it a lot and have helped others beat Gherman.

Dark Souls remaster for PS4. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

I played the shit out of it on PS3 (and still have the system and the disc, so I could play it again if I wanted).

Would I get anything out of uprezzed textures and 60FPS? They'll allow 6 phantoms instead of just 3, but is that going to make the game any better? I was never really into PVP, and though co-op was fun I did a LOT of co-op.


Finished Horizon Zero Dawn & Frozen Wilds DLC on ultra hard difficulty. That was ... exciting.

The arpeggio turns out to be DFGA not that knowing helps.