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📍Email marketing management
📍Dynamic content
📍Reporting/ Analytics
📍Subscriber management
📍List segmentation
📍Multiple admins
📍Mobile optimized emails
📍Template management
📍 compliance

and many more features comes packed with

🗣️ Discuss phpList at
The community forum is full of discussions and useful tips. There you can find some very experienced phpList contributors and users.

Autoresponders are campaigns that are sent to subscribers when a specified period of time has elapsed since they subscribed to a particular list. 📩

One of the three ways to import subscribers on your installation is via a CSV file.
A CSV file is a delimited text file that uses a comma to separate values.

The 'View in Browser' plugin provides a page that displays a campaign email in a browser and provides an archive page that lists all emails sent to a subscriber. All the above, with the power of [PLACEHOLDERS]. ✍️

Mailqueue throttles help to prevent your sending server to overload by setting a time limit until the next message. ⏲️

How about a star on @GitHub as a reward for the countless community contributions? 😉 Here:

👩‍💻 With the wide use of the internet, a lot of people have created their own personal brand under their name and have turned their talents into their full-time job.

👨‍💻 Sending out a frequent newsletter can help to build a large audience of supporters.

📖 The Knowledgebase is a great resource with 'tips' and 'how to-s' for your account.

📍 Brief but concise subject lines
📍 Easy to unsubscribe
📍 “Sharp looking” template designs
📍 Testing everything before queuing a campaign

These are only a few tips on how to get the most out of your campaigns. Check below ⬇️

❓You had questions about the hosted solution phpList Ltd. offers and we have answers.
📲 Have a look at some of the most common questions we have received and if that doesn't help, you can always DM.

More than 700 downloads during the past week and more than 7,500 during the past 3 months on SourceForge. 📈

⚙️ System requirements are the required specifications a machine must have in order to have phpList running successfully.

📖 The wiki site is a collection of resources to support the use of phpList.

A placeholder is a word in square brackets, which will be replaced with real data, such as the subscriber's name or a unique URL during sending.
Use placeholders to personalize your campaigns and increase your readers' attention. 📑

📍 Unique clicks: it represents the number of times each link on your campaign was clicked for the very first time.
📍 Total clicks: it indicates the total amount of times a link has been clicked, whether it is from the same subscriber or not.

Did you know that the old phpList forum has some great tips & tricks for your installation?
The old forum is a 'read-only' website now but from the 16,002 topics that are published there, many are still applicable to the latest versions. ⬇️

Wrap your newsletter campaigns within branded templates and make them stand out. Use your own colour scheme, fonts and imagery. ⬇️

phpList 3.5.6 is out including a Reply-To header for your campaigns, enhancements to campaign forwarding and more usability & functionality improvements. ⚙️

🗒 Full list of changes:

How to create a Subscribe Page that matches your website's branding style ✍️

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