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Oh look, it's a brand spanking new anarchodiscordian dump from me – that weirdo on the internet!

7 new pieces of yummy for your desktops, your walls, *other peoples' walls* – the possibilities are endless (at zombocom)!

As always including sources because . ☭

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I'd just like to interject for a moment.

What you’re referring to as , is in fact, Microsoft® GitHub, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, those bastards who still support .

GitHub is not a system of oppression unto itself, but rather another controlled component of a fully oppressive capitalist system made useful by tireless lobbying, shell companies and rotting essential infrastructure comprising a fully oppressive system as envisioned by our glorious leader, AYN RAND.

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New !

I'm a homeless hacker whose politics are best described by Anarchism without adjectives.

I make , a real-time system monitor with spiffy visuals and , a webframework with a DIY twist and *without* javascript – both of course free.

My life goal is free and open hardware to automate the production of basic necessities.

I also make and write about things.

I am chronically suicidal; My attachment style is insecure-disordered. 😞🔫

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Software was a mistake.
Computers were a mistake.
Technology was a mistake.
Humans were a mistake.

I wish I was a squirrel. 🐿️

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Over the last 10 or so years, as well as my perception of it has fundamentally changed.

I used to think that IT *had* problems – nowadays I think it *is* a problem.

Now, I'm seeing it primarily as a means of "soft" subjugation – the way is getting built into everything in a way supporting (capitalist) power structures and IT people by and large not giving a rats ass has become a systemic issue of late capitalism.

Mhhh, I can deactivate tests in the devel/googletest port, so the ports depending on googletest might not fail.

This feels wrong, but so does running a software project maintained by Google…

devel/googletest fails to build because of failing tests… :thaenkin:

Angie Speaks – How Validation Ruined Your Life: Narcissism and Social Justice

Can't say I agree with everything in there (mostly because I haven't finished thinking about it) but as usual Angie presents some very good food for thought.

One of the two domains I wanted to save has apparently been snatched up by a registrar pulling this domain parking bullshit and is being held hostage for $1749. :'(

Contacted the PIR to file a dispute, tho I'm kind of doubtful this will bear fruit. :<

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new law, discrimination against LGBTQ* refugees in germany, cops, anti-privacy 

New law in #germany plans to give cops (and many other german institutions) access to sexual/gender orientation of migrants, by storing information they give during asylum request (or elsewhere) in a centralised data base, that can be accessed by many.

Burn germany. BURN.


#DSGVO? #migration #antifa #racism

Today I can actually think about what good and proper meal I'm cooking and it's been so long I'm just not used to that anymore.

Think this calls for one of my favorite dishes.

Maybe after grocery shopping, cooking and eating I'll feel less like I was beaten down by a sledgehammer. ^^;

Hokay, so I finally managed to roll out of bed after a night of absolute shit sleep where the same scenario played out again and again.

Nuclear attack, try to save some people from their own stupidity, get inevitably consumed by the nuclear fire, wake up, drift off again…

The fifth time or something I finally managed to become lucid and wake myself up, but it was one hell of an effort – usually when I become lucid it's harder to actually stay asleep… :thaenkin:

Uuh, apparently,
I have a recurring nightmare about nuclear war…? :thaenkin: 🍄💣

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@pants @balrogboogie "free" is a trap word to obscure the flows of power. if you say "water should be free for Nestlé to come and fence it", you are empowering Nestlé to the detriment of people (BSD license). If you say "the rivers in our city should be freely accessible by fascist warships", you are giving resources to fascists (GPL Freedom 0).

The refusal of the free software movement to take a stance against capitalists has empowered capitalists, because Amazon can get a lot more power out of all the "freely" available code than individual workers can, in the same way that Nestlé can get a lot more power out of a spring than you can.

Moreover the very unspoken premise that this is a problem solvable by licenses in a legalist framework pressuposes that laws and courts are good and work for the people, preventing reforms of the real cause of software injustice: private ownership of the means of production. The freedom to see the source code means nothing if the server farms, networks, computer factories etc. are all controlled by a handful of capitalists.

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So, now I finally have a bit of headspace to continue hacking on . :3

Holy fucking WHAT.

A single person just sent me 205€ – i.e EVERYTHING I needed ALL AT ONCE.

I can't into words right now. o_O

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I only wanted to make this post *after* sorting out what actually works for donations for me because I wanted to give people at least *some* choice over what org to donate through and not exclude anyone not from Europe as is the case with SEPA transfers.

Sadly that wasn't possible with PayPal being a all around garbage.

I have now spent weeks in the kafkaesque nightmare realm that is their support with fuck all to show for it and have to spend yet more just to get back to where I started.

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Paypal is stalling the Patreon funds people gave me over the last couple months.

Sorting this out will take at least 3 weeks – I'm currently going hungry and all out of spoons because of this.

I'm also in danger of losing my domains.

I currently need:

- 150€ for about 3 weeks worth of food
- 55€ to not lose my domains

Any help would be very much appreciated.

You can donate to this bank account where funds are immediately available to me:

IBAN: DE10 1001 1001 2627 8262 46


I feel like complete shit and paypals downright malevolent incompetence is to blame.

Absolutely fucking wild how there's no easy way to just show how many sockets are associated to one listen socket.

No fucking wonder everything in IT is so goddamn awful.

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A Tribe Called Red – Burn Your Village To The Ground

This one even has a "free" (registration required) download – hit me up if you just want the file. :)

The Jimquisition – Videogame Executives Are Pointless Parasites

James Stephanie Sterling is dunking on Seedy PR, Bobby Kotick and other scum that absolutely definitely shouldn't get to ruin the most advanced medium human art has seen – and for all the right reasons.

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