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Hello, world!

I have a special treat for you:

versions of all three albums by , probably my favorite musician, who has been putting out free tunes with a cybrepunk flavor for over 10 years.

Also added them to the so y'all can legally seed these dank tunes via . :)

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ACAB - All Corporations Are Bastards

Just mailed the author with my API confusion.

Let's hope he likes the idea of a native client and provides some much-needed insight. ^^

Apparently is the explanation, but I'm too tired to grok this right now.

Time to catch some sleep.

So now I have a pretty complete python implementation of the API in roundabout 100 SLOC but it seems like netdata is just extremely unreliable at actually returning values instead of null… :/

So now I can query the API for arbitrary data, but I have no clue how to normalize the values I get and I get None a lot… :thaenkin:

So, - real cool tool.

They documented their REST API, too.

Using some SaaS shit called

Which remotely loads a file describing the API to render documentation for.

And by now apparently expects a different input format.

So now I'm reduced to reading the documentation as yaml file.

Be smart kids – don't use SaaS.

Fuck it, my system monitor is now called .

Deploying is literally as simple as "pkg install netdata && service netdata onestart".

Off to an amazing start, now let's look how things go with the python module for the netdata API…

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Nirvana aged better than most anything from the 90s…

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Holy shit, this is amazing software.

- ncurses-based analyzer for webserver logs
- written in C
- can generate filterable html reports
- looks sleek af
- is actually usable (tho I'd like some smart use of cursor keys in this)

I mean coming from awstats, anything halfway working is amazing, but this would be amazing even if I was coming from functioning software.

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@kevin You wanna try doing "pip-3.6 install --user ' && nukular" on your linux box? :3

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So is over. It was a much-needed recharge time. Thank you to for hosting us.

ADM is a pretty amazing squatted dock in Amsterdam. A haven for artsy wonderfolk and wondering artfolk:

ADM is in danger. Current owners of the area are working hard to end it. Please consider supporting ADM:

So I just learned two things:

A) My memory introspection code is not wrong, even if it sometimes reports >100% on .

B) When run on , it should be much harder to get a measured value of >100% because linux' malloc is way stricter than FreeBSDs.

A single process can allocate more memory than the system has RAM + swap?

What madness is this!? /o\

Fukken hell, the thing is reporting over 100% memory usage again – and I'm only summing up the private_resident parts of all memory maps with an empty path (i.e. not mapped files)…

To the best of my understanding, this should be straight-up impossible but I continuously fail at finding anyone who knows for sure.