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ACAB - All Corporations Are Bastards

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I… I think I'm done with writing the quickstart for now. Clocking in at over 2300 words.

I guess I should actually test if the instructions I wrote work and then pepper the thing with some screenshots showing how stuff looks when it works properly at some point, but that's not for today…

Anybody like to, like, supply feedback?^^

This is fucking AMAZING. Lots of respect to @exodus !

Not sure if I like seeing my suspicions of not being trustworthy confirmed, but at least now I got something to point to.

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Noël a pris un peu d'avance cette année !! Vous pouvez désormais analyser votre application préférée ➡️ !!
Et n'oubliez pas de nous aider 💗

Christmas is earlier than expected this year!! Now, you can analyze your favorite application ➡️ !!
Don't forget to help us 💗

's HTMLDoc formatter apparently doesn't close a few tags (i.e. generates invalid HTML) and that really confused me…

Finally the finish line for that HTML5 formatter is visible. \o/

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@nolan @phryk I was taught this as Jevons’ Paradox, about coal mines vs coal plants, wider roads vs traffic, etc.:

People on birbsite calling me a "centrist idiot" for thinking that instance communities being able to decide their own rules is a good thing…

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CWs, thread viewing, special-cased functions for reply / toot / boost. starting to near a usable state. suggestions now welcome unless they are "please write code that isn't terrible"

Hypothesis: Software would be way more efficient if all development happened on low- to mid-tier hardware.

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whisper in my ear those three little words Show more

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Apparently net neutrality is dead.

Repeat after me:


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About halfway done with the pydoc HTML5 formatter, tired as fuuuuuuuck.

`docloc = '<br><a href="%(docloc)s">Module Docs</a>' % locals()`

But… why?

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harry potter "bot-generated" chapter Show more

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thanks to Botnik Studios there's this: a chapter of Harry Potter written by a predictive text bot w/the entire Harry Potter series as its dataset. Things escalate fast

"Magic: it was something that Harry Potter thought was very good."

"To Harry, Ron was a loud, slow, & soft bird. Harry did not like to think about birds."

"Harry tore his eyes from his head and threw them into the forest. Voldemort raised his eyebrows at Harry, who could not see anything at the moment."

I think it's about time I implemented a proper HTML5 formatter… :thaenkin:

@tinker @rysiek

You can view the sample one live at . (Chrome compat still a bit sucky, going to be fixed soon-ish, Firefox works great tho)

Also gonna cram the original datasets in there as json for easy extractability.

I'm hoping this approach will prove to be more powerful than traditional infographics while honoring reader privacy/security.

"Hey I did this tech thing that apparently nobody ever did before": 1 favorite, crickets chirping…

"Ohai thar!": 7 favs, 2 boosts, 4 new follows.

Social media is weird.

Hello new people!

Glad you could make it. :>