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Hello, world!

I have a special treat for you:

versions of all three albums by , probably my favorite musician, who has been putting out free tunes with a cybrepunk flavor for over 10 years.

Also added them to the so y'all can legally seed these dank tunes via . :)

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ACAB - All Corporations Are Bastards

𝕶𝖆𝖒𝖕𝖋 𝖉𝖊𝖒 𝕶𝖔𝖓𝖘𝖚𝖒.

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I gotta sleep and stuff now, goodnight apparently overloaded, jabber down and about 20% packet loss…

Good morning, internet. 😞

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Enough is Enough: **#Montreal: People Released Thousands of Crickets into the Immigration Prison Architecture HQ**

"One morning in April 2018, our amateur construction crew released thousands of crickets into the newly built headquarters of the Montreal architecture company Lemay."

#anarchism #bot

@caraellison Thanks for the interesting conversation btw. Hope I'm not too much of the proverbial twitter rando. :)

Had a banana for breakfast.

Probably the healthiest thing I did all year.

The original is turning 20 and you can get it free and without DRM at

This is a classic whose innovations are often overlooked.

It wasn't just the engine that was amazing, it was roguelike gameplay elements, environmental storytelling and sheer atmosphere that made it special.

Registration on is still required, but since it's DRM-free creating a throwaway account is an option.

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#Cyber recipe for today:

3 Thinkpad X200 laptops
24 GB of RAM
3 240 GB SSDs
3 Atheros AR5B95 WiFi chips
1 RaspberryPi
1 SOIC-16 clip

Mix components carefully, flash #Libreboot for 60-90 minutes, add 100% free OS.

Enjoy three refurbished privacy- and freedom-respecting machines 🤓

#DSGVO Show more

#DSGVO Show more

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Anyone here ever use to render stuff onto the X11 root window?

Trying to figure out how to trigger a function each time the root window is redrawn, but it's proving to be a goose chase… :F

Managed to write a recursive algo for this in <20 SLOC but I still don't feel like I actually grok it. /o\

Can't figure out how to create all possible strings of a known length. What's wrong with my brain? :/

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"If we insist on viewing the police as crime-fighters, profiling can only be seen as a mistake, a persistent disaster. But if we suspend or surrender this noble view of police work, and look instead at the actual consequences of what the cops do, profiling does make a certain kind of sense; it follows a sinister logic. Racial profiling is not about crime at all; it's about controlling people of color."

*screams and points at this quote frantically* NOW do you want to abolish the police?!

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So I managed to kill the touchpad, configure trackpoint scroll and got wifi up and running.

But still refuses to work, even though the same compile of the package works on my desktop and jackd is correctly running… :thaenkin:

As legitimate lower class scum, let me say this:

FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK the royal wedding. I hope those assholes choke on their fancy overpriced cakes.

Today I feel decidedly regicide-y.