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Hello, world!

I have a special treat for you:

versions of all three albums by , probably my favorite musician, who has been putting out free tunes with a cybrepunk flavor for over 10 years.

Also added them to the so y'all can legally seed these dank tunes via . :)

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ACAB - All Corporations Are Bastards

decorators in are a super nice thing and you should definitely check them out if you're writing python and haven't heard about them.

It's funny how often I've tried to crack some chicken-egg problem or something without any success until my brain finally goes "DECORATORS!1!!" and a solution just falls into my lap.

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infosec, "responsible disclosure" Show more

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- Vendor has not put out CVE for any technical vulnerability that TRISIS exploits.
- Attackers needed to be experts and reverse engineers of Triconix ICS devices.
- Standard AV does not detect via heuristics. Not targetted Windows. Uses Python to executiable tools.


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Nach der Eroberung von #Afrin, das von den Milizen geplündert wird, sollen die türkischen Truppen auch im Nordirak die #PKK bekämpfen.

Nach Berichten wurden Einwohner der Stadt exekutiert, Hunderte von Männern verschleppt, Menschen misshandelt. Wie wilde Horden plünderten die islamistischen Kämpfer der sogenannten #FSA Häuser und Läden, klauten Fahrzeuge und Mopeds und steckten Geschäfte in Brand, die Alkohol verkauften.

And of course input:required::after { content: "*"; } is a thing that don't fly. :(

Having different CAs for transport security and client certificate authentication actually works. now uses for transport but still uses the custom one for authentication.

i.e. no warning in browsers, but still nobody except me can create certs for authentication.

I'm having my security caek and am eating it, too! \o/

This project was actually intended for trying to create jump up screechy noises from scratch, but I ended up with a wobbly electric organ thing?

I mean I'm not complaining since this is basically the first time I got sounds out of ardour I actually like, but I feel like I'm still mostly stumbling around in the dark… :F

The thing where I tried to make a wobble bass with wobble-frequency directly depending on the played note that made me start an epic odyssey trying to get different exotic FLOSS audio tools to work (none of which enabled me to do what i wanted)?

Turns out that's possible with just monosynth by choosing two sines and playing with the detune settings.


Starting to read Amelia Earharts "The Fun of It" on the archive and am encountering some sort of recursive deja vu…

TIL There's a frenchcore track inspired by Alan Turing:

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why memes become 400% better when HL1 is applied to them?

RIP Stephen Hawking. 🕳

This feels like an era of science has ended…

"Netscape 4.x Browsers are NOT supported.

Please use a later browser, such as IE 5.5 or later, or the current version of Mozilla or Netscape."

-- my ISP-supplied DOCSIS modem

Feeling real confident that this is built with current best security practices. 😂

Task tracker thingie making progress. \o/

@thunfisch Any clue on how I might go about reproducing this amazing screechy sound with ardour?

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Global #military spending in 2016 was $1.69 trillion.

#US military spending in 2016 was $611 billion—nearly 3 times as much as #China's military spending, which was the second highest in 2016 at $215 billion. US military spending is larger than the next 8 biggest military spenders combined:

I need more bad-ass jump up . Recommendations welcome.

Don't bother with liquid shit tho, jump up only. :F

Oh, they actually have a download button, but it's white on white if your browser has a dark theme…