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Introducing… !

I wrote a fancy graphical system monitor in and it just officially reached alpha!

Get the source for this hot and no doubt broken mess over at the R&D department! :)

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Hello, world!

I have a special treat for you:

versions of all three albums by , probably my favorite musician, who has been putting out free tunes with a cybrepunk flavor for over 10 years.

Also added them to the so y'all can legally seed these dank tunes via . :)

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The integration between Google services is part of the first example that deserves some special pointing out.

It's not (primarily) there to make it easy for people using their sites and applications – it's there to provide a unified guaranteed identity to track you everywhere.

Note that this "everywhere" includes Google Analytics and with that half of the damn web.

Oh, and while we're already at Google Analytics: use of trackers would be another good example of hostile software architecture.

I feel like "hostile software architecture" is a term we should establish.

Google and Facebook are the absolute masters of this, since all their profit comes from it in one way or another.

Designing applications specifically with the goal of squeezing as much data out of users and making privacy as hard as they can is probably the most "successful" example of hostile software architecture.

Designing around displaying ads would be another one that goes hand in hand.

Another thing is splits and tabs.

I used vim for 5+ years without even knowing this exists.

Only after people were raving on about how great it was that sublime text could split a window to let you edit the same file in multiple places that I stumbled upon the fact that vim has this as a powerful, generalized feature.

And it's like this for almost every single interesting feature of vim.

Honestly, this sort of feature obscurity feels kinda hostile.

We've been conditioned that autocomplete works with TAB through shells for *decades*.

Also, CTRL+P is an uncomfortable two-hand gesture, while TAB is single-hand and close to the left hands homerow.

Surely this is something that should've been fixed somewhere in the last 30 years?

I love , but I absolutely fucking hate how insanely antithetical it is towards having sensible defaults.

Setting up a sensible vim-based IDE should take less than an hour.

As it stands now, it's a life-long quest, because most useful features are hidden away behind absolutely retarded key combos or just plain deactivated.

Did you for example know that vim has built-in completion? It's naive but it's there – it's just that NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT FUCKING MIND WOULD EVER EXPECT IT ON CTRL+P.

Really beginning to hate .

Data normalization basically doesn't exist – you don't get *any* absolute references, normalization is just current value divided by the biggest value netdata has seen for the chart in question.

Maximum update frequency is 1 fps, which is kind of umm… laughable for something that stylizes itself as a "real-time" tool.

And don't even get me started on the retarded start up behavior…

I really DON'T want to write my own daemon for remote resource reporting… 😭

YouCompleteMe was a good bit nicer, especially with showing documentation in an extra window – but it's not neovim compatible :/

Ugh, can anyone recommend a code completion plugin for that *doesn't* suck ass?

Currently using nvim-completion-manager and it's the kind of thing where I want to punch the creator.

I mean the people who wrote it ostensibly use it and they never noticed that it breaks basic navigation?

Like, you can't move up and down in the file with cursors (or jk) because it'll always hang at some shitty autocomplete prompt… >_<

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To be quite honest, this is something that still confuses me to a degree.

There's so much money involved in legal action (lawyers, fines, fees, loss of income,…) that this always seemed pretty self-evident to me, but maybe that's just because I've always been part of the lower class…

Many middle class people seem to overlook this, instead assuming that members of lower and middle class have the same legal privileges.

Which is kind of paradox given that most everyone realizes that the quality and amount of legal options available to you is directly related to how much money you have.

If you're lower class – the law is used against you.

If you're middle class – you use the law.

If you're upper class – you make the law.

A simplification of course, but this is how things generally play out the world over.





Maaang, I *hate* binary build systems.

How the fuck is getting include paths right still even a fucking issue?

Now I'm supplying custom include paths via TWO DIFFERENT MECHANISMS (C_INCLUDE_PATH and --includedir param ./configure) and the damn thing STILL isn't doing includes from the right directories…

It doesn't even fail when doing the include, but rather when encountering code using anything included.

> No problem


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