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tired: "are we really human in this day and age?"
wired: "what is the fastest way to stop being human and start being an adorable monstrous beast?"

Worth repeating....

The amount of human potential that is squandered by "work" is staggering.

@Murassa Wait a minute, I don't have a voting interface in my wallet. Is that something I only get when leveling up to middle-class? 🤔

@halcy Sublime troll. 5/7 perfect score 👌


“The overwhelming majority of scholarly literature is available gratis to anyone with an Internet connection.”

Sci-Hub's database contains 68.9% of all 81.6 million scholarly articles, which rises to 85.2% for those published in closed access journals, and 77.0% of the 5.2 million articles published by inactive journals. Coverage of the largest publisher, Elsevier, at 97.3%.

Sensitive content Click to show Somebody made a real nice tune out of the tiny "human music" skit from *__*

@ebel "Vocation", maybe?

Not sure if it properly communicates the notion of being skilled at it, tho…

There's 5 year old issues I posted back when I was still working as php monkey that still aren't solved.

This makes me feel a little less horrible about the state of my own software. 😅

wisdom: You know you should fix your project structure when pyreverse reliably gives you "maximum recursion depth exceeded" when trying to analyze it. 😶

@modernmodron Just because you don't *know* she's here doesn't mean she's not actually here. :P

Homeserver finally got the dual-port intel NIC and got rid of two realtek devices. \o/