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Apparently there's now around 500 people following me – hi thar, I guess this is a good time for a re-:

I'm a self-taught old-school hacker with a penchant for and .

I used to work as PHP bitch in a shitty web advertising agency but quit in '14 because I hated every bit of it.

Since then, I've been on the local equivalent of welfare and worked on my own projects – and .

My life goal is creating a productive commons of infrastructure.

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The second alpha release is out now – featuring…



Also a bunch of backwards-compatible fixes, but most of the work definitely went into the docs.

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"Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy"

This might just be the most important paper of the 21st century and you should drop whatever you're doing and read it.

PS: I usually never ask for this, but please spread this by any means necessary.

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Hello, world!

I have a special treat for you:

versions of all three albums by , probably my favorite musician, who has been putting out free tunes with a cybrepunk flavor for over 10 years.

Also added them to the so y'all can legally seed these dank tunes via . :)

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Tips for Bicycle Workshops wanted.

Our large co-op housing projekt (250 pers.) is working on a(n almost) car free mobility concept.

An important part of this is the Bicycle Workshop. I'd be glad to hear of your experiences of what did and didn't work with your community workshop.

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re: Boomers et al 

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A woman picketing on a street holding a sign reading 'Our boss owns 77 houses, we can't pay rent.' 1940

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Memo to self: I should make "Boomers stole my Future"-shirts…

There's still something amiss with Piggos baton, but I'm not sure what I need to do to make it better…

Any artsy folk with advice around?^^

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Started fiddling on a thing for a thing for a thing…

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Aber die gute Nachricht ist: so prinzipiell passt das auch irgendwie ganz gut zum Rest…

I present: The flawless Google®™ content classification algorithm that politicians say is good enough for upload filters that can distinguish parody and satire from copyright violations. :thaenkin:

Pattern fill manipulation is broken in my version of inkscape. :<

Beim letzten Mal im HdW wurde mir kein neuer Termin gegeben. Die Hotline hat keine Ahnung wer da wann Dienst hat – mir wird gesagt ich solle meine Sachbearbeiterin anrufen, geht ab 10 Uhr.

Öffnungszeiten des Jobcenterbüros im HdW: 8-10 Uhr. 👌

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All the recordings of the Free Silicon Conference are now online:

Day 1 focuses on high-level design. Some of the concepts presented in the first talks can be partially applied to FPGAs as well

Day 2 discusses aspects closer to silicon, such as PDKs, memory generators and layouting

Day 3 presents hands-on tutorials

The full program is available at:


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Achtung! Polizei #Münster hat heute nichts besseres zu tun, als Ordnungsgeld von Radfahrer*innen einzuziehen.
Nähe Kanonierplatz als auch auf der Promenade zwischen Bahnhofstraße und Salzstraße.
Spart Euch die 15€.

Starting to trace a Crown Victoria Interceptor. Because reasons…

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The web browser Brave is marketed as a privacy-friendly ad-free alternative, but that's pretty disingenuous.

Brave exists not to protect privacy, but to make money from selling ads.

Brave is a commercial company funded by venture capital. Its business model is selling advertising and cryptocurrency investment.

One of Brave's owners is Peter Thiel's Founders Fund. Thiel is also the head of Palantir ( and on the board of Facebook.

I do not recommend using Brave.


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