Do you have a few dozen gigabytes of free diskspace and a machine that can seed it via ?

You can help save an unbelievable trough of scientific knowledge from disappearing behind the elites' paywalls!

Spread the word and seed till you bleed – for the betterment of humanity!

@phryk i gotta sort this out for myself tomorrow morning…

@foo_dogsquared That's totally okay – I'll also probably only be able to do 300-400 GB. That's one of the reasons it's better to have more people involved. :)

@phryk @schmittlauch Is it possible to route torrent traffic through the tor network to obscure my identity? Or is a vpn the only solution to stay safe while seeding?

@quinn I think it can be used to hide *part* of the traffic (apparently not the DHT metadata stuff, tho) so I'm not sure it'd give you any real anonymity even if you can make it work. Additionally it's considered bad form to put this kind of strain on the tor network.



Personally I just seed from a public static IP – if I get in trouble for this I'll tell the judge that this is public interest data and then probably get sentenced anyways – tho that hasn't happened yet and I've been seeding things I deem to be of public interest like blueleaks for years now. :)


@phryk @quinn @schmittlauch
Putting all torrenters in jail doesn't much makes practical sense

Yes, hence my reference to major seeders – it's probably unlikely that any one individual gets jailed, but the powers that be might want to make an example of *some* of the people involved.

@quinn @schmittlauch

@phryk At least Germany has a history of cases wher it's not about sueing people in fron of a court, but about lawyers getting the permission from rightholders to send cease and desist letters to get rich on their processing fees. @mur2501 @quinn

Yes, but if that happens, you can (to the best of my knowledge) just ignore it and see *if* they actually take it to court – otherwise it's completely toothless.

Far as I know they mostly don't because they know their chances aren't all that good.

They're betting on people being scared and just paying the ludicrous moon logic sum they demand.

@mur2501 @quinn

@phryk I have a seedbox doing nothing, so i threw 1.5tb worth on it. ofc that will take a few weeks

@phryk Now imagine if someone writes a virus for the chia coin network, and all that storage is finally put to good use... 🤔🤔🤔

@phryk Ok, Me too, I selected the one with only three seeders...
It would be temporary, but, since the LXD isn't used... Let's go!

@phryk What means SEEDMOAR?
I wrote a mistake - too quick to select - the selected one had only 2 seeders, but as almost all... and 3 DHT peers... according to

Upload seems to be slow and erratic. Certainly better in download after full upload!

@dubs120 "moar" is just a meme-y misspelling of more, "seeding" is torrent lingo for uploading the torrent after it finishes finishes downloading – before that you're said to be "leeching".

Upload is probably erratic because of changing peers on home internet connections where available bandwidth is continually changing.

@phryk Ok, the LXD is on "barre-metal" server, so, the bandwidth is large... and currently not really used.

@dubs120 Great, that sounds pretty much ideal! :)

If you're going to seed multiple terabytes of this stuff, you might want to get in touch with the people at and ask them if you have to realistically expect any trouble over this.

They are probably the best organization for this kind of stuff in France. :)

I'm sorry to have to precise that I cannot expect to seed 'multiple terabytes'... And, since this is only a temporary action from my side, I don't be afraid about it.

Just to write : since the first torrent is no more listed on the "Torrent Health Tracker", I added a new one without any leecher.

Question : considering the limited available disk size, what would be the best strategy :
- keep as long as possible the same torrents (currently two),
- replace a torrent by a new one when there is weak associated traffic (i.e. when very few users are downloading it)

@phryk To illustrate : currently, the first one has a ratio of 4.34 and corresponding bandwidth is <100kB/s - 3 peers
the second one has a ratio of ~1 and corresponding bandwidth is >3MB/s.- 11 peers

@dubs120 Well, if one of those two strategies is done by *everyone* data might be lost.

Since there are dedicated seeders who are following the plan laid out by u/shrine, I'd currently go with this:

Seed until a torrent has a ratio of at least 1 and at least 10-20 seeders, then replace it with a new one from – once that list is empty, keep seeding your current torrents.

@dubs120 That way we can accelerate the rate at which the contents that are still at risk are decentrally backed up with adequate redundancy while also making sure the data doesn't get lost because everyone stops seeding because "oh well, there's enough seeders already". :)

Yes, I understand it, but as already written, I can help only during a limited time, I don't know how currently, but the server is dedicated to another project, pending the real begin.
Question : how can I read the number of seeders? I'm currently using "transmission" under Debian.

May be with this menu?

In this case, both torrents meet already criteria!

Something feels wrong on the Torrent Health Tracker list...
The torrent 67000000 is displayed on my Transmission session with 13 seeders just for this Tier and it remains on the list with only 2 seeders.
It is not the first example ??

I keep it during the download of two others, as long as there is enough available disk space

@phryk My problem is, since this is a temporary help, I cannot be sure I download a torrent I already did...

@dubs120 The info on the page isn't in realtime – 67000000 isn't on the list for me and the last update has been over an hour ago.

The list also keeps getting smaller, indicating good progress. :)


Updated: 2021-05-19 19:53:10 UTC
Ok, last update is old. But I'm not fully convinced... I will check it in the next ones! 😜

Ok, I will remove 67000000, but may be the new one will be out of the real list too?

Currently, I'm download 43100000 and 55400000.

Cool if the list is decreasing, at this date, it remains 81 ones on the public list.

@phryk Sorry, it was my Firefox cache!
Ok, I'll remove all and add otehrs ones!

@phryk I've got 3 of the big ones downloading now. We'll see. I have a spare 10tb harddrive that I could install. Might go for more in a bit.

@phryk This is one torrent that gets to seed forever.

@phryk Finally found a use of my 200 Mbps bandwidth and 14 TB HDD. ✌️


I don't think I've ever seen a toot with 154 boosts

@aetios The whole collection is ~77TB, but 600GB is a good contribution! :)


@phryk Say no more. Have added 60 of them, totalling 5,14TB, to permanently seed. Once these are put to seeding, I'll add more, adding it to a total of 10TB.

@RussSharek @phryk You are making me blush! I merely want to help preserve a resource that I consider fundamental :blobpats:

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