Do you have a few dozen gigabytes of free diskspace and a machine that can seed it via ?

You can help save an unbelievable trough of scientific knowledge from disappearing behind the elites' paywalls!

Spread the word and seed till you bleed – for the betterment of humanity!

@phryk i gotta sort this out for myself tomorrow morning…

@phryk I found one with just one seeder.. Time to sacrifice some 60GB to for humanity! :3

@raspberry_boy @phryk I've got gigabit bandwidth so my strategy is to join the swarm of these ones with fewer seeders, massively improve the throughput of the torrent, then quit, delete, and find another.

@xjix It's okay. You don't need to seed *everything* – there's torrents smaller than 60GB. :)

@foo_dogsquared That's totally okay – I'll also probably only be able to do 300-400 GB. That's one of the reasons it's better to have more people involved. :)

@phryk @schmittlauch Is it possible to route torrent traffic through the tor network to obscure my identity? Or is a vpn the only solution to stay safe while seeding?

@quinn I think it can be used to hide *part* of the traffic (apparently not the DHT metadata stuff, tho) so I'm not sure it'd give you any real anonymity even if you can make it work. Additionally it's considered bad form to put this kind of strain on the tor network.



Personally I just seed from a public static IP – if I get in trouble for this I'll tell the judge that this is public interest data and then probably get sentenced anyways – tho that hasn't happened yet and I've been seeding things I deem to be of public interest like blueleaks for years now. :)


Yes, hence my reference to major seeders – it's probably unlikely that any one individual gets jailed, but the powers that be might want to make an example of *some* of the people involved.

@quinn @schmittlauch

@phryk At least Germany has a history of cases wher it's not about sueing people in fron of a court, but about lawyers getting the permission from rightholders to send cease and desist letters to get rich on their processing fees. @mur2501 @quinn

Yes, but if that happens, you can (to the best of my knowledge) just ignore it and see *if* they actually take it to court – otherwise it's completely toothless.

Far as I know they mostly don't because they know their chances aren't all that good.

They're betting on people being scared and just paying the ludicrous moon logic sum they demand.

@mur2501 @quinn

@quinn @phryk @schmittlauch you shouldn't use torrent over tor, here's the blog post from the tor project
a vpn might be a good idea, but only use paid vpns, i recommend mullvad

@phryk Not using torrents, is there any other way to take part in this?

@jayrope Well, you can spread the word. If you're at a university, you can organize a protest against Elsevier et al trying to monopolize scientific knowledge.

@jayrope Well, then it sounds like you're limited to either seeding or doing PR for the cause if you want to help. ^^;

@phryk Had to read myself into the matter first now. So #elsevier is one of those publishing companies monetarizing scientific knowledge, that should be available to everyone as open knowledge.
I see.
It seems, that some of the possible solutions could be coming from the academic community itself:

@jayrope Welll, yes and no. For one I'm damn sure this would not have happened if Sci-Hub didn't exist.

For another, most universities don't have the sort of pull that UC Berkeley enjoys – especially in poorer countries.

IMO the complete modus operandi that scientific publishers currently pursue has to be uprooted because it's inherently exploitative and works against scientific progress.

@phryk Just thinking, won't there be many authors, who rely on publishing to monetarize their work atm?
If so, how are they going to be refunded for the eventual financial loss, while knowledge is open and free? Or: What would make open science so sexy to authors, that they'd rather support that instead of closed profit circles?

@jayrope Okay, this is going to sound like a conspiracy theory, but I swear it's true:

Authors currently *pay* the journals for the privilege of *giving away* their rights to their texts.

And then those journals often don't even do the promised peer review but just rubberstamp the thing instead.

Journals (except true open access ones like plosone) are just bad for science all around.

@jayrope But in academia many things (like continued employment) are dependent on you continually being published in "accepted" journals.

Academia is completely broken and Sci-Hub is a big part of the revolution that's needed to rectify that particular shitshow.

@phryk @jayrope As a PhD student, I largely agree with you. I just paid $550 in conference fees (which get used for publication costs and event planning). However, there is more to the story. There exist "accepted" venues of publication because of the sheer flood of people trying to publish. Everything from blatantly false to obviously plagiarized. Maybe it exists, but I don't know of a successful peer review model in truly open science. Integrity is hard.

@phryk @jayrope Like, if there was some way of making arxiv more trustworthy, I think just about every author would up and abandon the abusive machine that academic publishing has been for so long

@phryk Just curious - is there any danger of DMCA takedowns or the like due to the archived contents in these?

@kinetix Probably – most of the legal stuff Elsevier et all pull to limit access to scientific knowledge is done through copyright/IP law.

I'd guess you have to be a pretty major seeder (think multi-terabyte) for that to happen to you, but it's definitely possible.

Is that the related to the issues I see recently?
I struggle with most papers from this year, as they are not yet available.

Does anyone know?

@M Yes, it is. Sci-Hub isn't getting any new content since December.

For now the priority is saving the existing data, but I imagine that once Sci-Hub has been migrated to a more decentralized solution the people behind the rescue op might also recruit the people who installed the Sci-Hub tooling at their universities to enable document exfiltration once again.

Ah. Now I get it. Thanks.

Are there any additional ways to support?

@phryk I have a seedbox doing nothing, so i threw 1.5tb worth on it. ofc that will take a few weeks
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