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Mastodon isn't Twitter. It doesn't behave like Twitter. You will be disappointed if you have actually entirely lost the ability to communicate without being triggered by the outrage algorithm. Don't bring that culture here, it's why we left earlier.

The timeline is linear. Follow people you ordinarily wouldn't. Utilise the followers only message feature when you want to avoid a potential pile on. Report UX issues in a polite way and they'll probably be fixed, because this isn't Twitter.

I was going to change phones today but now I realise that Google Authenticator has no backup option and I have about ten websites I now have to deal with.

Computers are bad.

Boing Boing seems to have been owned. Getting spammed on an address I only ever used there.

in what universe do you grow up "pledging allegiance to the flag" and not wind up thinking your country might be a tad fashy

I have recommended Lea Verou's CSS Secrets to a junior trying to take their CSS to the next level.

Are there any other resources I should be recommending for them?

I just found out that people pay real money to be mods of shitty leftbook groups and I'm laughing so hard

simone de beauvoir argued that arguments from biological reductivism are always ultimately ideological. for example, it may be a biological fact that women, taken generally, have less physical strength than men but in a society that didnt value physical domination, that fact wouldnt be used as a justification for power

what the fuck? Trump is withdrawing from the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons?

Non-violent resistance activities cannot succeed against an enemy that is able freely to use violence.
-- Noam Chomsky

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Bittorrent is all about sharing in abundance as fast as possible, Blockchain is about preserving ownership through inefficiency

Just as I'm opposed to political fascism, I'm opposed to economic fascism. I think that until major institutions of society are under the popular control of participants and communities, it's pointless to talk about democracy.
-- Noam Chomsky

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If you've ever wondered how books get onto, this is how

When I hear that Facebook lost 30% of its value since July

There are dickheads hanging out in the street in front of my apartment and talking loudly.

If you don't like GMO don't eat broccoli and cauliflower, they are the exactly same species that is heavily genetically altered... Cabbage is also the same species. Actually don't eat any crops, they're all heavily modified from wildtype. There is almost no such thing as non GMO these days, the only difference between things labelled GMO, and all crops is how much we have sped up the changes.

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