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Brendan Molloy @piecritic

Moving forward we are also looking to fill several roles in the project with more permanent positions, to name a few ideas (not set in stone): Project Manager, Developer Coordinator, Public Relations, and Community Outreach. How we will go about to fill these positions have not been decided yet, but we are looking to make it an open and transparent process. Feedback, regarding all and any of this, can be directed at @maloki for now. Long form posts will come soon to further elaborate.

Discussions yesterday helped us identify several important issues, the culprit of most was a lack of communication; I and a dedicated team of contributors are now working on potential solutions. It has become clear that information does not reach the masses, sometimes not even the contributors: so we want to improve communication here on #mastodon, and off-site (Patreon, Github, Discord etc). We also want to make it easier for you to give your feedback via a dedicated feedback channel/platform.

@ninks acceptable. Linux supports ZFS quite easily now though, so there's little need to consider it for anything serious.

@ninks I unzombied it by INSTALLING MORE DISK. Got 10GB more, then booted it. Network settings were hosed. Fuck. Relearned to configure network in FreeBSD. Transferring everything to a new droplet now lol

@NinahMarie @lex_jay @blinry I was saying it is a waste of energy to think about things like this as _in_ competition, not to use them. :D

The #woollyweek is a fun idea, wasn't contesting that.

Unix systems do not deal well with running out of disk space. *stares at zombie VPS*

@chrisBorg @atomjack it was not but it is an instafollow anyway :)

@lex_jay oh and one other thing: finding a psychologist who actually accepts trans people are a real thing can be a bit harder than it should be. Ask around if anybody knows one near where you are who can make you comfortable.

@lex_jay I would worry less about that which you aren't responsible for and more about ensuring you can surround yourself with a good support network.

@lex_jay I see a psychologist (in Australia) once per month to manage anxiety, so it can be helpful. I had to try 3-4 before I found someone who was not a quack, moron or unqualified, so beware of that.

I actually wrote an article about it, ages ago:

Ultimately the "do less harm" route is the one I usually take even if it hurts me a little in the long run.

@lex_jay so first things first: if you don't have a psychologist I would strongly suggest seeing one. They can be very helpful for helping you deal with situations such as this without it progressing into broader anxiety problems.

It is a no-win situation it seems, but given that, which situation has "fewer losses"?

@lex_jay eh, for those who think things the are similar are naturally in competition, let them waste their energy.

Is there an endless screaming bot on here yet because that's one thing i need right now

@lex_jay they're not in competition. :)

@ninks I've been using Swift for more than a year now and have limited experience with Objective C (though quite a bit of experience with C) so I never had much trouble wrangling the language itself to do my bidding.

Cocoa is a mess.

@ninks struggled with getting Cocoa's NSTableView to lay out my statuses properly in a Swift implementation for about a week.

Used an open source port of React Native to macOS and got things working _very_ quickly.

@piecritic I personally like GPL2 or GPL3. Should make your software free software. Give your users freedom. :)