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Brendan Molloy

@Gargron is it expected that the short dates in the toot flow will come up in US format? I see "1/6" for tweets from yesterday for example.

There's no configuration option for date format that I am aware of.

Hewlett-Packard Product Naming Team, December 2017:

Well done everyone, you absolutely nailed it. A perfect name. Captures sleekness, power, slightly edgy

Hewlett-Packard Product Naming Team, January 2018:


A truly social AI that can develop human empathy would not be a bad thing for a world where social disconnect has hit a point where we may never recover it.

If we can get AI to the point where even when it fucks up you still feel bad for it, we've achieved something great and I think this is something that we will learn to cherish.

Even if it ends up killing us, like fossil fuels, the nation state or democracy. :)

I know topic subscription is an idea on the horizon, but it feels more and more like that's going to be a killer feature.

What if there were a "reddit" style place that had the same culture as Mastodon instances...

Almost nobody will care about this ever. Glue isn't sexy. But I'm sexy and my code works so that's enough for me.

All because I wanted minority language support to be easy, and because I got paid by University of Tromsø ;), and because I want to be able to build Windows, macOS and Linux keyboards on _any platform_.

I have quite literally created a format and a bunch of tools to have one package management format that takes advantage of as much operating-system-specific stuff as possible without the format having to care.

This is super useful. The C# client already supports .exe/.msi installers. The repository is flat-file JSON, so it can be run on any platform. The format is platform agnostic, so you can use the same format with some divergent installer metadata and use it ANYWHERE.

JSON format implemented linked data with `@type` fields so the fields are self-documenting. The API and models are defined in OpenAPI making the whole thing typesafe and generatable.

I've been writing a like, meta package manager called Páhkat. All the good bits are written in Rust. Wrote a .txz package manager mode today and it works really nice. Even support using "Rhai" scripts for install/uninstall extra scripting.

@ConnyDuck when I try to log into it logs in but says the URL is invalid for redirect and then nothing.

Computer cables are furniture, so why do we accept them looking like complete shit and falling apart in 5 minutes?

Can someone link me to a European seller of USB cables that don't look like plastic satan? xD


AIM: dead. ICQ: dead. MSN: dead. Y! chat: dead. Google XMPP/Jabber: dead. IRC survived. Remember that.


Why are date stamps for old toots showing up in US format :(

The proposed method to vote on a republic is bad.

No rational proposal for a republic has been put nor can really be put until a constitutional convention is opened for discourse on this matter. Make big change or go home.

There is no point to a republic without fundamental changes to the Australian political identity. It would simply enshrine the power of the oligarchs we all hate instead of changing anything for us.

Build upon the foundations of successful countries, not the US.


The conservatives argue that convention is necessary and that any changes come with risks. They will play up the stability the UK monarchy has provided the nation, ignoring all of our citizens that were sent to their deaths for fights between monarchs (WW1, Gallipoli).

Shit, they built a whole war cult around Gallipoli. Parading around war veterans and expecting them to be proud of killing others instead of sombre remembrance to avoid war at all costs.

Americanisation is a real problem.