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Brendan Molloy

me: *uses accented letter in project name*

software: "you can only use letters"

me: fuck off you north-american centric piece of shit á IS a letter

Golang is unusual because in most languages the type system tells you when you made a mistake, but in Golang the type system tells you when Rob Pike made a mistake.

I am learning more about NSMenu than I would ever want to.

➡️ when the FSF "had to" hand-deliver dead trees because the DMCA comments website used nonfree javascript

➡️ anti-Facebook activists who delete their own FB account, so the people who most need to see their message… don't

➡️ "you oppose capitalism and yet you use the products of capitalism"

🤔 maybe a disingenuous threat of being labeled a hypocrite has been effective in squelching activist voices in several domains

🤔 maybe activists against X have a _responsibility_ to endure X, to subvert it

@ramskulls do you do app icons or know anybody who does that wouldn't mind a small bit of work with payment?

I need to commission some icons for an open source package manager. If this is the kind of thing you might be interested in (pretty much any style welcome), please ping me.

It pays money. €€€€

My least favourite thing about Sweden is the junk mail that comes into your mailbox which happens to also be my door.

It's Saturday and someone just threw that shit into my door, and it slightly frightened me, lol

One of the first episodes of Law and Order to deal with the Internet was the 1995 episode Rebels. In the episode, Jerry Orbach's character is reading what's a post from a biker bar BBS and there's a quick cut to the screen.

If you freeze frame that shot of the screen, you see that at some point whatever intern was asked to write the post quickly got bored and started just describing their surroundings stream of consciousness style

@Gargron is it expected that the short dates in the toot flow will come up in US format? I see "1/6" for tweets from yesterday for example.

There's no configuration option for date format that I am aware of.

Hewlett-Packard Product Naming Team, December 2017:

Well done everyone, you absolutely nailed it. A perfect name. Captures sleekness, power, slightly edgy

Hewlett-Packard Product Naming Team, January 2018:


A truly social AI that can develop human empathy would not be a bad thing for a world where social disconnect has hit a point where we may never recover it.

If we can get AI to the point where even when it fucks up you still feel bad for it, we've achieved something great and I think this is something that we will learn to cherish.

Even if it ends up killing us, like fossil fuels, the nation state or democracy. :)