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Mastodon isn't Twitter. It doesn't behave like Twitter. You will be disappointed if you have actually entirely lost the ability to communicate without being triggered by the outrage algorithm. Don't bring that culture here, it's why we left earlier.

The timeline is linear. Follow people you ordinarily wouldn't. Utilise the followers only message feature when you want to avoid a potential pile on. Report UX issues in a polite way and they'll probably be fixed, because this isn't Twitter.

There's a lot of lazy communism around these parts.

There's this meme in Europe that some kind of quasi-EU exists for the "Commonwealth".

Help a European today by explaining that we do not have free movement to the UK like the British do in the EU, and watch them realise that Brexit is even more insane than they had thought.

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Patriotism: a willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons.
-- Bertrand Russell

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👏 tell 👏 your 👏 friends 👏 you 👏 love 👏 them! 👏

I asked a friend to pay for their programming request, and they said yes. Still feel uncomfortable about it after this many years... Argh

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Ever changed your name because the guy at IKEA couldn't find your order?

I just did. lel

@piecritic I know a lot of people who would say they only know one language even though they can probably use a few more without much effort

@piecritic i think it's normal for new devs, but for anyone that's been around a while (more than 5 years?) i would say it's pretty rare to just know one.

Is it usual for people to only know one programming language (if we exclude those who know zero)?

I'm more popular in Australia since leaving...

@dansup when I search @piecritic on, it says 4 posts but shows none of them.

If I go to a link for any of the pixelfed posts, none of the buttons are clickable if I'm not logged in. How can I boost a post on Pixelfed from Mastodon?

What if standards can't be designed by committee beyond a prototypal alpha and that's okay?

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