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Mastodon isn't Twitter. It doesn't behave like Twitter. You will be disappointed if you have actually entirely lost the ability to communicate without being triggered by the outrage algorithm. Don't bring that culture here, it's why we left earlier.

The timeline is linear. Follow people you ordinarily wouldn't. Utilise the followers only message feature when you want to avoid a potential pile on. Report UX issues in a polite way and they'll probably be fixed, because this isn't Twitter.

why don't any of them read my bio, it even says I'm not in Australia lol

Nearly gave myself a stroke using Twitter just then. I am not confident in the new generation of Australian political pundit.

An old man got mad at me for talking at a jazz thing. This is amazing

Achievement unlocked: I had my Australian driver's license suspended without being present in the country for over a year for a fine apparently accrued during this year...

thank fuck I leave Rome tomorrow, I hate it here.

I think this is supposed to be transphobic but it's really just radical

Come to think of it, there's really not a Black Friday sale for finding a place to live, is there?

I was going to change phones today but now I realise that Google Authenticator has no backup option and I have about ten websites I now have to deal with.

Computers are bad.

Boing Boing seems to have been owned. Getting spammed on an address I only ever used there.

in what universe do you grow up "pledging allegiance to the flag" and not wind up thinking your country might be a tad fashy

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