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Brendan Molloy

I can't wait for winter, because the stupid people wth no respect in my courtyard right now will be too afraid of the cold to be shitheads.

I'm not convinced of the purpose of kubernetes as a general tool.

Watching the slow collapse of my old party two years after I left. Remarkable.

Can you imagine if the fediverse never had hashtags because that would be copying the twitter user who invented them?

Every social network copies features from each other.

Don't feel guilty for being inspired by existing successful platforms!

I had the hospital send me to an acute clinic, acute clinic claims severe diarrhea isn't their job to treat and I need to go to ordinary vårdcentral. Except you can't make a booking at a vårdcentral without a personnummer in this city. Shit sucks

Doctors in Sweden are thoroughly pointless

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I learnt desto in German and Swedish and I'm annoyed

TFW Adam effin' Smith himself writes that labour is the ONLY way to determine the true value of a good or service ("Labour, therefore, is the real measure of the exchangeable value of all commodities" in "The Theory of Moral Sentiments") but people still reject the LTOV because Marx.

@aral Do you know about microG? It's a FOSS implementation of Google Services.

There's also LineageOS with built-in microG.

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the 500px archiving project is done! we got everything! you can find it here.

thanks again for all the people that lent us bandwidth!

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The realisation that your savings come from living somewhere without predatory rental prices.

.@mhall119 is developing an ethical alternative to #MeetUp called #GetTogether.

There's already a flagship site up and running:

The dev is working on #ActivityPub support and is requesting feedback on what more needs to be done:

If you're interested in helping federate GetTogether, join the discussion at the link above.


“Since we took external investment we need a liquidity event.” – GitLab