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Brendan Molloy @piecritic

Don't say fuck near or about a Nazi or the American leadership or you'll get yourself banned on the bird site. It's like Twitter is branch of the new regime. 🤔

@feld @selfagency it's okay, I bring the snark to 500 chars.

Holy shit, Twitter implement the Sims 1 as a theme.

So Windows fucked with me when I needed to install keyboards, so I wrote a small Rust utility for creating all the necessary registry keys for enabling the relevant language and keyboard upon installation.

Fun sidefact is that kbdgen which generates the installer uses wine, which means I can only build a Windows installer on macOS and Linux at the moment, trololo

Two days into the ahhh fuck. And all I'm trying to do is generate an MSI that works coherently, but I have no source for a major dependency lol.

@feld it's a traffic management "feature".

i got kicked from twitter for standing up to nazis and other bigots. so i guess i'm here to stay.

Nilfgaard decks are extraordinarily boring to play against.

The hosting app for the Sami keyboards is largely complete.

Text will be localised into English and Norwegian plus several minority languages including Northern Sami when it's released.

Custom localisation tooling lets us support language the operating system doesn't. 😄

Looking for an iOS person who is good at things involving UIBezierPath for paid work on an open source project. Ping me. :)

@feld don't catch democracy when you cross the border, you might not be able to come back