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Brendan Molloy

What tv show things should I be watching

I've seen this done in several different ways before but they never quite fit any workflow 100%, as most off-the-shelf software never does.

I wish I didn't enjoy this kind of strange project. haha

The premise behind a headless issue tracker is you can have multiple, custom frontends for your customer servicing lifecycle.

A customer support request sent through the public website can be received in a support UI. The support workers can then mark a support task as a defect or a bug. The developer UI now has this issue allocated to them. The dev marks the task as complete. The support worker can now inform the affected customer that the issue is solved.

All one system.

I'm intending to add no notification handling beyond webhooks, so a microservices model can be used instead of these traditional behemoths of the past.

I also have no desire to add SMTP support to anything ever again soooo lol

I should probably revise my Swedish though. lol

I am excited by Plume, and I hope I find some time to contribute to it soon.

I am currently working on a headless bug tracker written in Rust and using GraphQL, which so far is going quite well indeed. Should be quite nimble and maintainable, and at worst a nice tech demo of what you can rapidly develop on Rust today.

On geomonitoring. If you're carrying a baseband receiver connected to a battery then your position is logged every few seconds and the data stored by telcos. This isn't a new situation, it's been going on for at least a decade (probably longer). The resolution from triangulation especially in urban areas is good enough to tell who is sleeping with who.

This is why there's often advice to leave mobile phones at home if you attend a protest. Even if you use a burner phone the geolocation connects one phone to another within the tracking software.

So nobody in 2018 should really be surprised by this. By now the tracking systems will be in a highly advanced stage of development, probably using AI and unsupervised learning to make inferences and guess future movements based on historical patterns.

Congress attempting to functionally extinguish copyright term limits, extend copyright protection to 140+ years; the 11th such extension in the past 40 years.

Something occurred to me today.

There's a lot of (valid) criticism of capitalism. But not a lot of advice on how to survive in capitalism, especially lower class survival techniques.

You have to give people the tools to deal with the oppressive systems they live in until alternatives are in place, not just yell at them to delete FB or that credit ratings are evil.

The fediverse is only as good as its apps are.

I learned that people in the Pirate Party still talk about me sometimes, because they linked to my mastodon profile on the discourse forum lol

Any #rustaceans interested in the #fediverse might want to check out #Plume, a federated blogging engine and alternative to #Medium

It's written in #rustlang, uses terra for the frontend, and currently doesn't use any Javascript.

Check out the demo instance here:

The average age of people who follow me on Twitter seems to be >50. What do I do with this power

Pillars of Eternity 2, eh. I give it 7/10. Even Tyranny had more depth.

Pillars of Eternity 2 surpasses my nostalgia for Baldur's Gate. It's that good.

I wonder which computer has my old save