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Brendan Molloy @piecritic

@eurasierboy yeah cool. I cleaned up the code a bit since. Has a readme now.

For my keyboards work, I've just created an experimental output in React. Look at these two variants of keyboard in ANSI and ISO, with Mac and Windows-style control keys.

Also it resizes properly. :)

If you can guess which language this is for, well, I'll think of a good reward.

@eurasierboy okay holy shit, what a month. I'll be able to do what I said I would do next week. I'm looking forward to it.

"Therese May to create new internet that would be controlled and regulated by government"

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the tories 👏

Well now you have no reason not to use Kotlin.

Kotlin on Android. Now official

Argh I am really having trouble opening a European bank account as an Australian. Being paid is hard.

Is just me or is nasty as f*ck?

They didn't even add a public method for detecting whether or not your keyboard was enabled in the OS from your hosting app.

Yet, with a private API call, you can get _the full bundle for the hosting app_ from a public API's resultant array of keyboard objects.

This is just stupid. Apple is just stupid. Since iOS 8 almost nothing has been designed properly, it's just hacks on hacks and I'm totally over it.

In life news, it is seemingly impossible to implement a good, custom iOS keyboard without resorting to hiding access to private methods.

Even Google's Gboard accesses private APIs—and a ridiculous number of them, too!

They even made it outside of the API for the keyboard to access its hosting app! Fucking insane.

And yet it's superbly easy for you to pilfer and send away user's private data... A++ Apple.

So, I am playing Crusader Kings 2.

Svíþjóð start, 700ish AD. It's now around 810 AD and my king is Sunni, in a realm surrounded by Germanic kings. I captured Lyubeck near Kiev to give a foothold into the mediterranean too.

I am currently dealing with pissed off Danes wrecking up my shit. Christian realms are too busy dealing with the pagans to be worried about me.

Will I marry into and inherit Andalusia? Watch this pointless saga, here on mastodon. :P

@eurasierboy ha congrats. I just did the same thing 😶