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As part of a UX Research study, we’re collecting feedbacks from Mastodon's users. Our goal is to understand how and why Mastodon is used for and what could be done to improve the user (you 😉) experience

If you are willing to help us, you can find the survey right here : forms.gle/k19mPvtEEDYrD6AW8

We’re also holding one-on-one interviews to gather more in-depth testimonials, please contact me for more infos

Thank you all for your help!

Bravo to Roger Waters for saying no to Facebook! commondreams.org/further/2021/

"Coincidentally, Waters told the crowd, he'd just gotten "a missive" from an irony-immune Mark Zuckerberg offering him "a huge, huge amount of money" for the rights to his classic 1979 track Another Brick In the Wall (Part 2), an "anarchistic hymn" Waters has called "a song about rebellion against errant government, against people who have power over you who are wrong." ..."

This is my entry for this month's @inskcapechallenge@twitter.com which this time is "Tails", I've chosen to focus on local tales rather than fairytales. Perhaps reading too much @YorksBylines@twitter.com with my tea.

Join the fun and post your artwork to the forum: inkscape.org/forums/competitio

New article about a piece my student is writing. Touches upon the importance of writing music as part of a holistic (general) education. I also touch upon using Lilypond software to transcribe his piece. Check it out, and here my performance of his piece, at malden.mapflc.com/2021/06/15/l

I have been practicing in all Major 3rds tuning like Jazz guitarist Ralph Patt (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ralph_Pa). I am halfway through writing a new blogpost about my experience. I will share soon.

I am still waiting on this phone that I ordered in December 2019. I am told by @purism to expect it by year's end. That is **two years** after it was ordered!!! 🐌

To all the attackers who are constantly trying to get into my various sites, I will give you a hint: the admin username is not "admin". So, you can stop trying that one!!!

Check out the recording of yesterday's Kite Guitar Lecture-Demo at invidious.xyz/watch?v=PD-4sQAW | The presentation was awesome! Bravo @wolftune and the rest of the Kite Guitar Team!

I want to let you know about a very interesting event we are hosting. I just found out about the "kite guitar", which divides the octave into 41 equal divisions. Basically, it turns out to be the beauty of "barbershop" or "choir" harmony, but with the practicality of a regular guitar. Register for the event at online.mapflc.com/events/kite-

Interested in seeing my former student, Robert Wang, in concert? Check him out via redirect.invidious.io/watch?v= (hopefully, Invidious works well with live streaming)

@walterbender and I have been experimenting with the Fibonacci series and music. The attached image is a sample. If you want to run the code (and listen to the ) go to musicblocks.sugarlabs.org/inde

Probably a long shot that there are many other player on Mastodon, but if there are, I just wrote a new, virtuosic piece that is quite satisfying. Read more at devinulibarri.com/2021/02/25/u | Video at the end for those who just want to listen to the Enjoy!

My former student is performing this Sunday. This video has some background into who Robert Wang is, as well as some footage from the dress rehearsal. He is doing some great work on the !


I am going to temporarily pretend that I haven't been waiting since 2019 for the and boost some of @purism 's toots. I hope it will have been worth the wait. 😂

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