New Blog Post (backdated to when "Around the time I would have liked to have posted it") about my trip to the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) mentor summit last October:



Walter Bender and I will be doing a workshop at the Mini Maker Faire at the Boston's Children Museum in October

The Linux penguin sticker on my keyboard is now missing (the one that covers up the Microsoft key). Did one of the students in my class peel it off? Don't they know that computer stickers are sacred? Oh well, gotta' get a new sticker...🤔




Some leaders of the Music Blocks team in Japan -- Walter Bender, Sachiko Nakajima, and yours truly.

Walter Bender in Japan talking about and

The Japanese symbol 日 means "sun", which Walter says is important because we need light, transparency, and freedom in education.

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Companies should not be able to unilaterally change their terms and somehow expect that you be bound by the terms.

If they want to change the terms, they need to send you a new agreement and ask "pretty please" for you to agree. If you do not reply or reply by saying no, well, they are out of luck. No new deal.

Junk mail should be illegal.

All mail from from companies should be "opt in".

I (and probably so many other US citizens) spend too much time curating garbage and recycling from junk mail.

I think the federated timeline needs to be radically redesigned. It is just way too much information to have in the traditional linear feed format. Anyone have any ideas?

Let's just through some ideas out--anything. Perhaps some of the feeds just cluster and others come to the surface (and the user has some helpful way to control this). Maybe there is a 3D rendered globe and where your mouse hovers, you see feeds for.

I don't know... any ideas?

Not to say that everyone here is a "geek"... hehehe (awkward laugh) ...right?

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