Interested in seeing my former student, Robert Wang, in concert? Check him out via (hopefully, Invidious works well with live streaming)

@walterbender and I have been experimenting with the Fibonacci series and music. The attached image is a sample. If you want to run the code (and listen to the ) go to

Probably a long shot that there are many other player on Mastodon, but if there are, I just wrote a new, virtuosic piece that is quite satisfying. Read more at | Video at the end for those who just want to listen to the Enjoy!

My former student is performing this Sunday. This video has some background into who Robert Wang is, as well as some footage from the dress rehearsal. He is doing some great work on the !

I am going to temporarily pretend that I haven't been waiting since 2019 for the and boost some of @purism 's toots. I hope it will have been worth the wait. 😂

The General Purpose Computer In Your Pocket

"What makes the Librem 5 special is that it reclaims the full potential of what phones should have been all along: a general-purpose computer in your pocket under your control."

#freedom #convergence #privacy

For those who may not know about Invidious, I can watch a YouTube video like this Bobby McFarrin video. I put the "watch/?gibberish" stuff at the end of the Invidious link like then I can click one of the proxies like

Then, I can watch Bobby McFerrin without the nonsense that YouTube would otherwise require me to download and run.

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I just learned about and I really like it.

You can watch YouTube on your own terms via

Does anyone have a recommendation for a FF plugin? I found Invidioucious and am using it for now.

While everyone over at that chatty-bird place is focused on #DeleteFacebook -ing, it's a good time to consider switching away from other addiction-inducing, privacy-invading and/or freedom-limiting services and software. The easiest to use / most complete directory I've found is at If you need any assistance doing so, ask an @agaric for help; it's core to what we do! #deletefacebook #foss #opensource #Agaric

Latest draft of my new piece for guitar called "Kaleidoscope", which is a reimagination of a piece I wrote about ten years prior called "Renaissance Jam". Enjoy!

More fixes and improvements to this week! Especially for Autosaves, pdf exporting and a bunch of other things. Come see this week's Inkscape Developer update video:

And thanks to everyone who supports my work!

Agaric uses Free Software for most of our daily business operations. If the tools are not available, we actively work to find developers who are building them. No matter what kind of work you do, these privacy protecting softwares will serve you well!

Read our blog and learn how to run your business on Free Software too!

"Music and Arts Education: What's the Point?" In honor of Valentine's Day, the first topic is "Love". Please read at

"When you play music for your loved ones, you communicate not only the literal meanings of the lyrics, but the emotions and feelings expressed in the melodies, rhythms, and harmonies."

All you Need is Love... and Music Education

Just less than a week before our February Workshop during school vacation. Check out the offerings at

(I'm one of the guitar instructors and this is my smiling pic, attached.)

So GitHub sends me this "Deprecation Notice".

"You recently used ... using git/2.7.4."

I think what I ought to do is send GitHub my own "Deprecation Notice".

"Dear GitHub, I have moved 100% to GitLab. Goodbye." 😜

What are your kids doing during Feb. vacation? 🌨️
MAPFLC has a 3 day workshop. Group lessons in the morning, and private lessons in the afternoon. Keep your kids occupied, healthy, and learning this Feb. vacation!

We just added an "Art and Programming" only package for families that want to focus solely on those two subjects. Plus, no instrument needed, and the classes begin an hour later in the day (which is good for those on other timezones).

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Do you have a kid? Do you know someone who has a kid? Someone who knows someone who has a kid? Well, February vacation is coming up. Please share this link so they know about a good option for doing educational and fun activities.

My good friends at @agaric announced their complete education service. As a privacy and free software advocate, and as an educator myself, I couldn't recommend what they do more. Check it out at

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