Tired: basilisks, SHUB-NIGGURATH, WHOSE Hair Is Second Order Mage, MAGOG
Wired: BAPHOMET, THE Discontinuous Tulpa

Tsukumogami are a class of Japanese demons. They are common tools and household objects who, after having existed for 100 years, have gained life.

Commonly depicted tsukumogami include umbrellas, kettles, hammers and robes. a.weirder.earth/media/Tkb-xs1w

starting a metaphysical business 

can anyone explain no Ebi-Friday Night? Gero Geero? 🐸 ?

Information Society performing a DEVO cover with Jerry Casale of DEVO.

This makes me happy.



The best thing about Zappa is the mixing. I haven't found any albums that sound better.
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