As of recently, I dont see my timeline anymore here on

I did a write up for the Hamburgsides keynote I did last year - 'The Mighty Superpowers of a well-established "Us"', about BlackHoodie, why XYZ-only workshops make sense, why otherness is an issue and about how-to Padawan

I'll retort to preach to imposters "Fake it til you make it!" so they start faking stuff they're already good at and skip the whole "I'm not sure I"-posture

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It bothers me when people say "if you are good at X, you can't also be good at Y." I have heard the stereotype repeated often that devs are either good at seeing the big picture or the implementation details, but not both. It bothers me because I feel that I can do both, and in fact some of my most clever work was the result of using an implementation detail to subvert system design to fit my needs. Stop typecasting people along these lines.

OH "We all believed in machine learning, once"

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As FX always says: "Stubbornness compensates for a lot of talent."

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MastodonCipher, an authenticated cipher whose code fits in a 500-char message, soon on your timelines (or however they call it here, tootlines?)

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Can almost see the news coming.. "Twitter became useless as a sorce of quotes, as infosec community suddenly vanished out of sight."

I should spend more time on debugging the graphs, but kinda cant.. stop.. plotting :X

But now that the audience is so exquisitly limited.. I'm currently putting r2graphity generated callgraphs into Gephi and experiment with force-directed layout algorithms, for fun and not much else, really.

duh.. when signing up for the new social network I didn't take into account that I don't necessarily endorse the whole concept of "social"

Wonder how internet society is gonna cope with more than 140chr at their disposal. Bet thats just gonna make arguments more violent, not quicker..

Wheeeee :D More social networking FTW :joy:


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