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In this ABC interview from 1974, science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke makes the bold claim that one day computers will allow people to work from home and ...

Continuing my previous thought on cross-instance shadow auth: I think for now it could be solved using two things:
- a client or a web interface trying to keep everything inside it as much as possible: opening links to external posts, subscribing to accounts etc. - this may require a sort of autodetection whether a link is a link to another Fediverse instance or not
- a browser extension having the same above autodetection capabilities, that plays its part on actual external instances

Am I the only one thinking about a machine learning toot classifier so that one can use it in a way like "don't show me posts which likely to be about the US elections"?

Can I host both and on the same domain? I've seen many times domains like ``, which looks weird, so that's the reason I'm asking. Matrix, from what I know, is also a bit inflexible about domains, so that's another reason of asking.

I just released 1.0 (Alpha 1), which aims to be a lightweight Mastodon client for Linux desktops and phones :toot:

You can read the change log and download the sources here:

A Flatpak version will be prepared soon, so stay tuned :3


Delta.Chat развивает экосистему ботов и планирует бот-хакатон!

Друзья! Децентрализованный шифрованный мессенджер Delta.Chat, в команде которого мне посчастливилось работать, стремительно развивается. Мы выкатили стабильные версии под все платформы, внедрили исчезающие сообщения, возможность делать видеозвонки и создавать временные аккаунты, самоудаляющиеся после заданного срока (день, неделя, месяц, 90

[Пост слишком длинный, откройте оригинальный по ссылке]

In , is there any standard on client-to-server API? So that one can develop a client such as or , and access any , or etc. instance, for example?

What's the point in likes of they don't influence your feed?

Making lots of progress on converting lemmy's UI to an isomorphic one this week, which will allow non-js clients, preview thumbnails, and archivability.

Ok, what if I want to migrate my main account somewhere? Keeping in mind the main concern of "500 symbols is not enough", and maybe I'd also want to migrate everything that can be migrated, as smoothly as possible, what would you recommend? - a fediverse stats site - is looking for a new maintainer. In the Feneas matrix room today, the current maintainer @jaywink said:

"it's Python (Django) on the backend and JavaScript (VueJS) on the frontend 👍️ pull requests and ideally code maintainers welcome! 💚 ... is the [matrix chat] room"

#fediverse #statistics #Python #Django #Javascript #VueJS

Anyone knows why when I'm subscribing to a account, I'm often getting just "Something went wrong"?

Is there a facility in and in clients to support multilanguage posts? Or at least something like that being planned? So that I can create a single post in multiple languages, and the followers see only the part in their language?

Actually, wondering why I can attach a relatively large video but can't add more than 500 symbols?

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Another thought: does "" mean "antisocial"? Being social for me is being a part of the whole world's community, not a part of an instance's community. Even more, talking about smaller communities, I'm usually a part of multiple communities at the same time, can't tell which one of them is more important so that I should make an account on that community's instance. Maybe the only proper approach I see is to have your own personal Mastodon/Pleroma server just for yourself.

@delta I've always wondered why mimics the WhatsApp look. The UI could be easily made more neutral and unique.

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