Sleep paralysis, hypnagogic hallucination Show more

Sleep paralysis, hypnagogic hallucination Show more

“Y’all” is a superior plural pronoun. “Ain’t” is a perfectly good contraction. “Reckon” is a fantastic verb for describing when you are of an opinion. “Yonder” is the only word to describe that way over there.

In other news, the white cat got splashed with iced tea because she surprised me with a very sharp claw to my leg when I had a full mug in my hand.

She's now in the other room washing herself thoroughly.

One of Durga's incarnations is a swarm of bees.

I was trying to click a side arrow on a web page... then realized it was a speck on my screen

Maybe time to clean it

Good news, sister-in-law is fine. They got buckets of rain though.

Michael. Woken by intermittent screeching metal sound. Appears to be the barricade around the construction site next door, being blown around by gusts.

Lost power but only briefly. Streetlights rebooted, was weird to have total darkness outside, I'm not used to that.

Worried about my sister-in-law in central Georgia.

Several waves of Hurricane Michael-related rain came through today and this evening; it's like 1:00am and I'm tucked in bed with my phone, enjoying another blast of lashing rain outside, when suddenly I think: MY HOUSEPLANTS.

I knew I couldn't go to sleep till I checked on them. They were fine, probably protected by the side of the house they're on. I'll bring them in tomorrow, before the storm actually hits us.

Two nights a week the street sweeping machine comes by and my grey cat gets excited, running from window to window to watch it. I wonder what she thinks it is.

Thought I saw a cowboy hat with cat ears among the Halloween stuff. Turned out to be just a squashed witch hat and I'm honestly disappointed

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