I can't wait to eventually figure out how to do those alternate typefaces just in time for it to have long since become So Uncool.

treats in egg carton cups. The theory is, they have to use their paws to get the treats out. One cat got it; the other couldn't believe I'd do this to her. Last laugh was on me, though - she learned to flip it over and dump them all out at once. Smart kitty!

In other space-noise news, we can listen to the sound of the wind on Mars for the first time.


And, Obsidian just dropped a trailer for a game that could have everything I love: space, humor, and Iggy fucking Pop.


Had science fiction/outer space dreams last night, but unfortunately I can't remember much other than a few visuals.

It’s okay to not understand your identity, but just have doubts.

It’s okay to decide to talk to just a few trusted friends, or no friends at all.

It’s okay to decide not to advertise who you are.

It’s okay to know but not want to try to explain it to everyone.

It’s okay to be totally excited about finding yourself and only share it with a tight inner circle.

The only person you owe complete openness and honesty to is yourself.


My research shows that the sound you make when you step on a cat toy in the dark is "eeeeennt"

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Feline shenanigans (She's not why that stem is bare of leaves, but she's not helping)

When you were little, did you play with those flip books that have halves (or thirds) of animals and you can recombine them in various ways?

Make yourself a cup of tea and settle in to the hybridizer:


The center is selling ornaments by local artists for World AIDs Day.

don’t propose to me unless it’s with one of these

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