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:boost_requested: Binders, gc2b sale available until 2 Dec 

Hey friends, if you happen need binders, gc2b is having a sale

"Offer details: Take 15% off 1-2 items or 20% off 3 or more items! For orders over $99, we will be emailing a $5 discount code to be applied to future orders as well!

Sale discounts apply automatically at checkout, no code is required!

Offer valid on & Sale begins at 8 PM on 11/25 (EST) and ends on 12/2 at 11:59 PM (EST)."

#trans #transClothing #binders

If you want binders from gc2b and can't afford them, send me a direct message! I have advice that should at least net you one binder plus a discount

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Funny product name I saw in an ad: Popsockets Popgrip Lips

I had to look it up, because I couldn't figure out the heck it is from the picture. It's one of those little handles some people stick on the backs of their cell phones, but it's also lip balm. I am not making this up

Irksome things: upstairs neighbor playing the same song repeatedly for most of 24 hours.

us pol, georgia voter purge, important 

Georgia Voters -

Apparently there is another big purge happening. Some people who voted in the election a few weeks ago are finding themselves not registered now.

Please check your registration!

You know what's weird, I used to get deja vu a lot when I was young, but I don't think I've had it in literal years. Maybe I finally got caught up on my personal timeline.


this whole pandemic feels an awful lot like a group project in school where only one or two kids are actually working on the project while the rest of the group coughs on each other

I had just gotten rid of a persistent earworm, then I went to the store and guess what was playing?

I've been rewormed.

Seriously! I keep picking it up to see what time it is, even though I know it's dead!

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When I was young, I read a science fiction story about how in the future, we would all have computer devices strapped to our arms, and we'd be totally dependent on them. Today my phone stopped working and I remembered that story 🤔

For people who don't know the background: In addition to telling people not to download a car, the MPAA (now MPA) is the body responsible for industry self-censorship. It determines that naked models doing gymnastics for James Bond gets a PG-13, masturbation with pastry gets an R, but mostly clothed lesbians making out gets an NC-17 unless the director plays calvinball with the ratings board.

That, in turn, determines whether your movie gets three screenings a day at the mall, or three screenings a year as part of a college arthouse distribution.

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