DS9 rewatch, "Fascination" - What I don't like about Lwaxana Troi episodes is that they're basically Pepe le Pew but you have to suffer through a whole hour instead of just a few minutes. This one was low on actual Lwaxana, but the Pew factor was multiplied by pretty much the whole main cast. Verdict: it stank.

send help, there are still more coming. my tomatillo is full of fruit I haven't even started on ahhh

unpleasant dream, tooth stuff 

A few hours ago I reported a pornbot on Tumblr for a name indicating harm to minors (usually I just block pornbots but)

Now I'm getting flooded with pornbot follows and wondering if there is a connection.

you have the right to scream at ass; if you are unable to scream at own ass, an ass will be provided for you

tired: nonbinary catperson
wired: cat-enby
inspired: the great catsby

Imagine if goats were big like horses, I'd overthrow capitalism on one

@piratejane I can see being isolated at first making you value the Great Link more when you finally have it, like it kinda does for Odo, but your second critique is 100% on the money. Like a lot of Star Trek, they sort of suffered from being made up as the writers went along, I suspect.

@piratejane I always took this to be some sort of historical revisionism, like their current societal structure of changeling-supremecy and paranoia is relatively recent and there was a time when they were more open.

DS9 rewatch

I've never been really satisfied with the Changelings; they always seemed a little half-baked to me, and their whole backstory feels inconsistent.

We value our Great Link above all else, so hey, let's send out 100 infants to a life of isolation and loneliness! We rigorously protect the secret location of our planet, so let's alert the galaxy to our existence with said infants, while also leading them back here when the kids' homing instinct kicks in!

A throwback for Caturday - my white girl making it hard for me to play world of warcraft

If you’re in the Bloomington, Indiana tonight, show up and show out against white supremacy!

@IndianaAntifa @SummitAFA @LouisvilleARA @CentralInDSA @IGD_News @MW_Unrest


tor.com: "The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Could Save Us From the Homogeny of Modern Cinema"


I think Dark Crystal stands with Fantastic Planet and maybe some of the weirder Miyazaki films for fully realized fantasy settings on the screen.

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