Xianity, just a link for myself 

Link for myself so I don't lose it again. There's another one I read a couple years ago about the history & differences between these groups but I haven't been able to find it again (yet)


The fish crows are really active outside right now... I wonder if they're harassing a hawk or something?

One of the things I like about the Cocteau Twins is I'm free from the burden of having to decipher the lyrics. It's a pointless exercise so I can just enjoy the sounds of the syllables

uspol, vaccine shit, yt/abled bs 

Today I learned that:
- All the white press concern-trolling about "vaccine hesitancy" in Black and Latine people in amerika was a lie. Black people are the most likely to be vaccinated and Latine people are second most likely of groups for which there's data
- White evangelicals are continuing their death cult shit, and
- Whites are 2x as likely to be antivaxxers as everyone else despite easier vaccine access & easier access to education

Then I was thinking, in Star Trek, what if that was the whole point of Hugh? What if the Borg figured out that humans are like that? So they put this one Borg in the way of a Enterprise team, and it acts helpless and confused, and the humans pack-bond with it. And that's the way the Borg, masters of adaptation, end up infiltrating the Federation?

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I was reading about how people anthropomorphize Alexa, & of course Alexa is designed that way on purpose, to seem friendly and helpful while all the time it's a corporate spy in customer homes.

brain: let's learn tablet weaving! *pins 100 tablet weaving pics on pinterest* brain: NO WAIT let's learn scrimshaw!

religion & racism 

I've been kinda interested in heathenry for awhile but was put off by the fact that it has a well-known problem with antisemitism and racism in general.

Then I remembered that I grew up in a religion that has a huge problem with antisemitism and racism (white conservative Christianity) which is probably just as bad but much less acknowledged by members.

uspol (jeopardy) 

now that she (finallly) lost, 2nd (?) all time jeopardy champ amy schneider is doing media talking about the support she's gotten and how great it was to represent herself as herself (a smart and competent trans person)

we know evidence means little within the empire, but i have to take it as a good sign that she's being treated (mostly) like any other big winner on the show (apparently) ...


Hate when a post that was super meaningful to me is suddenly no long there because their tumblr is deleted :(

catching up on Lost in Space (spoilers) 

And in the end, the only relationship I really cared about was the one between the smuggler and his chicken

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catching up on Lost in Space (spoilers) 

So, a robot that imprints on a teen girl takes on a curvaceous, sexy silhouette. Much like the one that imprinted on an undersized young boy took on a hulking, imposing appearance

for real tho y'all, if you live in north georgia (plus like, the carolinas and what have you, but y'all are slightly more used to snow),

charge up everything that needs charging, lay your hands on your emergency gear that includes stuff like candles and flashlights, etc. etc. twitter.com/NWSAtlanta/status/

what usually makes winter storms bad is not the snow (which is predicted to be 1-2 inches), but the ice. and usually the ice goes to power lines. and then the power goes out due to the ice. and because the roads are icy and everyone's power is going fucky, the response times are, ehhh, not the greatest turnaround let's say.

so just kind of expect to have your power out for a hot minute y'all

also real talk, my fellow georgians? none of us have snow tires. none of us know how to drive on icy roads. maybe you individually do, but think about all the other idiots out on the road with you. yeah. yeah. you're gonna want to try and stock up as best you can today so you can just hunker down 'til monday when the snow melts.

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I just closed a half-dozen tabs that had been open for months and I think what I'm experiencing is grief

My brain wouldn't let me drop it so I looked thru six more boxes (with no luck) but then finally spied it sitting in plain view on an unexpected shelf.

This is the problem with visual clutter. I stop being able to see things that are right there.

Anyway, the fabric scraps. Originally I intended them for a patchwork quilt but some may go toward another project I conceived of yesterday

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Looked thru multiple boxes to try to find a particular stash of fabric (reclaimed from old shirts) but haven't located it yet. Now I'm out of spoons :P

My craving for more organization and less stuff is renewed. At least I was able to identify some boxes to tackle when I feel up to it

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