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Hi! I'm a feministic, anti-capitalistic, friendly, and music-loving existentialistic anarchist who also adores libertines, kind and open minds, reading, films, some serial killers, and kicks of all sorts.

Palestinian journo murdered by Israeli sniper, USA says all is well 

'Constantly lying murderers say hitmen they usually pay to commit crimes for them didn't murder this time.'

‘US-backed Israeli whitewash’: Abu Akleh probe sparks anger

Noam Chomsky on the responsibility of intellectuals.

I miss Wendy Carlos's new music.

This quote is from a book on Carlos that I really liked.

I guess Chris Frantz and David Byrne aren't friends today.

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Christopher Wylie on moving fast and breaking things regarding Cambridge Analytica.

A quote from Richard Seymour's book 'The Twittering Machine'.

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