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Hi! I'm a feministic, anti-capitalistic, friendly, and music-loving existentialistic anarchist who also adores libertines, kind and open minds, reading, films, some serial killers, and kicks of all sorts.

Robert Pollin on neoliberalism and climate crisis in 'The Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal: The Political Economy of Saving the Planet'

A person gives security forces flowers while she is being detained. I find this scene simultaneously horrible and beautiful.

I am happy to announce that I'm reading 'The Green New Deal' by Noam Chomsky and Robert Pollin, as interviewed by C. J. Polychroniou.

This book inspires action and is intellectually made.


* The DRC is being annihilated in the biggest ongoing mass-killing since WW2

* Charlie Hebdo offices *may* be attacked because 4 people in Paris are stabbed

I'm saying stabbings are horrid and I'm also saying the media don't give a lot of shit about proper prioritising.

Watch "Juice Podcast 15 | with Noam Chomsky" on YouTube

Loving watching Beastie Boys' last gig ever via Bonnaroo live.

Heroes of Belarus!

Avoid those fascist picks by sticking together!

Talk about how people have all the power.

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The data collected by the Microsoft Bing mobile app was apparently exposed to anybody looking. And while this is bad enough by itself, the question to ask is always: why was it necessary to collect such detailed data? #privacy #Microsoft #Bing #infosec

The following conversation is from Noam Chomsky and Robert Pollin’s new book Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal. The authors are interviewed throughout by economist C.J. Polychroniou.

Eartha Kitt forever.

Thanks for offering this Howard Zinn book for free, 7 Stories Press.

The book is 'Artists in Times of War'.

Nietzsche and Wagner.

From Alex Ross' new book, 'Wagnerism'.

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#kotorico #cat

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Lukashenko, the dictator who is currently pro-autocracy and ruining Belarus via his mercenary street army, talks about Hitler. This is from the following episode of the Behind the Bastards podcast:

I'm now reading Chanel Miller's 'Know My Name' and her intro is radiant. I've now high hopes for this book to be coruscating.

Catherine Lacey's 'Pew' starts by letting me believe that she can write.

Some initial prose lets me know—from the start—that a book will be well-written.

Thank you, Catherine Lacey.

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