The new ComposeUI v4 is live!

We had to delay some features like Camera Roll so we can get to some other stuff like mobile apis and federation bugs.

None of these photos are cropped, the new album carousel is lit 🔥 💯

We redesigned albums and made a few more UI tweaks that will ship along with ComposeUI v4!

Shipping Soon 🚀

Camera Roll will allow you to store unpublished photos and videos so you can publish them at the right moment.

Shipping soon!

The new ComposeUI is magic!

We've added some new features like:

- Continuity
- Camera Roll
- Photo Editor
- Collections
- Scheduler
- EXIF/Metadata Editor

It will be shipping this weekend 🚀

Will be working on this weekend to document Pixelfed AP extensions!

We're putting the finishing touches on ComposeUI v4. We think you'll like it!

We have identified a few postgres regressions, we are working on a fix!

We have fixed the like count bug, after updating to the latest commits run "php artisan fix:likes".

It may take a few minutes to complete for larger instances.

Pixelfed has limits on hashtags, links and mentions for captions and comments.

You can exceed those limits within the caption limit but they will be treated as plain text.

Instagram has removed the Following activity tab in a recent update.

We look forward to supporting that feature in a future release as previously announced!

#spacebear is proud to announce its ongoing funding of @pixelfed, as a responsible business it is important to fund projects that the business is built upon to ensure they are sustainable.

If you'd like to sign up for managed #Pixelfed hosting, please see the signup page here:

If you also would like to contribute to Pixelfed, there are many options. Such as and

It took us a while to realize how important mobile web and mobile apps are for Pixelfed users.

We are working hard to improve your Pixelfed experience on the web and mobile apps!

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