@pixelfed oh my fucking god!!!! I did not think that this was an actual thing... I'm so hyped!!!

@pixelfed Oh, I have been waiting for a federated Instagram-killer for years!

@pixelfed Hi!
Will the instagram account import function work the same way if it is done from the account or from the exported archive?

I want to delete my account, but first I'd like to import everything to PixelFed.

When importing, are the photos published with their original date?

@pixelfed Wow that's awesome ! Can we hope for a connect feature which duplicates the pictures on Instagram on real-time ?

Some people doesn't want yet to delete instagram, but to test something else.

@phileas I believe that would violate IG terms of service. You have to do an IG data export and then upload that to our service.

@pixelfed are there updates on this? 😆

I've created an account at pixelfed.social and instagram imports are flagged as "coming soon". I don't know if it's under development, if it was released in a different version than pixelfed.social uses or whatnot. Also couldn't find a dedicated issue, but if there is one, I can try to help :)

@pixelfed is this available for public use at all, in a dev release or something?

I've been waiting forever. I need this.

@pixelfed hey, did this ever land, or is this still an upcoming feature?

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