Hello Stories. :pixelfed:

Everyone has a story to tell.
Whats yours?

@pixelfed wow, it's getting more and more exciting! keep it up!

@pixelfed how is the ephemeral part of stories implemented from a federation standpoint?

@crushv Its a follower-only post that sends a delete object 24 hours later.

@pixelfed what is a story?
I'm sorry to say that I don't speak the Instagram language.

@KrisO A follower only post that is automatically deleted 24 hours later.

@pixelfed @KrisO Huh?! I don‘t get the point of stories. Must be some teenager stuff. Why would I want to disappear a carefully crafted post with the perfect selfie out of 300 attempts to get it?

@pixelfed my story is all about how I'm so awesome, and nobody is as awesome as me and I am going to teach everyone on how to be as awesome as me as long as they act awesome and think everyone else is awesome but at the same time they understand what it means to be awesome inside this awesome universe.

@pixelfed wow, it's genuinely amazing the speed at which new features are developed! Instagram should start worrying now! 😄

@pixelfed are stories photos only or just your example ?

Anyway nice work, PixelFed grows so fast

@pixelfed hola, need any help documenting or tidying up anything on the project at the moment?

@pixelfed Will there be a way to opt out of stories? I can't stand them on instagram and facebook, don't need them here.

@Faggit @pixelfed I would also prefer to do without stories and all that other nonsense. Also is there a way to see which posts I have liked?

@pixelfed hello! What's the status of the code? safe to deploy and exploit for personal use?

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