The rumours are true, we are working on a mobile app.

- Snap, Caption, Post

- No timelines, only for posting

- Only works with Pixelfed

- Android and iOS versions

- Will continue to support 3rd party APIs

Beta version due out next year!

@pixelfed I'm curious, do you guys think you'll be doing filters? Like there are with Snapchat and Instagram?

I've never really be one for them, but I know a lot of other people use them.

@pixelfed Awesome! It'll definitely make it easier for users to move to your platform.

Also, what actions do you plan to take in protecting users' data? Privacy is a big issue, and I think it could be a great alternative to Snapchat too if there was some sort of E2EE on the clients.

I know it's hard to do, and possibly out of your scope. But I think this is what would really separate it from the likes of Snapchat and Instagram.

@tari_alfaro Privacy, Safety and Security are very important to us.

@PixelfedLabs is exploring ways to add new features like Encrypted Direct Messages.

Thanks for your question!

@pixelfed @PixelfedLabs Sounds like a wonderful idea!

I may even spend some spare time re-learning some Laravel and poking around your project.

Who knows, might be able to lend a helping hand in my free time.

@pixelfed @Sunilbutolia

I did think that I could use @Tusky for pixelfed but find out that it is not possible. tusky is not connecting to instance. What I am doing wrong?

@janci @pixelfed @Sunilbutolia No idea about Tusky, but Fedilab works fine (is on f-droid).

The mobile website is also mighty fine, and you don't need to install any crap on your phone to use it :)

@janci @pixelfed there should be a list of android apps for mastodon instances. There are many apps, and user gets confused.

@pixelfed That's great news! GO GO GO! I'm sure many have been waiting for an official mobile app

Will you also be working with devs of other apps like #Fedilab to facilitate access to Pixelfed through multi-account apps?

@silmathoron Yes, we will continue working with 3rd party devs!

@pixelfed why not leaving us use it through Fedilab in the meantime?

@pixelfed Exciting! Came to check in on how the Pixelfed project was coming along today, been keeping an eye out for the mobile app since launch. Once this is up hoping this will become something I use close to daily!

One question though - what's the thinking behind not providing timelines or other features in-app, seems a bit odd? Is that just to get an app for posting launched, with more features coming later?

@r0bbie @pixelfed Lens is focused on providing a fun and easy way to capture and share to pixelfed.

There are many existing apps that provide a full experience. We do not have plans for additional features like Timelines in the app.

@dansup @r0bbie @pixelfed Could you please list somewhere currently available Pixelfed apps for each platform (Android / iOS). I haven’t yet found any app for iOS which made me think that there are no existing apps, but sounds like I’m wrong.

@toni @dansup @r0bbie @pixelfed
I came across this ,But its unofficial.
Please leave me a message once you find an app for that.

@pixelfed Wait, but... only for posting? We can't see what others are posting? Why?

@pixelfed @dansup @dansup When are you going to re-enable the mobile api to use @Fedilab ?
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