@pixelfed And federation when ? Only 30% of the Pixelfed instances are able to federate so why a federated timeline ? 🙂

@lovizio The most of the instances just don't federate correctly. Impossible to follow anyone from another instance, so impossible to receive their posts.

I opened an issue a long time ago about that :


@raph @pixelfed
? Federation is implemented and working. If it's not working for some particular instances, they likely haven't enabled it intentionally?

@michael Nope. I tried to install a lot of instances and it still not working.

And the federation stopped to work on my old instance, who was on the most bigger Pixelfed instance, in the same time.

There is something with the federation to investigate.


@raph @pixelfed Gotta start somewhere. Looking forward to how this plays out.
@pixelfed So, i installed pixelfed, enabled the network timeline, but it is empty. What now? Just wait? If so, how long?

@daniel The network timeline only shows posts from remote accounts that are followed by users on your instance.

@pixelfed so, how do i find other users, when i am the first one on the instance?

@daniel You will have to find and follow remote accounts. We do not have any federated discovery tools yet, sorry about that!

@pixelfed I see. Sorry if i seem confused, but i haven't figured out how i can find remote accounts. The public timeline of other instances appears to be inaccessible without login.
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