is there anybody campaigning to make these ban-on-evictions things they have a lot of places permenant? i think it would be a good idea, after all, these things have been in place for almost a year now, and neither the economy or even the housing market seem to be hurting, much... seems like the logical conclusion is that eviction is hardly a necessity.

shit, the costs of eviction probly exceed its utility (for all the econ-freaks and bean-counters out there)

star trek, cussing 

i love star trek: voyager sooooo fucking much. tuvok is tight.

soda hobart is arboreal, crepuscular, and object-oriented.

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Lokke intends to provide a full dialect of Clojure for Guile. It also consists of a set of Guile modules providing some of Clojure's functionality in two different guises.

Very cool!

@scheme @clojure @guile
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cat-inflicted injury 

i was tossing soda hobart off of my bed, and he was extending his leap like the terrific athlete he is, but, this is what happened to my most babyish finger.

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when i get my first apartment i'm gonna outfit the shit out of it with feline minded architecture. trees, hidey-holes, cat highways, the whole thing.
and my first house will have an EPIC screened off terrace.
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if this is all eric's trip i am ready for him to come down already

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