CN food

I blended sunflower seeds and combined them with salt, cayenne pepper, smoked pepper and yeast flakes as an improvised parmesan replacement for my beluga lentil, eggplant red-wine tomato sauce

CN food

Just ate a first slice of this pumpkin chocolate caramel pie and I can highly recommend it! I used butternut but I believe it would taste even better with a stronger tasting pumpkin.

Anyone else who is suggesting clipboard managers is getting blocked

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I think we should invent a term for "the feeling of having something important in the current clipboard buffer"

from operator import is_

is_(True, 1.0)
# False

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I can't stop thinking about Python and 1.0 == True

I wish there was a way to quote toot on Mastodon

Dear theys, what is preventing you from looking like this?

Good evening, just in case you've been wondering... or not... Yes, you can rent a not drivable VW bus on the street with no heating on airbnb. Who is regulating this platform? This is obviously not legal

CN food, vegan

Made some burgers and fries today, figured baking eggplant in chickpea + sesame + breadcrumbs is sooo good

Also invested way too much efforts into the baked fries haha

food vegan cake 

Need to work on presentation style haha but it's with caramelized pine nuts and poppy seeds 🀩, I really liked how the freshly caramelized nuts melted into the chocolate icing

food, coffee alternative 

Just blended rooibos and put it into the espresso machine, even makes crΓ©ma.

Vegan pizza, food 

Had some old dough at the freezer experimented a bit with the vegan topping

* Tomato + chickpea sauce
* Vegan cheese slices cut in stripes
* Thin sliced smoked tofu, onion, apple
* Tomatoes

food coffee 

Vegan Poppy Vanilla Pudding Apple Cinnamon Pie Breakfast πŸ˜‹

food, vegan 

Random "breakfast" but turns out putting broccoli into the grill is a great thing to do 🀀

Someone posted this on Twitter a physical ruler synthesizer

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