"wir brauchen leute wie dich in foss-projekten, zum beispiel zum doku zu schreiben!"

sudo make me=sleep # please

# turns on Terry Pratchett

@pinkprius I'm confused about which ActivityPub accounts of you I should follow. ☺

@pinkprius Do you have any experience making "Griessnockerl"?

@anneroth You might want to also add yourself to this list ☺ or update it to your new account. bridge.joinmastodon.org/

I think should be excluded from , his "out-calling" of criticizers almost always results in an encroaching mob by some of his followers, often resulting in criticizers having to shut down any public communication channels.

He has clearly a responsibility, because by now he has to know what his out-calling does to the people.

He has to be hold accountable for his actions, he is overstepping for years now - I don't understand how such actions aren't sanctioned by CCC.

If you're struggling with time management, learn about how others approach it. Here's some information that may help: socialwork.buffalo.edu/content

I keep being annoyed mounting different kinds of SD cards, then running various commands (e.g. copying files to a certain destination, removing), then unmounting.
This snippet mounts the device and opens a shell in it for you:

Livin that #vanlife getting kicked in the dick by gas station attendants for shoving my selfie stick in their face. Shitting in a bucket and spilling it on my Navajo blanket. Being electrocuted by my shoddily wired inverter. #vanlife

capitalism is super efficient because it means we hire 300 bullshit contractors to write the same critical infrastructure 6000 different ways in fucking garbage ass php or whatever instead of establishing an agency to write open source programs that local governments can share

Going to call my rewrite of GNU/tar in rust super tar or star.

Sometime™ I'm going to learn this language.

Wuhuu, I should analyze my twitter archive and calculate the size of my English vocabulary. I almost exclusively tweeted in English so far (which is my second-language).


Me every single time: Global warning... no it's global warMing.

Some people might call this Freudian.

I want to do a project in my city where people photograph a street and do a digital makeover regarding their dreams and visions (full artistic freedom). I hope to start a constructive discussion about citizen-based city planning.

I did not find any examples of what I imagine, so I made one ( #mastoart #solarpunk ). If you know of anything similar, please let me know. Some more examples would be helpful for initiating the project.

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