Don’t forget to check out our mods. Delenda Est aims to mold the game into a coherent focused design, adds features, new art, and new civilizations, and serves as a testbed for new ideas that could potentially make their way into the core game.

Read more about Delenda Est here:

Available from our in-game mod-dowlnoader (settings → mod selection → download mods).

King Nastasen, the latest hero portrait for the Kushites, by Sundiata (Malcolm Quartey).

Nastasen Ankhkhare was a late Napatan Period ruler of the Kingdom of Kush (Sudan), ruled c. 335 B.C. - 315/310 B.C. He is noted for defeating an Upper Egyptian invasion of Kush by Khabbash "taking many fine boats" and putting down many rebellions, thereby consolidating King Harsiotef's earlier conquests.

See more of Sundiata’s art here:

This year and for the past three years 0 A.D. was holding a stand at @fosdem It was a very great experience for the 9 team members on this adventure. You can find a more detailed version here:

Thanks for all the donators and the people that came to say hi. We're looking forward to seeing you again! (picture by George Marques)

Freagarach, one of our community programmers recently gave a presentation on the features, technical details, funding and community of 0 A.D. at Sogyo, the IT company where he does his traineeship.

See the presentation here:

Some of the slides might need some explanation, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask them directly at Freagarach in the forum thread.

Day 2 of 0 A.D. at FOSDEM'20! If you couldn't make it yesterday, try to catch us today 😉


Stan` (Stanislas Dolcini) recently gave an interview about 0 A.D. at the French association Picasoft for a podcast called "La voix est libre". The interview was in French, so he went to through the trouble to provide us with a translated transcript for all of us English speaking folks.

Check it out at:

LordGood showing us what can be done with Atlas, our scenario editor.

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#LaVoixEstLibre l'émission de @picasoft sur Graf'Hit

Notre émission sur le #jeuxvideo libre avec Stan de @play0ad est en ligne

Vendredi 31 janvier on parlera servitude volontaire avec @lectureaudio

Introducing the Gallic Theatron, based on the historical hemicycle buildings found in Gaul, such as the one in Corent. By @stan

What would be your thoughts about this structure replacing the less than historical "tavern" building? Perhaps recruiting carnyx players as a special unit?

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Experimenting painting statues to make them lifelike enough to be used as portraits for the FLOSS game @play0ad #floss #macedonian #history #0ad

Stan`(Stanislas Dolcini), one of our developers was recently interviewed on radio GRAF’HIT 94.9FM (based in Compiègne) about 0AD. Check out the podcast in the section “La Voix Est Libre”:

Made possible by Picasoft, an association of the University of Technology of Compiègne, which aims to promote and defend an approach respectful of privacy and freedom of expression in the field of IT ( ,

Basic Sogdian archers and Lydian auxiliaries. Persian unit textures by wackyserious.

A friendly reminder, 0 A.D. will be present at FOSDEM’20 in Brussels on February 1st and 2nd. That's next week Saturday and Sunday!

FOSDEM is a free event for software developers from around the world to meet, share ideas and collaborate.

Roman Hastatii and Trarii with Idle animations, shields & helmets by Alexandermb:

"Introducing fixed artillery towers! Small caliber torsion engines mounted inside provide a perfect counter for grouped archers and provides limited counter-siege capabilities" (exclusive to Athenians, Macedonians, Seleucids, Ptolemies, Romans and Carthaginians).

Recently updated animations for the improved Oxybeles, by Alexandermb

Some of the new flora assets and cliff actors for Atlas, our scenario editor, by Bigtiger.

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