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Make sure you enable your userreporter, this way we can have more accurate statistics about 0 A.D. and make some platform specific changes :)

For instance we recently discovered we had PowerPC users

For those who missed it, it's available the @fosdem website on
Sound is a bit off sadly

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While you wait for your maintainers to update the 0 A.D. package, A24 is now available on SnapCraft

(FlatHub and AppImage still unavailable)

It's also available on HomeBrew for macOS users.

Brian Broll will be taking about 0 A.D. today between 11:10 and AM–12:25 PM PCT for @microsoft AI and Gaming Research Summit. They seem to still accept attendance registrations.

We pushed a hotfix for the Spanish translation, but you need to download the game again, it's compatible with yesterday's version though
Linux users, sorry for the delay, we had some packaging issues... Your maintainers should have gotten an email.

Current development progress for Alpha 24 is fluctuating between 98% and 99%. A few more bugs still need to be ironed out before the final packaging of the game, and then we're ready to go... One thing to look forward to in Alpha 24 are the totally reworked horse models and animations by Alexandermb. This graphic by wowgetooffyourcellphone illustrates the improvements quite well.

Alpha 24 is inching closer to completion. Stay tuned for an ETA.

(screenshot by Wowgetoffyourcellphone)

Hey everyone!
Translation Freeze will be on Saturday 23:59 UTC. Make sure your language will be included by getting it below the 470 remaining words to translate. So far 17 languages will be included. Greek, Chinese and Italian are almost there.

Vladislav Belov, one of our developpers will be giving a talk in 40mins at the online edition of FOSDEM

You can see the live here

Hey everyone!

Translation Freeze is coming soon!

If you want to make sure the game will feature your native language head to Only languages which are translated more than 90% will be included.

Thanks to all the people who help translating!

We just reached 500 followers! Thanks a lot for your support!

We have some news coming up in the next few weeks so stay tuned!

The server upgrade went fine, everything should be back to normal.

We're updating our servers, so expect some downtime.

We're now at 78.6, so as far as Python2 is concerned we are now good. We had to drop support Windows XP and Vista in the process as the Firefox's engine doesn't support them.

Currently investigating issues with the @freebsdbytes maintainer.

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We finally merged the @SpiderMonkeyJS 52 patch! This is one of the milestones preventing us release on Linux again, because SpiderMonkey depends on Python2 until version 78. We still have a few roadblocks ahead, but that was probably the biggest part of that library's upgrade.

Did you know that Alpha 24 will feature new archery ranges, stables and siege workshops for every faction? Even mods like Terra Magna aren't being left out. Check out the new archery range for the Zapotecs, by Lopess, one of our community members.

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