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Watching Rituals again, it's that good I would say

Honestly using Mastodon on this tablet feels awful

whyyyy did they have to keep the codpiece logo for destiny 2? it looks like a codpiece. always.

@plsburydoughboy Yeah the only thing Splatoon 2 has clearly for certain over the old version is cooperative multiplayer and more of my friends have switches than wiius

The battery life would probably be better if it wasn't color. The web browser is also so paltry I don't know why they even bothered

The Nokia 3310 has turned out disappointing in hindsight. The things I used to think were advantages are no longer advantages anymore. Smartphones caught up to feature phones on durability, battery life, and even, you know, general phone things. I think my Note 5 could catch a phone signal better than this can

If you've been thinking of getting a Nokia 3310, don't. You can even get a better feature phone than it. It's mostly standing by the brand

People seem to think that accessibility is only a consideration for folks with physical disabilities, but there are a lot of different things that can prevent you from accessing or learning something, and many of them are invisible.

ADHD and Autism fundamentally change how you interact and think.

Psychosis fundamentally changes how you see the world and everything in it.

Dyslexia and Dyscalculia are massive concerns for text accessibility.

Color Blindness is an issue that most websites don't even consider.

And these are just getting into the accessibility for people with disabilities - completely disregarding how income and resources factor in.

I've heard in spite of the new weapons Splatoon 2 isn't that much different from the original, and the new targeting system for jumping towards teammates/ the missiles just isn't as good as the GamePad screen

The latter is a little weird since we know the Switch has a touchscreen. Hopefully they'll patch that in in time

@zacanger I like how you captured the core message of the original