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If you own the itchio Racial Equality bundle you picked up a really useful software called TAPE, by Aeriform

From the page:

TAPE is a simple, elegant and intimate project management tool designed for artists, designers, or any creative professionals.

Track projects in Collections, tasks and deliverables as Items within Collections, setting the state of each Item depending on its status, as simple as clicking.

Go to itchio's bundle page, look up TAPE, & claim it

Dork Brandon has to use a transformation machine his basement to become Dark Brandon, much like Steve Urkel

FYI folks, screenshotting memes from other websites is a form of gentrification

We live in a strange world, when Snickers is too cowardly to stick up for the country of Taiwan

hunger was invented by big food in order to sell more food

Where is the lonely husband instance. I wanna learn some of those "wife hacks"

Random thoughts: I guess biblically accurate orgies look like the climax in Brian Yuzna film Society?

Really excited for the Lord of the Rings prequel series to finally answer all my big backstory questions, like "why was meat originally taken off the menu?"

I kinda wanna post jokes but that's clearly me looking for a coping mechanism and that was a school I went to so I think I need to be offline

The state of our country now is there was a political assassination in one of the biggest schools just an hour ago, and there's some strange relief it wasn't out first experience of a mass shooting or mass killing of some sort

what if you blacked out at a LAN party and woke up at [Shenzhen sorting centre]

If you're wondering where our country is now, one of our elected senators, a former actor dubbed "The Bad Boy of Philippine Cinema," is now insisting he be referred to as Robinhood. One word. Senator Robinhood

5000 years ago our national hero, Jose Rizal, wrote about how the perceived indolence of Filipinos by foreigners was partly a coping mechanism to deal with the terrible heat we face every day

a quotable quote:

“An hour’s work under that burning sun, in the midst of pernicious influences springing from nature in activity, is equal to a day’s labor in a temperate climate."


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Ahh I see UK is learning what it's like to live around the Tropic of Capricorn

gaslight gatekeep Gordon Freeman. That's my post today. That's it

Pearl Harbor was an inside job, is a sentence I read this week

On my business card, I am a gamer. In my mind, I am a gamer. In my heart, I am a misandrist

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