I guess I'm finishing Toxic Avenger 2 tonight only have a half hour left or something

My cousin won't get to return there to be a nurse but whatever makes fediverse happy for the day I guess

I usually get the scadenfreude but in this case brexit seems about a done deal. May got what she wanted

If Brexit is still happening whats there to gloat about Theresa May

You know how the ECW show on Sci-Fi was nothing like the original and only happened because its biggest competitor bought it?

That's the deal with the newer Gobots toys, and also the newer Harvest Moon games

You know how the Go-bots cartoon was better written than Transformers, but the inferior animation and considerably less epic storylines belied that?

Because I know Matt, AJ, & Hunter better than Sparkplug and Spike

Between Machine Robo and Sega Master System, Tonka sure has a lot to answer for to misled kids of the 1980s

I stopped watching Toxic Avenger cuz it was ruining my lunch

You know how usually the original movies were better written than the cartoon spinoff? Not the case with Toxic Avenger

Oh I found a Zoroastrian talking about how their faith was erased in Freddie Mercury's biopic twitter.com/kainazamaria/statu

OFC Japan pioneered the kaiju and tokusatsu so seeing an American film a movie like that in their streets was a novelty for them

Kaufman should have done his research though! If he actually made the film to appeal to Japanese the franchise could have found a second life over there. Can you imagine what could have been

At this point Troma already has the Toxic Crusaders cartoon, and Sgt Kabukiman flopped hard. That latter movie was partly funded by Toho and it does feel like these segments were a reaction to Kaufman having to defend his racism from that movie

They filmed part of Toxic Avenger 2 in Japan, which is genuinely fun to watch. I bet the Japanese who saw the guy in costume had a ball


So TIL Michael Jai White's appearance in The Dark Knight Returns is a reference to Michael Jai White's appearance in Toxic Avenger 2

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