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If you're really looking for me, why don't you show up in this stream and look for me in chat

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If you own the itchio Racial Equality bundle you picked up a really useful software called TAPE, by Aeriform

From the page:

TAPE is a simple, elegant and intimate project management tool designed for artists, designers, or any creative professionals.

Track projects in Collections, tasks and deliverables as Items within Collections, setting the state of each Item depending on its status, as simple as clicking.

Go to itchio's bundle page, look up TAPE, & claim it

There are other factors, like some of these books being newer and not being around when I was looking for them the 1st time

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anyway, so many years later, I have hundreds of art books and a graphics tablet cheap enough to buy, but I'm still not using because it turns out transitioning to digital is a real pain in the ass

But these are book I would have committed to if I had the chance earlier. Would have devoured them in and out

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So one of the art YouTubers revealed that a lot of people give up midway only to pick it up later and I suppose, this is my mid life crisis, or whatever

But I knew if I had pursued it with the opportunities given to me I'd be an exploited animator with broken hands right now

So I kind of don't really regret it but the feeling I have is, I wish I had a different life that this didn't become some source of anxiety for me

Well I've been in pain for five hours and I'm going to the hospital to get ultrasound and x-rays. Hopefully my bowels just need loosening up and I don't need to get an appendix or whatever removed

ao3 tags: George Orwell, Adam Smith, Karl Marx, kissing, lite tickling

very deep artistic anatomy question: is there a Windows or android app or website that explains how the arm shape changes when you pronate it, AKA rotate your wrist?

I'm only looking at one page of an art book right now. Prefer illustrations

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Maybe some of y'all saw my little convo with garfield here. I left the house last week hoping to get a shot in a vaccination center and no dice. We were told there were walk ins and that information was wrong.

I have relatives, an entire family of 2 parents and three kids, who got themselves infected. Yes, they all got covid! Thankfully they all survived

But anyway that should give you some idea of what the pandemic is like hereabouts

posts that you couldn't make today, because Cleavon Little is dead

I know this community doesn't like sincerity. I'm sad thinking about how byuu/Near could have gotten us to perfect SNES emulation, and THEN look at the next goal; figuring out how to emulate the actions of unusual SNES peripherals like the exercise bike

It's 2021 they aren't lacking for the technology for it

Maybe somebody else will do it in the future but there's a loss of what could be here with us now. In our lifetime

If you're wondering, my progress on this is I'm going through the 40 + anatomy books I pirated

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Hey, let me know if you identify as transracial Filipino so I can instance block you

I've been studying artistic anatomy the past few weeks. It's a real pain in the ass haha the forearm is particularly difficult

Well, I figure I'll be spending a few months on this but hopefully at the end of it I'll be able to draw up the bad guy from Hollow Man all the time

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