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Is anyone able and willing to throw some funds my way to cover rent and food? I appealed for disability AGAIN and am just trying to survive. My square cash and venmo is $surviveandthrive and my PayPal is tehribbit at gmail. Thanks.

Found this out too late but a happy 40 years to Star Wars! I have so many fond memories of this

If someone come at me like this is some deep cut I'll be irate

It's time to put horse_js to pasture.bat

I feel like now more than ever, I may need to revive the

going up to a lesbian couple, asking which one is the famicom and which is the NES

Oh my gosh, SIXTEEN of Vanquish's 18GBs are uncompressed video on PC!

Playing Vanquish with mouse-aim is fun! Running Vanquish at 120 fps is fun! Kicking robots and knee-sliding and slowing down time are all super fun! Aaaaaaaaaah!