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Today I learned that Jon Bon Jovi's real name is John Francis Bongiovi, Jr. and I'm having a hard time with it.

Trivia: GOAT is actually an acronym that is short for greatest oat

A dime for every time someone likes or shares that Mcfadzean post

I'm hand solo, and this is my star war

One thing you learn after 21 years, you never know what's coming through that force field

@plsburydoughboy I remember watching Only Yesterday a few months ago and loving it. I'm not super up to date on anime trends so for me it was a nice change of pace from what I'm used to watching.

All the mainstream cred nerd culture has received is wholly unearned in light of larger social and pop culture trends, and has only come about cuz big business accidentally found out how lucrative and profitable it is. That's it

If you watched Only Yesterday today, you could easily take for granted or not even realize how much of an outlier it was, but shortly after it dramatic anime movies about real life experiences without any fantasy bents or harem themes just wasn't a thing they were interested in

Nostalgia almost ruined the anime industry, but thankfully moeblobs thrived and survived long enough that the industry realized they can do more than action movies, and that's why they greenlit projects like Yuri On Ice, Your Name, and A Silent Voice. And they'll make more

I am so very, very tired of people angry their nostalgia is being criticized, who won't stop and think if collectors haven't ruined the toy industry for children, if having Transformers movies is really worth it given what we got, if the general predominance of nerd culture this generation has or hasn't enabled another form of toxic masculinity to take root

Dakota McFadzean made the only necessary Ready Player One take years ago, and his retweet of my tweet about it pretty much proves something like RPO was precisely what he was referring to

LOL I don't need people here telling me they hate Mcfadzean's comic too

This tweet has been trending like crazy since I posted it and now I can really appreciate how empty it feels to have thousands ofpeople know exactly what you're talking about

Youtube just crashed on me, this is definitely a sign