Like, I spent five minutes thinking about this, if you want to talk to a normie about FOSS, you bring up the stuff they use they didn't know was FOSS

Like VLC, or BitTorrent. Or talk about web browsers

Most people don't know why many apps they have on their phones are free without ads. That's where you break in and inform minds

Anyway this is more a comment than a question

FWIW this is like a really basic issue in discourse right? Like you can be a critic of capitalism while engaging in the thing you are criticizing

People who can afford to push FOSS into everything they have and do are like people who think eating only organic food will make them healthy ; willfully ignorant but also demonstrably privileged

FOSS is going to have to be more reasonable to outsiders to bring more of them into the fold

Anyway it sounds like practically every other VR thing where there's enough rich people to invest millions in it, waiting for an audience to arrive for the next decade, while the rest of us are doing literally anything else

this is like the one category where I think Internet of Things makes sense to bring in, and even then a personal trainer might be cheaper

you could just do bodyweight on your own too

I saw a news article about VR companies wanting to get into exergaming and yeah, absolutely. I'm just going to give myself nausea and eyestrain to work on my glutes for exactly fifteen minutes max, brilliant

I guess this is what the FOSS community or whatever yo uwant to call yourselves now is going to have to work on, because I'm sure some ignorant people think some important FOSS guy lost his job and it's a huge loss to the community, instead of it being the exact opposite of that

even before this his hardliner stance on everything and the way he went about it really made him turn out to be a joke at the end

Like he was giving himself excuses to convince himself his physical hardware was ethically manufactured and source (definitely sure every device we use has a chance of using conflict minerals so forget that)

I was going to ask 'where's Stewart Cheifet when you need him' but he's 80? All right dude take a rest you deserve it

How the hell can we take ethical computing seriously post RMS

Even if he was making points he was never the guy supposed to say it, and now it's associated with him

Kinda sucks, you'd need people who seem authoritative and wouldn't be treated as a joke to spread this message again

asking for help, $ 

Let the new gremlin Pokemon be the thing that unites Twitter and the fediverse, bless

When Harada talks about Tekken X Street Fighter.... it's probably a game his bosses refuse to spend any more money for

Well there has been a bunch of unhappy news about pro wrestlers this week

IDK if this is the case with Kylie Rae but I hope Big Cass gets the help he needs. It is a good thing wrestlers are taking mental health issues seriously in this generation

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