Americans have a hard time admitting the Russians succesfully did propaganda on them the same way they won't admit they ruined Venezuela

Max Read spelled out in plain terms how Pewdiepie's resonance with disaffected youth syncs with the far right, and they keep making each other more powerful

Hey you can say it was the Russians who propaganda targeted black Americans

Happy 100.000 toots ! 🎉

Thanks for hoting my sadness 💙

I keep making jokes about this sort of thing on masto but this one is real

I now understand what people say when they mean getting a donate link spread around a lot doesnt mean anything

the original author of mastodon was eugene. eugen killed him and took his place. euge will be the next mastodon king

HOW COME Y'ALL AIN'T TELL ME WE GOT A NEW KIRBY :kirby_idle: :kirby_happy: :kirby_fly: :kirby_happy: :kirby_idle:

my nsfw side blog didn't get terminated so I feel lpowerful and above authority lol

Congrats! If you logged in to the new Mastodon tutorial, it's because you were upgraded to Mastodon Premium Silver edition

LB: y'all miss this site from less than a month ago whaaaaaasss

i miss the .social days when we all first migrated from tumblr. local going so fast you couldnt read any of the posts, phones overheating from so many notifications and all the danganronpa hate

Die Hard isn't a Christmas movie. It's not even a movie. It's not even real. It's a collective memory implanted in our brains to help launch the hit 90's sitcom Family Matters.

Birthday's done but I'm just going to be consistent about asking for money until I'm well (at least from this thing)

I don't even remember the last time I took my mh meds LOL anyway I could use help so thanks

I wasn't feeling well enough to leave the house so no, I couldn't have gone out the hosue instead. And of course I wish I did that instead

I guess I'm just going to give up on tagging Parkgolf's MP3s cuz just looking up Parkgolf makes it impossible

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