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Whoever called it the Paul brothers start a Twitch channel and not streamed hmmmms

I want to watch Mister Rogers' Neighborhood on Twitch, it's coming back and excited to watch it!

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I've been watching some neat movies so let me recommend you them

Remember when I thought Game Sack was the shit but their slick video production only slightly hid how they didn't always know their shit, and how their general format was very limiting on the broader topics and talks that could be had about retro games

Wish I had the mediocre career of an ex-IGN employee

One really fascinating thing is Jaguar fans vindicating their fandom with the fan games proving ultimately that the Jaguar console itself was actually as powerful as the PlayStation, if not possibly even better

Sony's 3D acceleration gave them the edge in getting more 3D games but if the Tramiels made different decisions so they got those 3D games 1st or in better form it could have been a different story

In the middle of this Drake - Ninja - Kim DotCom thing breaking down Andy Richter tweets this savagery

I should add part of my fascination with these consoles is even though I'm old enough that I remember when they were brand new, I've never seen any of these consoles in the flesh. They weren't successful enough to get imported here

Anyway the story of the 5th generation of consoles is the Genesis proved that anyone had a fighting chance at beating Nintendo at their game (so to speak) so a lot of companies tried and it took an inside job to do it

Atari had the brand name, 3DO had $ 50 million in Wall Street backing, Pioneer had the makings of a consortium with Sega and NEC if they only realized it.

They weren't actually going into it with the capital borne from a sketchy Kickstarter, or the financial inexperience of the Ouya team. The 1993 5th gen consoles came a little too early but could have done a bit better if they made better choices

PlayStation really took a lot of stolen valor from these other consoles, and their achievements are definitely not negligible, even if they eventually failed in the market

The truth was everyone except Nintendo was converging on the idea of selling a multimedia device/games console and any of the other 5th generation companies could have struck gold before Sony did

mainly I was learning about these as a rejoinder to the idea that Sony was going to save video games from Nintendo and their tyrannical reign over 3rd parties and cartridges and all that

But now, it's been very interesting learningn the PlayStation took a lot of credit for things other consoles and console companies did first

Case in point, 3DO offered extremely low royalties for 3rd parties 1st. This was the kind of permissive environment that convinced Kenji Eno to make D for the system