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🅰s I walk in the valley of the shadow of death

We can blame many things
rigged election system
but ultimately the apathy of the people towards and lack of leftwing populism is what killed the hope for a leftwing surge.
People don't trust the liberals, why would they? When the same liberals only continued neoliberal oppression.
There must be an antiestablishment leftwing populism that calls for REAL progressivism.

Japanese left received sobering defeat. We are reminded again and again that liberals cannot defeat nationalist right. Communists must arise and give people hope, telling them Capitalism, not China or Korea, is the root of their suffering

Hey Filipino Mastodon when do we start using petmalu here to confuse and irritate everyone else

*the sound of an analog stick of a GC controller being released and it snaps back to center*

If I could talk to young 15 year old me I'd tell him "you're gunna have more dvd drives than you know what to do with. Also you're gay."

Remember when everyone had to watch America's Funniest Home Videos every Sunday to see a guy getting kicked in the nuts? What a world.


to a straight couple: "which one of you is the gilbert gottfried and which one's the danny devito"

So this is an archive of NeoGAF stuff if there is somethign you want to retrieve or preserve something

Remember; NeoGAF gave us Get Well Soon Iwata, Goodbye Iwata, etc

Trans women gave you:
- smartphones and other mobile devices
- electronic music
- the LGBT rights movement

You gave trans women:
- underpaid porn jobs

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