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If you're really looking for me, why don't you show up in this stream and look for me in chat

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If you own the itchio Racial Equality bundle you picked up a really useful software called TAPE, by Aeriform

From the page:

TAPE is a simple, elegant and intimate project management tool designed for artists, designers, or any creative professionals.

Track projects in Collections, tasks and deliverables as Items within Collections, setting the state of each Item depending on its status, as simple as clicking.

Go to itchio's bundle page, look up TAPE, & claim it

If you're really looking for me, why don't you show up in this stream and look for me in chat

Hello. I don't really use this network anymore but I'm just going to jump in every now and then to make sure a bot hasn't taken over or that an impersonator will use my name to turn you into QAnoners or some crap

While I wish I could talk about it freely I realize now I was quote tweeting someone pulling things out of their ass, and Twitter encourages that behavior by design, so I'm a little annoyed but I guess I'm relieved I was taken out of it

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I got blocked on Twitter for a day for tweeting about the Oxford vaccine.

It seems just speculating on the patent status and availability of the vaccine can get you blocked. So if you want to keep using your account I suggest not tweeting about that.

My account is private and they blocked me anyway

BTW I'm not complaining! If this is what it takes to keep conspiracy theory Twitter from rising up I can live a day without it

I see a lot of people I used to follow here have defederated from this instance

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I don't know what to tell you over here. I've moved on from this place and will just be checking in to deter impersonators or bots taking over my account

A lot of people died in my country today. There are more that might be dying tonight because they weren't saved in time.

I can't do fuck for shit. The floods left my family safe but stranded in our town. This is all I fucking have, and my sadness looking at so many pictures and videos, and anger at our fuckshit president and all the leeches that follow him around

Ambagan PH


Tulong Kabataan


Kaya Natin


For Our Farmers


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UP Diliman University Student Council and Tulong Kabataan
NGO May Twenty Ako
Paypal: PayPal:
Tulong Kabataan Network
Paypal: paypalme/trvillela
Anakbayan PH

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Marvic Rollo

Marvic Rollo


Interac E-transfer

Rovelyn Ticzon

GoFundMe for Papaya, Nueva Ecija

Facebook crowdfund

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There's nothing graphic here but as you can see, the floods have reached the rooftops in many cities

FWIW I'm safe but we did lose electricity for 12 hours

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Hello everyone. Typhoon Vamco has left our capital (Philippines) flooded in many, many cities. This is the worst we've experienced since Ketsana. I will be linking to donation drives and share some pics, please share and donate

I'm probably going to stop using this website but before I do let me boost the things I posted earlier that are more important than all your stupid ironic non ironic jokes today

I realize my donation posts are a bit of a mess, I've shared them as I got them. Will make a cleaner one in a few hours, if I can get online

I'll be honest. There are dire tweets and posts on Facebook about this. So many people desperate to get help and sadly, I can confirm for some it's too late

And most of you won't be able to help at all because you're not here. But if you can send money please do. We can't rely on our incompetent fascist government when we need them the most so I ask you

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