Finally decided on the colour-scheme for Dominique's Crochet Resistance! Inspired by and full of sensors it will be copper and blue >>

Making progress on new iteration of Arne's Lazy Programmer using magnetic field sensors and tiny magnets to sense mini finger movements >>

E-Stitches Berlin #3:
Taking Ownership of your Wearable’s Data

Thursday October 11th, 2018
doors open 19:30, talks start 20:00

KOBA, Görlitzer Strasse 72, 10997 Berlin
open to public, free entrance



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a friend sent me a whole list of open/decentralized alternatives for things like instagram, facebook, flickr, twitter,...they are all collected here:

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terrific article by the person cronichling this stuff forever
"Fuck patents. Fuck products. If you're interested in sex tech, find your community. If you have the skills, build with tem. Communicate with those building things, because... engineers don't know everything. "

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pretty happy after in this article where everyone was talking about how we should respect patents, they let me have my say: “The idea that patents boost ‘innovation’ is an evil lie, and the reality is entirely the opposite,...They are simply legal means for people with lots of capital to hold back anyone exploring new ideas."

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here's an article about !

Read about the weird fun, adventure, and exploration on our fun science island!

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Badly missing a way to follow multiple tags in one column. This is the best feature of #diaspora and its lack feels so limiting here on #mastodon.

Anyone else? Please add to the discussion here:

#featurerequest #hashtag

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some of the original notes on Conway's game of life, written out on a typewriter. they are so beautiful and endearing.

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i poked a pin inside my hand. there is now a pin inside my hand. it has been there for 10 days. and i think it is multiplying.

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So at summerschool @plusea showed us some soft tools to use with soft electronics.
And finally I finished one of two soft croc/pin wires :3

KOBA Maßschneiderei

KOBAKANT is opening a tailor shop for electronic textiles and wearable technology in Berlin. Instead of speculating about a future in which tailor made technology is commonplace, we want to make this scenario a reality.


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