Moritz Metz came by KOBA this week to ask my perspective on the German maker-scene for Deutschlandfunk Kultur. The question whether making and DIY are new... or just internet-worked versions of age-old traditions. And why is CNC milling "making" but flatbed knitting not? And what about all these materials we're making with!? I want to know more about where these are coming from and how to deal with them when I'm done with them.


Submit your idea for a custom-made garment and we just might make it for you free of charge!

Mail your wish on a postcard or come by our shop before December 20th for a chance to win!

Görlitzer Strasse 72
10997 Berlin

video of Jie Qi's Patent Panda launch and the telling of her Google-patent story


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Folks! Not only is the long wait over for Maddy's new awesome book about , , , and human body extension , but you can also get the rerelease of the classic @seeyourselfsensing !
Btw if you are in Singapore, I got a few local copies of X, if you want to order one free of Shipping (before I move!) Hit me up! Get more eyes on these great books!

“The belief that tomorrow is a different place from today is certainly a unique hallmark of our species” Douglas Coupland

Forget Zuckerberg: the tech giants don’t have to own the future

reading this, i noticed i was hoping for even more hopeful examples to be coming from the tech dev world..... but then started thinking maybe it's more up to us users to be better supporters of what we deem to be brighter alternatives. that we people supporting the technologies we believe in is where the hope lies...
and of course here on Mastodon this is where that is happening....

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for a work of speculative fiction that maintains that oblique otherworldliness throughout, see Sofia Samatar's _The Winged Histories_. i get a similar feel from Lovecraft's stories in the _Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath_ vein (though obviously you can never really extricate from his work the whiteness of the readers he imagined and addressed the work to)

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This morning we did a derive in the #Constant worksession #Alchorisma with the theme of stones. I decided to follow where different types of stones touch each other. Minerals meeting. In Hasselt. Part 4 #psychogeology
With stones put in front of buildings to take the impact of vehicles potentially scraping the building.

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E-tattoo from Wednesday’s event at the Wellcome Trust. Made with Giulia Tomasello.

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Here is to announce the first milestone for our integration with the #xenko #3d #gameengine.

A project we've been working on together with
"We live in an Ocean of Air" is a multiuser #VR installation open on December 7th at the Saatchi Gallery in #london

Watch the trailer:

Get a ticket:

#vvvv #vl #creativecoding #gamedev #visualprogramming #dotnet #mlf #oceanofair

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-ers! Join "Post-Google café face2face" (new title WIP)

Sat 24 Nov . 15-19h - Kalabal!k Reichenbergerstr. 63A

"...a gathering point for an informal and self-organized struggle against the ongoing technological attack and for self-determined life. It offers space to meet for exchange, debate, information-sharing, discussions and coordination.

The café sees itself as part of an antagonistic project against the (tech) domination.

Power Off!"

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off to denmark to do a workshop! specifically this one (also giving a lecture on friday)

lmk if you have any aarhus recs (?), i have a few days of downtime

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