Making that control to simulate possible other societies...

Come explore new forms of storytelling with us in Berlin!

Applications NOW open until May 18th!


Made this to lead a 3-day hands-on workshop at @HfsErnstBusch. Using @ProcessingOrg @arduino ... to explore networked social spaces as places where we can creatively (re)negotiate our human roles in the world…..

Applications to MA program now open until May 18th!

Taking as an opportunity to turn workshops into is challenging, and so much fun! Will be playing with students this week:

Applications to MA program now open until May 18th!

The lovely people who teach at Play&&Object masters program:

@monicarikic @bagerakbay @Frauhue @InvPlayground @constructlab @JulianJungel @HfsErnstBusch

+ applications NOW open until May 18th!

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After 7 years in R&D we've just released the first stable release of #vvvv gamma - a visual live-programming environment for .NET

It is free for non-commercial use without any restrictions or mandatory registration. No strings attached.

We're looking forward to your feedback!

#visualprogramming #creativecoding #dotnet

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Want to learn about generative design without writing code? Join our "Getting started with Generative Design Algorithms" workshop using the all-new #vvvv

This friday, full day, in #berlin

#visualprogramming #creativecoding #generativedesign

I will demo my tie-dye motion capture leggings for the first time during my talk at camp tomorrow:-)

MAKE YOUR TECH & WEAR IT TOO: Stories from an E-Textile Tailor

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Anybody looking for a #workspace in #berlin #kreuzberg? Our shared office currently has 4 of 12 desks free.

We are programmers, a motiondesigner and an author and the office is quite cozy in an old appartment building, 5 min to Görlitzer park...

222€ net per desk, all inclusive.

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Should not be adding any more slides to this talk but I just made an exception to mention @FuckOffGoogle – a great example of what I’m calling “social regulation” (contrast with legislative regulation and technological regulation) of surveillance capitalists.

We start winning this war when they start becoming socially unacceptable. So it was with Big Tobacco, so it shall be with Big Data and Big Tech.

So do tell them to “fuck off” whenever you get the chance – time for being polite is over.

upcoming workshop...

Blurring Boundaries: Electronics as Material Practice

June 9-15, 2019 at Shakerag in Sewanee Tennessee/USA

More information:

Workshop registration:

"The expropriator of Berlin"
Austrian newspaper Die Presse writes about a initiative to expropriate the big property market speculators of Berlin.

"Everything under control - Google abandons the campus in Kreuzberg......"


if you are in Berlin this week for @transmediale or @CTMFestival:
KOBA E-Textile Tailor Shop Closing Exhibition

January 30th – February 3rd 2019
Görlitzer Strasse 72, 10997 Berlin

Opening of KOBA Closing Exhibition: Wednesday January 30th at 19:30 ! ! !

We will open our closing exhibition with a lecture and performances by Wim Roth and Dominique Ebb. Both were customers of KOBA during the last year.

More info >>

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