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So at summerschool @plusea showed us some soft tools to use with soft electronics.
And finally I finished one of two soft croc/pin wires :3


KOBA Maßschneiderei

KOBAKANT is opening a tailor shop for electronic textiles and wearable technology in Berlin. Instead of speculating about a future in which tailor made technology is commonplace, we want to make this scenario a reality.



Photograph your E-Textile Waste!

In the hopes that making our waste visible will make us more aware and lead to discussions and reactions... lets start documenting our e-textile and wearable electronics waste by posting photos of it to social media platforms.

Lets use these hashtags to identify our effort:


we want your scrap electronics and funky old cloths!

during NODE17 we will be making your wishes come true.
please bring us your old mice, keyboards, game controllers, printers/scanners, displays, toys, shirts, hats, shoes, bags…
we will have collection boxes in the VVerkstatt.
thank you:-)


Join us for a weekend full of E-Textiles in the remote countryside of France. Workshops, performances, exhibitions, installations, presentations, discussions, BBQ and local wine.

E-Textile Summer Fest, July 22&23 2017



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