community in action! The GH Hospital Management System workstations q/ raspberry pi running @opensuse in Ebome Hospital (Cameroon), managed by Ambala. Very proud of this team. ❤️ @gnusolidario

We are proud to be a @volla partner and contribute to the much needed and in mobile computing and . ❤️

Join us at Volla @volla Community Days and get the latest from and integration! ❤️
Dr. Luis Falcon @meanmicio will give a presentation about Personal Health Record. See you in Germany!

Very happy to announce , the annual international conference! It will be held in , November 18-19. Registration is now open! ❤️

Upcoming free software event: June 4, 2022, Espace Vinci, Paris and streamed online, Les libertés du logiciel et du matériel, talk by Richard Stallman, Libre en Conférences (in French)

Trisquel is a beautiful, fully free distribution of GNU/Linux. We also have Parabola and many other free GNU/Linux distributions -- all which respect your rights. Check out our list at: #GNU #Linux #freesoftware

Un honor y muy feliz de participar nuevamente en @eslibre ❤️
Nos vemos (en persona) el viernes 24 y sábado 25 en el Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo (MARCO) que acoge el congreso #esLibre2022 #GNUHealth

Upcoming version 2.0 of MyGNUHealth, the Personal Health Record, will be available in Q4 this year 2022, with lots of new functionalities 😎

🎉 Welcome to newcomers! 🎉

A few personal tips:

👌 the Fediverse is NOT twitt*r! enjoy a more relaxed, courteous, benevolent way of interacting! you are part of it!

🤚 introduce yourself! also fill bio and post a couple "toots" before following people to have more chance they'll follow back..

👍 favourite and follow generously! This is how to create link around. No algorithm-god is spying on you, telling you who to follow, what to read! \o/

⚠️ many people care about CW... learn about that


The Federation community server and thalamus is now HTTPS ❤️

Les recordamos nuestro nuevo canal en Odysee donde estaremos subiendo los tutoriales de la red
Si te unes a Odysee con nuestro enlace de invitación nos apoyas y de paso te ganas unos LBC$/invite/@Liberatur

CryptPad/CryptDrive looks like an increasingly solid option for end-to-end encrypted collaboration/file storage that's open source and self-hostable. Anything else that ticks all three boxes (open source, self-hostable, E2EE) & is worth considering?

(NextCloud comes to mind, but looking at the reviews on their E2EE solution I'm not too inspired:

No, thank you! If we want to build a free and inclusive society, we need to move away from freedom-denying platforms. #Freedom #privacy #SocialMedicine :gnu:

Nos vemos en Vigo! ❤️ @eslibre @meanmicio
"La Federación GNU Health: Creando redes de salud e investigación con software libre"

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