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General offer to *everyone*:

I love getting email -

It's like Mastodon, but far less ephemeral. ;-)

I like talking Theology, being a Progressive Pentacostal Christian.

I also like talking Computer Science (databases and SRE topics in particular)

I also particularly appreciate talking history, with an interest in the volkisch thought.

And if you have a college thesis - I love reading them!!

Finally! Happy to read resumes of software engineers & line managers for review

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If one would give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest man, I would find something in them to have him hanged.

-- Richelieu

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I'm not an anarchist and I reject their solutions & ideology; often considering their critique to be inadequate to manage the complexities of quotidian life.

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n.b., I am aggressively muting posters who do a lot of jokey / inane toots.

if you do a lot of sort of posting and mention me, it probably won't get through - set up another account and poke me if its important enough.

now that I live in Seattle, and have no plans to emigrate, I wonder if I should move to Thoughts, @finn ? What's your uptime %? :)

Spent my 20s mostly coding and gaming. Caught up with me when I was 30. I've had to have a regular exercise practice ever since to keep pain free.

off to the gym in a few for some maintenance.

Car having major issues. We sold it. Carfree in . Taking the toddler about on busses. Apartment still stacked high with boxes. Parks are working great for us.

The level of stylish dress has increased since we got here 5 years ago. Definitely ehhh feeling about that.

I'm within running distance of the gym. So that's good. :-)

I feel that here, the city is our yard. We don't have to go keep our own individual yard pristine and reserved from others, we can live in common.

a big goal for this fall is to do some work with . in particular, I want to be able to deliver gopher sites from

they are coming for food jobs - online only and fast food.

note the comment about dropping unemployment yields higher wages and how that is bad for business.

p sure this analysis is plain Marx.

mind, the narrative arc of a show oriented on athletic acrobatics doesn't really need to be particularly well thought out, deep, or even relevant. it's stupendous to watch. Just thought the storyline rang hollow.

oh yes - the narrative arc I feel is firmly situated in the 60s; it argues for non-conformity vs the stultifying suit and ties of cities.

I'm not sure what to make of that, my observation - and others - is that non-conforming is the modern conforming. selecting the custom media for our extensions to define our personal individuality is just what we do, *man*.

BTW, saw Cirque de Soleil's Crystal. totally worth seeing, it's very ice skatery and heavily multimedia.

On a more professional note, I'm looking at applying the notion of "Reliability Block Diagrams" for properly calculating system reliability for cloud computing.

i.e., for a given set of microservices with a given set of dependencies, what's total system reliability - formally stated?

this should help given intuition, if not tools, for developers in a cloud environment. if it's successful enough internally, I might try to swing it on the public eng blog even. we shall see...

so incredibly pumped about moving back to . short commutes ftw. planning to get involved in urbanism/yimby work.

we're gonna sell the car. :)

After work take:

Radical change requires starting from scratch. It's not comfortable and requires digging very deep to thrive. If you want a really better X, it's gonna be painful and hurt and frustrating.

It's ok to not be ok with that. But it's the cost of radical change.

I hear that Passover is starting.

Happy Passover, for those who celebrate.

"let yesterday burn and throw it in the fire"

One of my favorite lyrics from Matisyahu.

Write your reps, people - demand impeachment and trial in the Senate.

Anyone in the Seattle-Tacoma area interested in old computer accessories? I am collecting everything that isn't useful on a Modern Today Computer and putting it in a box for Goodwill. Think usb/ps2 adapters. Dvi/vga adapters. Parallel cables. Etc.

so at some point in my copious spare time, I'll cook up something that turns prometheus webhooks to an RSS feed, gated by some kind of API key. I'll share it - AGPL3 of course. Probably Python, because I don't want to spend the time building the fancy types that would be required for a better language.

ugh influx went unstablee today due to its memory usage corresponding to disk usage. seems to be roughly linear in correspondance. no idea why. bad coders!

since I'm doing this on The ShoeString, I'm going to write my own alerting system, cheap...

after a little thought and consideration of the SLAs involved for my personal cluster - the alerts will be published to an RSS feed via alertmanager, and I'll get an RSS reader on my phone to notify me with a ding.

Moving back to in May and selling the car. Looking forward to being able to attend meetups.

exercise useful in addressing risky fat.

one of the most fascinating things that came out recently was the US Gov's physical activity guidelines - in which the authors called exercise virtually a silver bullet for the volume of facets of human health that it improves. A summary of recommendations can be found here

I've been asked to arrange a top-shelf observability system at work. We, of course, have unstructured logs and a timeseries database already present.

I'd be interested to know what kind of aspects you'd find useful for debugging & observing a web service... cron job... etc


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