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If one would give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest man, I would find something in them to have him hanged.

-- Richelieu

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I'm not an anarchist and I reject their solutions & ideology; often considering their critique to be inadequate to manage the complexities of quotidian life.

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n.b., I am aggressively muting posters who do a lot of jokey / inane toots.

if you do a lot of sort of posting and mention me, it probably won't get through - set up another account and poke me if its important enough.

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I love reading graduate theses, in progress or otherwise. If sent them, I will read!

watching the m.s. timeline FLY by.

question is, how leftist, trans, and furry will mastodon get over time? :-)

Blah, busy few days, no working out, body aches.

gotta do that tonight!

Attn, plant nerds: This is so cool, Oaxacan farmers over centuries had already bred a kind of corn/maize that solved the nitrogen-fixing problem that scientists have been working on for a while—self-fertilizing corn!

the makerspace movement in Seattle is, I think, almost completely gone. I was part of one in 2014 or so, and around 2015 the shutdowns started rolling.

I have thoughts, but mostly just sadness.

Looks like I need to consider a backup plan in case I don't hear back on the tiny house.

Is there anyone in South or West Seattle looking for a roommate? My job is in SODO and I'm looking for an easy commute.

a really wild read is the normality rpg sourcebook, if you ever get the chance. it's basically an absurdist rpg

tonight I plan to study garbage collectors and feel out what coding one is like.

"air quality index" values have been thrown about frequently in the discourse(tm) on the smoke and haze now blanketing the Pacific Northwest, and I was curious about just what this index actually _measured_.

it turns out that it takes five pollutants into account: ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and particulates in two different size ranges.

I always smile at the irony of using Guy Fawkes masks as a sign of something anti-system.

Do you know those depictions all need to pay royalties to TimeWarner? They are a licensed product.

If your mantra is simply "I don't want to / can't deal with X right now", that's cool.

Ask to be unmentioned, or mute a conversatiion or user. Support time-out block features.

I'm Popperian on intolerance, though. Those openly advocating an inherent disenfranchisement or worse based on nonoperative signifiers (e.g., gender, ancestry, faith, social status, ...), have waived the privilege of noninterference through their own failure of noninterference.


The real superhero of is @CM_noelle who's been onboard the moderation team for over a year.

She's the one that gets rid of the nazis by blocking their servers.

She's the one that suspend the assholes off the instance.

She's the best. With the biggest :trebuchet:

Her Patreon is here:


I once interviewed with GoodEggs and they rejected me for "culture fit" because when they asked me about Agile I said it wasn't a cure all and wasn't always the best choice. I co-founded npm 2 months later.

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Back in 2007 I downloaded a file called unk.mp3 off the campus file sharing network. It is really good, and I've never been able to figure out who made it or where it is from.

"Here in Neotokyo millions of survivors swell in a chaotic vitality, and surge forward towards an unknown future" are most of the lyrics. It also has the line "you've got to be deaaaddd" (or possibly damned?)

Anyone have any idea what this could be, or where it is from? It isn't in any of the databases I've checked so far.

Leftists need to get behind and spread the word about the cooperative movement/solidarity economy/whatever else they're calling it these days. Worker's coops, community land trusts, etc

In particular because my hyperconservative dad just spent 10 minutes gushing about his utility coop, and when jokingly asked whether that's socialism just brushed it off. Even though, yeah, that's literally #socialism

technical note before I go back to figuring out how I am miswriting Scala....

if you want a better source control system - a genuinely decentralized one by design - take a look at Fossil.

It's a little raw, but it's like self-hosted github - wiki, bugs, etc all part of the repo.

there's a server host: - I use that for backups of my fossil repos.

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