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I'm not an anarchist and I reject their solutions & ideology; often considering their critique to be inadequate to manage the complexities of quotidian life.

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n.b., I am aggressively muting posters who do a lot of jokey / inane toots.

if you do a lot of sort of posting and mention me, it probably won't get through - set up another account and poke me if its important enough.

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I love reading graduate theses, in progress or otherwise. If sent them, I will read!

@ksteimel I'm interested in the idea of providing childcare at Texas Linux Fest, but one concern I have is finding a vendor that could do it.

Does anyone know a vendor that could provide conference childcare in the DFW area?

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I need your "random encounters for a fantasy warband" ideas again. Specifically looking for "things you might encounter in plains/fields" and "things you might encounter in woods". Ideally not just monsters - I'm thinking sidequest givers, upgrade offerers, or other things with more interesting "hooks" about them.

in case u didnt know about polish chickens

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someone buy a mall with me so we can turn it into this amazing commit resource center with counseling, career counseling, shelter for homeless/houseless people, legal aid, etc etc etc

maybe even a community garden in the vast amount of parking spaces

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DPRK / Trump summit has me itchy. An offended king can do impulsive and dumb stuff.

The regex to block certain topics has really been nice in the past year+.

This really is the stupidest fucking timeline imaginable.

Do you wonder whether your opam packages are broken for the next #OCaml release ?
Here is a webpage for that:


Question: anyone familiar with cookbooks dealing with the cusine of the Indian subcontinent? My family really likes going to "Indian" restaurants, and we're working on making some of the recipes at home.

It'd be nice to find a good cookbook that would be sort of "home cooking" kinda recipes, rather than translations of chef/fancy restaurant dining.

We got two cookbooks, but they were written ca. 1973...

rotator cuff muscles in L arm are ANGRY.

can't raise arm over shoulder without screaming muscles.

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Currently looking for work!

British software dev in Java, C#, and most recently Go. Looking for remote work, or anywhere in England. Based in Manchester, but am more than happy to relocate if the opportunity is great!

Contact: jobs@octo.im

#jobs #java

It's really amazing to see people on my TL from everywhere in the world paying tribute to Bourdain for portraying their country/culture positively and respectfully when no one else was doing it.

That's a really good legacy

A universal basic income high enough to be genuinely liberating would require enormous expropriation of businesses and wealthy people. Consequently, there is no chance of its passage until there is an organized working class already powerful enough to extract it.

-- from catalyst-journal.com/vol1/no4/

how much would the top 10 on the Dow & the World's Wealthiest List need to be taxed to actually enable this?