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I love reading graduate theses, in progress or otherwise. If sent them, I will read!

looking at parenting advice for toddlers:

"By now, your child has become an expert at putting things in his mouth.

This is good and bad news.

The bad news: lots of things go in his mouth that don’t belong there."


this took exactly 1 week and the gravel went in the mouth like a freaking *champ*.

"""Derek Kilmer is a Goverment Offical for now USA news say Trump wants to over throw the Govermint what job will Kilmer have will anyone have a job. there has been some people looking for a leader will Trump

^ comment on Rep Kilmer's Facebook page.

I have no idea. Bot? Drunk? Timecube?

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seattle! it is impossible to donate cribs, which is a shame because i have two of these. they're well worn, gnawed and chipped and scraped as befits birth-5yrs of use and totally structurally sound. want em? please? t.co/JF8KiaNTCJ

Got around to reading the Night Circus yesterday.

Nice book. Very clever, quite erudite, and has a certain steampunk aesthetic without the glued on gears sense.

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“Kurdish Afrin is democratic and LGBT-friendly. Turkey is crushing it with Britain’s help. Northern Syria’s Kurds are establishing direct democracy and a gender revolution. Why are we arming jihadist-linked Turkey?”


I have Turkish parents and I was a Turkish citizen. I strongly urge you to read this, take notice, and – if you can – take action to get our representatives in Europe and elsewhere to put an end to this gross injustice.

/ Feature Request: could we have accounts that manage other accounts? Like an org account that is managed by personal accounts of people working in the org?

That would make management of org accounts so much easier.

Hey, hi, hello!

I have a web development project that I am looking to #comission a developer for.

It's something I've had planned out for months, but I can't get it done at the speed that I want, and I'd rather pay someone to do it than struggle to fit it in to my schedule.

So if you're a #developer doing #web stuff, check this thread for details on the project, and get in touch with me inf you're interested in taking it on.

I might reach out to a few people directly, too.

aggressively tax cars.

make transit free,

"The city of Melbourne assigned trees email addresses so citizens could report problems. Instead, people wrote thousands of love letters to their favorite trees." theatlantic.com/technology/arc

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FooSQL and FooMemory inherit from Foo. So I've spent a bit of time working on FooMemoryTest. Only to find out just now there's a FooMemorySQLTest.

Grumble. Fine.

contemplating the student walkouts today.

I see a lot of kids care.

but how can they *force* change? power doesn't yield out of kindness.


"A Better Way to Revive America’s Rust Belt"

contains the quote:

> "The election of Donald Trump was a startling wake-up call: Even though identity issues were a bigger factor explaining why Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin flipped to Trump in 2016, the long-term economic decline of the Rust Belt probably contributed substantially to an overall climate of discontent."

Thanks, Sherlock. You probably should have just talked to someone with family back there.