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I've always consigned learning another language as something that happens in other people's lives, but not mine. Like winning the lottery or owning a home. But it's starting to dawn on me the more I practice that if I can keep this rate up, this is totally doable.

@natecull @clhendricksbc @clacke classic rule of thumb in the us is a 3:1 mortgage: salary. For mortgages over 400k, they are classed as jumbo, and you /must/ put 20% down to start.

even if we could scrape that up, it'd be a HUGE part of my monthly salary to cover the payments.

@hellojed i want to say it ironically now.

i should do my physical therapy exercises tonight...

@lnxw48a1 @natecull @clacke if you want to build wealth, start a business or buy stocks. housing should be, imo, basically price controlled in areas over certain density.

@clhendricksbc Single professional salary, one kid, Seattle. I keep wishing I could figure out how to develop a business on the side, just to buy a house for cash. -.-

@clacke @natecull I want to be very clear. I can never afford to buy in my neighborhood. I can't even rent a house hardly without straight up lighting money on fire. We live in a shabby but kept up 2bed apartment building. When we move, we will be leaving the city which we love, because we can't afford to live here without us developing a *second* six-figure income.

we both grew up p poor. this is hard stuff for us, man.

// cc @clhendricksbc

@natecull @clacke median in US is 50K. A typical house in my neighborhood, which is "old professor" wealthy, not actually wealthy, is 800k+. They have nicely enacted city regulations to give themselves a *nice* retirement.......

@clacke @natecull Yep,, I think I even saw that tweet go by.

I suppose a lot of this can be traced back to US retirement being a big disaster.

@natecull @clacke I want to be able to be out of work and keep the house.

crazy, I know.

FYI Seattle median house cost is 700K. Going into the suburbs with good schools raises that number.

@clacke @natecull Could I with my salary? If my wife and I got really scroogey, we could scrape up enough for a down payment, but not in Seattle. Finding 20% of 500K is not very easy for us, you see.

Too, I did not make perfect choices through my career, so I don't have a cache of money built up from my single 20s to spend (leftover money went to student loans).

And, further, I want an affordable house, not one I struggle to keep. I was raised poor, see.

Recently read on local news that median price for 1-bedroom rental in Vancouver (BC, Canada) is $2000 per month. And queues for rentals snaking around blocks b/c there aren't enough available. The city trying to figure out what to do & if short-term, air b&b style rentals are contributing to problem.

It's not good. So hard to live here without a high paying job.

working on duolingo, watching the federated timeline. almost time for the Night Feeding of The Baby.

@P @amphetamine @bea tbh I don't know enough about openmoko to have an opinion about the individual or what they worked on.

i just think it's really sad that it failed and now the best phone I can trust is some raspberry pi thing I can cobble up

That blue cheese had extra mold on it and now there's faint tingly bits around my mouthparts.