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wow, I am followed by a lot of people (over 500 !!!)

Well, I'm going to follow you back - I might unfollow you again, because I have finite time, and I am highly opinionated about what I read and what I value. Don't take it personally if you notice that. It's me, not you.

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If one would give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest man, I would find something in them to have him hanged.

-- Richelieu

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I'm not an anarchist and I reject their solutions & ideology; often considering their critique to be inadequate to manage the complexities of quotidian life.

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n.b., I am aggressively muting posters who do a lot of jokey / inane toots.

if you do a lot of sort of posting and mention me, it probably won't get through - set up another account and poke me if its important enough.

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I love reading graduate theses, in progress or otherwise. If sent them, I will read!

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Shout out to #KubeCon for surprisingly robust pronoun stickers

cool parts of the English Civil War: The Diggers, the Ranters, basically all the proto-anarchists and Christian communists.

Bad parts: having to write a paper on what old dead white historians think about it, many of which never even mention the cool parts

Not going to lie- I'd live next to Pike Place in if given the choice. Love this place, any time of day or night.

I am persuaded the Youtube recommendation algorithm has taken the right constellation of inputs to "learn" to be right wing.

because I have no other explanation for the alt-lite jibba jabba that keeps getting recommended.

RT Die französische Polizei bietet alles auf - Wasserwerfer, Räumpanzer, Pferde, Hunde, Tränengas, Gummigeschosse...

Macron is a dictator!

#8Decembre #GiletsJaunes


A genius way to get white people to support anticapitalism is to tell them it's killed more animals than communism ever has

I'm sure Masto will be great for Tumblr exiles, but can I also recommend Dreamwidth?

It's seriously great, actually follows its principles, has always had fannish and lewd communities, can do longer-form things, has a way better comment system then Tumblr, and isn't going to be bought out by a big corporation.

Reading Between God and Man by Herschel.

He really touches the essence of the mystic life.

I never thought I'd see Microsoft throw in the towel on their browser engine. Or that, by the time it happened, I'd see that as a bad thing. Monoculture is still a problem, no matter who runs it. Firefox is going to be even more important in the future.

hey please help out the trans woman single-handedly moderating your whole instance and not getting her deserved pay for it

I love meeting people from The Internet. I should have posted this ages ago.

I work in downtown , and would love to get coffee/lunch during the work week with you in the lunch hour.

(any of you, yes, you)

DM for details.

(I live in Tacoma, and my time there is constrained badly by family and commuting from Seattle. We plan to move back to Seattle in '19).

2012: low powered netbooks for internet browsing
2018: browsing the internet is one of the most resource intensive tasks you can do on a computer

tfw the toddler needs enormous attention and you, an introvert, need to be alone.

le parenting life.

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