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Saw a headline on a kids' newspaper yesterday claiming two-thirds of youngsters wish social media had never been invented, in among all the bullying and fake news.
Meanwhile RTs and hash tags swirled around. It struck me that the "convenience" of technology is at direct odds with the "inconvenience" of a) modern life generally, and b) hard social problems specifically.

Hey, @pnathan is the account I'm mostly using these days. Because 500c is too few for a windbag like me, I need 10k.

But m.s has a much better federated and local TL. Come on over to imaginair.es if you want to pontificate though. :)

I'm completely failing to find an account at which to direct it, so I'll just ask at large: is there a way to disable an emoji popup when I'm typing in a smiley? I am pretty positive I will never use this feature except by mistake, and a popup is visually jarring.


It just occurred to me to mention: since Mastodon doesn’t have advertising, check and see if the people running your instance(s) have some way to send them donations to help keep the servers running.

If you can, of course! But even a little bit now and then can help, if as many people do it as possible.

I am not actually an instance administrator or anything; I just want the lights to stay on. And my dollar a month is insufficient by itself.

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I think I'm going to start to emigrate to @pnathan . 10K character limit is mo' bettah.

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Actually, I'm suddenly wondering if anyone here with kids would like to collaborate on writing "kids stories for 2017". Conscious myths aimed at defanging fascism.


Ugh, do not like these books.

Kids books need to have more grit in them. Like, "and then the king was guillotined, and his head made a sad and satisfying clonk, and the people were free for a few more years"

> Trump [snip] is so creepy and bizarre [snip]

welcome to lived facism.

All the blink-182 songs sound the same.

how did I not notice this when I was 17

After diligently studying the source code to the server web framework, I have some competence in it now.

and that's how I bootstrap into new technologies. After a decade+ of this, I've gotten pretty good at doing that. But boy, it can be a pain when you just want to get rolling.

I have been working with OCaml at home mostly in 2017 (when I've had time to do stuff at home). There are so very few libraries for so many *boring* things, And some of the libraries aren't even that good.

Man, I just want to do some software engineering here with working components. I don't want to *have* to write it all myself.

But I'd rather not use the JVM or fight with Haskell.

It's always surprising how far up the tower of modern programming libraries and toolsets has gotten when you've been at the top for a while.

a common misconception about tilde.town is it's for programmers to chat first and then socializing second.

tilde.town has never been "for" programmers; it is exclusively a place for being vulnerable and socializing with people in a friendly space. sure, we might chat about tech stuff, but it's one of many topics.

hiding out inside a computer is a defensive strategy against the poison nightmare world of web 3.0, not an exclusionary tactic.

to participate, just be open, empathetic, and nice.