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The contest ! Make Your Own ! Ready ! Set ! Go ! ... Until It Gets !

MORE Anti-Goo-Campus related things coming up in Berlin, with a counter vision to corporate tyranny - Claiming Common Spaces at hebbel-am-ufer.de/programm/fes

NEW Anti-Goo Brochures, out now to pick up ( and distro ) in your fave anarcho-spati-kiez-laden - Do The Right Thing !

i cant seem to find anything about this " KICK GOOGLE AUS DEM KIEZ " demo 2morw on Google search, which is probably why we should all be using DuckDuckGo, Searx, Qwant, Metager, or StartPage INSTEAD... more info here: google-ist-kein-guter-nachbar.

Graffiti writers wanted ! Apply Now ! ;)

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Perhaps the best way to understand news media is as an ecosystem selecting for the most coherent and seemingly descriptive narrative while staying vague enough to avoid ever being the object of complete ridicule.

tl;dr news media is basically a TV psychic

via Geert Lovink... "Alternatives to Google Products–The Complete List. Spread it widely, there's no excuse anymore. Goodbye Google!" restoreprivacy.com/google-alte

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On the canal in front of proejcted site for a "Google campus" in , !

The flotilla, making noise and handing flyers!! <3

"Google 'campus'? Kaputt machen!"

Btropolis under siege ! the gentrifork is coming down hard... a tale of two-faced cities... things are going to get intense, sparks are gonna fly,... Perhaps even krapitalism itself is finally going to rupture in weird and unpredictable ways... !? ...

Playlist 5/06/2018 ---o-----()-----o----- Globalista Radio Kit ---o-----()-----o----- v.87 : porest, mark gergis, sun city girls, omar souleyman, entartete kunst -drowning dog + dj malatesta, irie revoltes, filastine + nova, station 17, go go trash, world is on fire, czentri Fuga, lucha amada, dubioza kolektiv, cuatro pesos de propina, lpeuple de l´herbe, flor del fango, ma valise, etc, ....the marching spartan legion band - norfolk university... tues nites at the Stammtisch ( pm for details )

true, this looks kinda fun, at first glance... but keep in mind the techno-dystopian colonies / prison cells will also feature shitty disco music and banal tasks ... that someone else will probably be profiting from... youtube.com/watch?v=GAlwSC5PQZ

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NOISE DEMO against "Google campus" and its world!

Friday June 1st - 18:00


Come with your friends, noise implements, music instruments, posters and banners! <3


72,000+ peeps and a NOISE flotilla... told the Afd fascist march to get the FCk outta Btropolis !

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Spread the Word: DEMO | Freitag 25.05. | 18 Uhr | Lausitzer Platz | Weitermachen: , & die Stadt von Unten erkämpfen! Weg mit der "Berliner Linie"! Weg mit den Anzeigen der Stadt&Land! Straffreiheit für alle Besetzer*innen! @FuckOffGoogle @besetzenberlin

CiTiZEN KiNO # 72 / 73 is TONITE ! Btropolis Alert ! You are not allowed to miss it ! :) xlterrestrials.org/plog/?p=176

"If *you* can dance here, it's not my revolution ! " Emma G. reviisted ;)

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Watch "My Strained Relationship with Facebook's Algorithm - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 110" on YouTube youtu.be/i6PixKW4BGI