I asked what is the bitcoin community doing for others ;O

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@poemproducer@twitter.com @APOSTOL11778943@twitter.com @algernon64@twitter.com @DustinDry1st@twitter.com Bitcoin is a tool for individuals to empower themselves.

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speculative sound of the extinct Dodo - working on new compositions for which is turning into the performance by Sergiu Matis & crew, we are imagining the sound of long extinct birds [painful in while the amazon is burning]

THIS just gave me my power back after reading all the amazon-is-burning-deep-reports

Ukrainina rapper
alyona alyona – Відчиняй

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These videos of the Amazon burning absolutely have me shook. Not only because of its function as a fundamental ecosystem but because of the indigenous communities affected by this who have lived there for generations. This is one of the starkest examples of environmental racism

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The amazon rainforest not only contains 2.5 million different species of animals and insects but also over 500 indigenous Amerindian tribes that call this forest home. Oh yeah did I forget the 40,000 plant species that provide 20% of the world's oxygen? Rip us lol

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@BlackHippiijoel@twitter.com @Y2SHAF@twitter.com This fire is DEMONSTRABLY man made and criminal. This has been widely reported here: the fires have been provoked by farmers and cattle ranchers after the government started dismantling environmental agencies and deforestation prevention programs.

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@Y2SHAF@twitter.com Thanks for bringing attention to this tragedy! We work with indigenous communities in the Amazon to defend their homes & the forest & to fight back against the government policies & corporate greed that underlie what’s happening.

We need everyone to help! amazonwatch.org/take-action/pl

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Mixed 🇫🇮 (Finland) + 🇸🇿 (Swaziland), and created this new country called Finiland:

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Can you hear the future?

I asked my focus group at to describe the way the soundtrack of the future is going to sound and feel.

Year 2357

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RECOMM “Notes on Blacceleration II”, by Aria Dean (Festival Gelatina 2019) @lol_prosciutto@twitter.com

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ongoing: “collecting” murdered women journalists, political, environmental, gender activists, on this list, if you know of someone, where ever you are, please reply or add here, thanks

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