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As we know, first requires self-reflexivity, alliance building and subsequently takes blood, sweat and toil.

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@naomiosaka@twitter.com The Haitian Revolution 🇭🇹✊🏾🇭🇹

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Solidarity to the who stopped a deportation flight from the UK and today appeal their verdict in court.

Thanks to them 11 of 60 people on that flight now live legally in the UK, so the home office was wrong in their decision in more than 1/6th of the cases.

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PAN-AFRICANISM - btw free for people living on the African Continent: the latest @TheFunambulist_@twitter.com thefunambulist.net/magazine/pa

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An account of the conversations set over numerous cups of chai, discussing their everyday problems as well as the intersections of traditional indigenous knowledge and scientific expertise, leading to the speculation of what a sustainable future for apple farmers might look like.

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ethereum is starting to go proof-of-stake. this is a different social relation for blockchain. validation instead of mining. consensus instead of competition. shifting to a secure and sustainable decentralized open source platform for distributing authority. kind of a big deal...

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just signed a one season contract as a guest professor at Brno Arts Faculty due to DDR life I was refused High School & Uni path by the commie planning economy, so for a street composer, my grandma would be proud on me, learning to outline teaching plans now ✍️🧠

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58 Jahre alt wäre Amadeu Antonio jetzt. Heute vor 30 Jahren wurde er von Neonazis ins Koma geprügelt und starb 11 Tage später. 6 Täter wurden zu maximal 4 Jahren Haft verurteilt. 21 weitere Beteiligte wurden gar nicht belangt.

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Huia (Heteralocha acutirostris)

currently in Exhibition on ecological sustainability 17.11 - 4.12 University of Lapland, Faculty of Arts, Galleria Hämärä, Rovaniemi, Yliopistonkatu 8, F-building, 1st floor

performers from around the world recount the stories of extinct and endangered species, recordings of the animals' calls and cries – arranged, edited and sonically altered interweave with scientific narratives of extinction and myths


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"The strike becomes a specific apparatus for politicizing violence against women and feminized bodies because it connects it to the violence of contemporary capitalist accumulation...it makes visible transborder circuits and organic relations between accumulation and violence."

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curious to see how intersectional imperialism will play out, better than fascism for sure, altho we know neo-liberalism leads to fascism, time for ruthless critic and organizing anyway

de-composing imperialism

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📖 “From the very beginning, this principle of the new has been inseparable from the principle of destruction…” … think about about new media, new music etc

Excerpt From: Ariella Aïsha Azoulay. “Potential History: Unlearning Imperialism.”

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“The pursuit of the new defines imperialism.”

Excerpt From: Ariella Aïsha Azoulay @AishaAriella@twitter.com “Potential History: Unlearning Imperialism.” @VersoBooks@twitter.com

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“reject the facticity of political figures like “refugee,” “infiltrator,” the “collaborator” and to refuse to relate to them as objects of study, potential discoveries of “new” scholarship - insist on [] same ground, as cocitizens.”

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redirect the money towards building life instead of death & extraction

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recon ↳ r3 on FRONTEX

reader: rec-on.org/pdf/r3frontexREADER

organize: are.na/agf-poemproducer/fronte

contribute: @EtherpadOrg@twitter.com

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