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1. "Concern is mounting about & ecological catastrophe. Yet extraction of natural resources through & projects continues on a large scale..."

Why? We summarise in this thread. @DrX_ADunlap@twitter.com and @judithverweijen@twitter.com explore in depth:


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For the cost of the failed F-35 program, the United States could have housed every homeless person in America—for 150 years. Or, for the same amount, could have wiped out virtually every dollar owed in student debt, nationwide. twitter.com/forbes/status/1364

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if you are using police/military tech in your art and *not* forcing manufacturers to issue statements like this, what are you even doing twitter.com/BostonDynamics/sta

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uk universities harassing me again with their surveillance bureaucracy

incredible we can tune in and out of sound and again into it so deeply at will, we are magic by nature, don’t forget

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: Lina Pinto Garcia (@linabeatri@twitter.com) will be speaking on "Entomological Legacies in Post-conflict Colombia" on the 25th of February!

Register: tinyurl.com/y5mxen4w

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made a "tick jingle" and audio-helped with this cool podcast and more to come ...

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Bioart Society presents

Laura Beloff & @Untitledbodies@twitter.com talk ticks + tick-bourn pathogens with researchers in the sciences and humanities for @bioartsociety@twitter.com @KoneenSaatio@twitter.com

direct listen & follow

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@poemproducer@twitter.com We should all ask the companies and their sub deliverers of parts for the production. Then re-use, rent locally and get second hand equipment, and spend money repairing and time to look after the equipment you use, and take care where it go if you are not using it any longer.

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will collect the thread here later etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/ethic

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@poemproducer@twitter.com Maximilian Rest from E-RM was looking at sustainability. I think in audio probably our best focus remains *not throwing things away* and trying to look at labor at the end we do control. But Max probably knows more. This was also an aim stated by KORG Germany (here in Berlin).

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aware that greenwashing is excalating under capitalism but perhaps it be good to look into best practice and have a larger look at sound/music production tech

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@Genelec@twitter.com Sustainability Roadmap

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actually just now I remembered that @Genelec@twitter.com here in Finland has a eco-startegy, perhaps we can summon some brands and ask how they are doing ?

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@poemproducer@twitter.com Quite an interesting topic for research! I would say the footprints of cryptoart are worth looking into for methodology, perhaps more physical starting with a tear-down of devices looking into components and constituents, then the broader distributed ecology of matter and energy.

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more on “ethics in sound"

ıƒ from anywhere in the world you have anything you think we should look at, please add here

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