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i have stumbled on a 1968 documentary presented by Maya Angelou about African dance moves and their American counterparts (from 6mins). blessing to whoever uploaded this series youtube.com/watch?v=o9UDb8VtKL

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Black Femme Identifying Electronic DJs/Producers/Artists
for <3

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@inter_sessions@twitter.com putting together a list of Black Femme Identifying Electronic DJs/Producers/Artists - check this out for Bandcamp Friday!

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"For Cabral, culture is not some aesthetic artefact, but an expression of history, the foundation of liberation, and a means to resist domination. At heart, culture is subversive." twitter.com/ROAR_Magazine/stat

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These 2 things are not opposed to each other:
- oppose policing how people react to colonial violence; don't condemn rioting and don't value property over lives
- be wary of white people accelerating shit and endangering Black protesters

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watching @democracynow@twitter.com and they are talking about lynching STILL being controversial, i just can’t like wtaf ffffff ??? what ???

**On decolonizing school books, the internet and mindsets**

"The Goethe-Institut's Festival Latitude discusses the impact of colonial structures today. DW talked to Malcolm Ohanwe, a panelist of the discussion "Good Question, Next Question: Decolonize the Internet.""


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.@Mvmnt4BlkLives@twitter.com calls for financial support of Black institutions that promote the development of cooperatives, land trusts and culturally responsive health infrastructures that serve the collective needs of their communities.

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wow it would be terrible if protestors saw this and started doing it

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Push back against liberal compromise. Demand the most, not what they tell you is realistic. Demand it.

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so who is talking about globally... defunding/demilitarising the police and their fascist white supremacist sleeper cells within those structures - who seemingly protect organised crime? who checks them ? please link me

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-I appreciate y’all promoting my music but right now I just want black people to know we are more than worthy.

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this is really really good up from 17min and listen w yt Europe/refugees/colonialism and climate justice in mind

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Capitalism is taking way more from us than so-called β€œlooting” ever could. It deserves our attention and anger. That's the message I hope you get from this interview I just did on @thisishellradio@twitter.com. You can listen here [around 15:00 min mark]. soundcloud.com/this-is-hell/ti

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It's @Bandcamp@twitter.com day today ! support black artists / black labels owned : blackbandcamp.info
And or donate directly to bail funds and trans funds here:

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everyone, send this list to people with money, like tech sector who is earning during corona etc also send the list to promoters, curators etc <3

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I STARTED COMPILING A LIST OF BLACK FEMME IDENTIFYING ELECTRONIC DJS/PRODUCERS/ARTISTS (working progress will keep adding) IF YOU SEE ANY U KNOW THAT AREN’T ON & OR UR NOT ON REPLY TO THIS THREAD (music journalist pay attention to this thread and doc docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d

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