On the new EU proposal to combat abusive litigation against journalists and human rights defenders, by Prof Borg-Barthet:

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First suggestion for our Indy Ambassadors: remember that the Unionist arguments against independence are always (always!) exposing their deepest fears.
A few examples follow.

Example N°1: when they're threatening Scotland with a border, it's their warmongering, confrontational concept border that scares them.

Rational people are not scared of borders.
Borders are made to be crossed and unite different countries, while keeping them coherent within themselves.

A border doesn't complicate things: it codifies them.

It's the opposite, muddled "Union" of something that's not uniform that creates strife, confrontation, confusion and resent.

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Example N°2: Scotland's deficit.

Every country on the planet runs a deficit.
That's normal. It's expected.

Only exception, Norway.
A small nation owning approximately 50% of North Sea Oil&Gas fields, that wisely established an Oil Fund.
Without touching the accumulated capital, Norway is using the interest accrued yearly to balance their budget and provide exceptional services to its residents.

Even starting today, Scotland could be in the same position by year 5.

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Example N°3; Scotland's deficit (again)

Arguing about an Independent Scotland's financial position with data pertaining to its performance while part of a very unequal union is so financially illiterate that it can be dismissed out of hand.

It's like evaluating your potential financial position as an independent adult using the financials (income and expenditure) of your family household.

It's stupid beyond belief, and exposes the unionists' mental block and immaturity.

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Example N°4: Scotland will be a small country all alone by itself.

At worst it's disgusting gaslighting, at best is a projection of their deepest fears about their own future.

Identifying as British, they might lie to themselves and be in denial, but their fear of Brexshit making them the world's pariah has made its way in their unconscious mind, so they're afraid of this.

Scotland is world famous in its own right, has world renowned exports and a positive balance of trade (export > import).

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Example N°5: Scottish banks were saved by UK's "Broad Shoulders".

There are no Scottish Banks. Their trade names have no connection with the Scottish state.

BoS and HBoS are worldwide banking giants with their headquarters in Scotland but exposure and trade everywhere.
They received bailouts from the countries where they were financially exposed.

Scottish taxpayers paid an amount that would have been the same if BoS and HBoS were Scottish banks with exclusively Scottish financial exposure.

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A rarity - Englishman Robert Somynne talking sense about Scotland.


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